Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Did an interview with Game Knight Reviews on youtube. Here is the link:


Monday, January 13, 2014

Sertorius and Ogre Gate Updates

We have been a bit silent lately because we are preparing for the release of Sertorius. Just have a few updates to share:

  • Right now it looks like we should go to layout soon, so if there are no complications or delays, I expect the PDF to be available sometime in March (possibly April).
  • When Sertorius is released, it will be followed by a free PDF module and a free PDF book of spells. The book of spells (called Book of the Archon) will form the basis for a more robust line of free spells and optional settings. There may be more free modules as well, but can't say for sure yet.
  • We decided to change the name from "Legends of Ogre Gate" to "Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate". This just seemed to reflect the setting better and I wanted to emphasize the heroic aspect of the game.
  • Originally this was just going to be another Book of the Archon, with some optional material for wuxia-style Sertorius. As it's developed, we really reworked the core system to fit the genre. So while it will still be a Book of the Archon and the martial arts powers will be useable as spells in Sertorius if people wish, there will be a lot of important differences (we will make use of parenthesis for people who want to port in powers to their Sertorius games).
I will keep you updated as we get closer to releasing Sertorius. Hopefully I will also be able to post more regularly once it is out.