Thursday, September 28, 2017


This is a log for my ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Kingdom campaign. You can see the previous session log HERE.  Note that I began recording sessions, so this has allowed me to do more detailed session logs.

Player Characters: 

Shen Chun/Crazed Raksha
Little Bai
Lu Jing 
Ong Lao
Min (Feiyan)

Disciples of the Sect: 

Red Eagle (Little Bai)
Dim-Witted Chen (Shen Chun)

Sects Alliances: 


An alliance of orthodox sects lead by Shen Chun (Zhao Kang-Green Cat Kang) and his wife Da Mei Mei. They wield the wind saber of Sunan and the Phoenix Crown of Bao. Their alliance includes Temple of the Jade Mercies, remnants of Relentless Corpse Sect, Purple Cavern Sect, Nature Loving Monk Sect, Dehua Sect, Golden Dragon Sect and connections with the House of Paper Shadows. 

Rivals to the Golden Way, they have been absorbing sects in the south and in Hai'an. They are led by Cunning Dragon and have absorbed: Tree Dwelling Nuns, Perfect Heaven Lineage, Southern River Sect, Sun Mai Sect, Glorious Death Cult, Crescent Moon Sect, and a small group lead by Silent Dagger. 

Zhen Dao Empire: Emperor Zhao
Hai'an: Queen Ai Nu
Li Fan: King Yuan

Lu Jing used his rituals to find a nearby fox spirit living in a homestead. He made an offer to the fox, asking him to serve him at the Golden Way headquarters. The Fox said he could accept if his entire family could move into the new residence as well. Lu Jing had concerns so he said it was okay provided the structure was built outside the sect. He smoothed over the details with the Fox, realizing it was draining his life by talking to him. Angered, he made clear such tricks would be unacceptable if they were to work together. 

Shen Chun and the party then received word that the Invincible Ritual Masters were active at their former Crocodile Sect headquarters manipulating the ghost of Shen Guan. 

When Shen Chun and his allies first came to Stone Palace Sect and killed the sect leader, he became lovers with Shen Guan (the previous sect leader's bodyguard). The rest of the party did not trust her, so he agreed to murder her in her sleep, whispering "In the next life" as he did so. Soon she rose up as a ghost and began to wreak havoc when he and his men  established themselves at Crocodile Sect Headquarters. They had a priest seal her inside a chamber with a sword after she had killed several men. 

Over a year later, the Golden Way had returned to Li Fan. But a distressing message reached them that the Invincible Ritual Masters were performing magic at their old headquarters, likely trying to release the spirit of the ghost. 

They travelled swiftly. But in the night Shen Chun was possessed by Guan's spirit and had to be pinned down and tied to a tree. Min kept watch over him and woke up in the night as the tree limbs tried to rip apart his flesh. She untied Shen Chun and ran with him, but the tree pursued. As it bore down on them, they both woke up and found themselves still tied to the tree. 

They pressed on and along the way met a strange man who offered them black chrysanthemums and paintings. He was interested in procuring corpse venom from the sect, but this was met with refusal. Instead he offered his services and went south to Crocodile Sect with them. 

When they arrived, they found three of Ritual Masters chanting. They attacked, killing two and taking one as a hostage. 

Shen Chun then approached the seal. Only he could remove the sword. So he did so. 

The door burst into a thousand fragments and rained on them. Min prepared one of her spirit orbs. Shen Guan leapt from the opening, and struck at Shen Chun's legs with her sword (her leg-taking strike was widely feared in life). Luckily, he and his allies escaped her blade strikes and wounded her enough that Min could suck her into the spirit orb. 

This is where the session ended. 

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