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This is part of an ongoing blog series where I post material from the Profound Masters of Ogre Gate document. Here I will be posting a new ritual, new profound techniques and new Evil Kung Fu. Some material in this section may appear in other books (I tried to remove any that made their way into supplements or modules): when this is the case, the text in the official release is usually more up-to-date and accurate. You can see the first entry for this series HERE

Many techniques migrated from this document to the Lady Eighty Seven book because it includes key characters who were going to be in the Profound Master's Book. There will be about 30 new profound techniques in the Lady Eighty Seven book in total. 




Create Paper Talisman of Demon Commanding (TN 7): This creates a fu scroll that can be pinned to a demon, spirit or similar creature to control it. To make one, simply render the characters for control onto a narrow strip of paper. The talisman can then be pinned on a creature with a successful Arm Strike roll. Then roll 3d10 against the Creatures resolve. On a Success it falls under the command of the person who pinned it (effect remains until scroll is removed). On a Failure understands the user’s intent and acts accordingly. 





Skill: Survival (Any Relevant) against Evade

Type: Normal 

Qi: 9


You kneel and touch the grass with your finger tips, sending a ripple that causes them to sprout violently into spearing blades. 


Roll Survival Skill against the Evade of all in the affected area. On a Success, everyone caught in the effected area takes 2d10 Open Damage plus 2 Extra Wounds. This affects an area 1,000 feet per Qi level. 


Skill: Endurance against TN 7

Type: Normal

Qi: 12


You transform into another shape, be it creature, object or spirit. 


Make an Endurance Roll against TN 7. On a success you transform into the desired shape. 


This technique can be taken multiple times. Each time you may select and customize one new shape. All changes must meet with GM approval but can be virtually anything, allowing characters to alter their size, form, etc. 



Skill: Arm Strike

Type: Normal

Qi: 7


Your draw back and wind up a powerful strike causing your right fist to become a weapon of heaven, a force of nature that plows through foe’s defenses and knocks them senseless. 


Make an Arm Strike Roll against Parry. On a success you do 8d10 Open Damage (ignore capping limits) and the target must make an Endurance Roll (TN 7) or be knocked out instantly for 2 rounds. 


In order to successfully counter Devastating Strike of the Thundering Crane, targets must succeed twice on their roll. Anyone who fails to counter in this way takes additional damage equal to half their Max Wounds. 


Using this technique throws you off balance, imposing a -4 to your Parry for 1 full round. This knock-out effect only works on targets one or more Qi rank lower than you. 



Skill: Meditation against Resolve

Type: Normal

Qi: 7


You enter a brief state of meditation with your right arm extended high and cause peoples’ hearts to brim with heat until their body catches fire. However the flames are tempered by the compassion of Hen-Shi, leading to a restful healing state rather than death. 


Make a Meditation Skill Roll against the Resolve of up to 20 targets within a 300 foot area. On a success they each take 5d10 fire damage plus 2 Extra wounds. On a Total Success they take 5d10 plus 3 Extra wounds. Anyone incapacitated by the damage, does not begin to die. Instead they fall asleep, healing 1 wound every minute and awaken an hour later with a sense of calm and peace. 



Skill: Leg Strike against Parry

Type: Normal

Qi: 13


You leap into the air and bring your heel high. It lights with blazing light and strikes your foes like a crashing star, dragging you behind for the ride. 


Make a Leg Strike against up to 30 Targets. On a success you smash into them with your heel, delivering normal leg striking damage plus 5 Extra wounds. Alternatively, you can focus this technique on a single target for normal damage plus 13 Extra Wounds. 



Skill: Heavy Melee

Type: Normal 

Qi: 7


You tap your Bian against a hard surface, causing it to hum. The sound builds and makes your next attack with the weapon devastating. 


Make a Heavy Melee roll against any hard surface TN 6 (adjusted if the surface is in motion or difficult to strike). On a success the Bian hums and for the next two rounds anyone it hits takes 12 Extra Wounds and experiences debilitating pain (Endurance Roll TN 6 to not suffer a -1d10 Skill penalty each round for two rounds). 



Skill: Endurance against Resolve

Type: Normal

Qi: 20


You concentrate with your body and mind, flowing Qi energy from your body to create a force field around a person or group of people, trapping them with a seal imbued with your life energy. 


Roll Endurance against the Resolve of your targets. If you keep them in place for twenty minutes and succeed, they are trapped by the force field for a period of time determined by the seal. The strength of the seal is set by your life energy. For every point of Hardiness you imbue into the seal, it traps them for 1 decade. This Hardiness is restored to your when the seal is broken. 


This takes twenty minutes to perform. 



Skill: Endurance against attack roll

Type: Counter

Qi: 12


When someone strikes you with a weapon or unarmed attack your heart released a surge of Qi that pulls the person against your body and flows back into them with devastating effect. 


Make an Endurance Roll against any melee or unarmed attack. If you succeed the weapon strikes true, delivering half the normal amount of damage it normally would against you but the attacker is frozen and unable to act for 1 round as a flood of red energy rages through your body and flows into them delivering 3d10 Damage plus 10 Extra Wounds. On a Total Success the Iron Heart Reversal delivers 3d10 plus 20 Extra wounds. 



Skill: Arm Strike

Type: Normal

Qi: 8


Red and black energy course through your arm as you strike, causing your skin to turn pumice-like and hot. Your strikes devastate enemies and burn their flesh. 


Make an Arm Strike Roll against Parry. On a success do 8d10 Open Damage. Each 10 result adds 3 Extra Wounds instead of the usual 1. In addition anyone wounded by the attack burns and takes 3d10 Fire Damage starting the next round. 



Skill: Leg Strike against Parry

Type: Normal

Qi: 7


You bring your heel above your head and bring it down upon your foe like an Axe Kick, but with enough force to drive them to the ground. 


This does 10d10 open Damage and allows you to attempt a free second Leg Strike to hold the person to the ground as a Restrain or do an additional 3d10 damage (if you Restrain, each round you may continue to attempt to hold it with a free Leg Strike). Note that this functions like normal Restraining except you use your Leg Strike skill and can make a free attempt each round until you fail. 



Skill: Muscle TN 6

Type: Normal

Qi: 7


Your body surges with an potent flow of Qi energy, allowing you to perform incredible feats of strength. 


As a move action you make a Muscle Roll TN 6. On a Success you are incredibly strong for the next ten minutes. This gives you several benefits. The first is you temporarily gain Beast Strength (x10), meaning you multiply your base lift for the purposes of lifting or moving heavy objects by ten. In addition you range for any thrown weapon is also multiplied by ten. Finally during this time any melee or thrown ranged attack you make does 5 Extra Wounds. However if you perform any additional Kung Fu Techniques, the effect immediately stops. 



Skill: Divination against Stealth

Type: Normal

Qi: 7


Your eyes glow with Qi Energy as you read into the specifics of your Target’s aura, their very life energy revealing its secrets to you.


This affects up to one Target of your choice per Qi Level. You must be able to see them. On a Success you learn about the Target’s abilities in one category per Qi Level. Examples of these categories include Qi Level, Skill Ranks, Emotions, Combat Techniques, Kung Fu Techniques, etc.



Skill: Heavy Melee against Evade

Type: Normal 

Qi: 8


You hurl your Bian at a foe, which strikes with bone cracking force and rebounds against another target (then another, and another, and so on).  


Make a Heavy Melee attack roll against the target’s Evade. If it succeeds does Normal Damage plus 6 Extra Wounds then rebounds and strikes another foe. You can hit up to 9 targets (make a single attack and damage roll for all).  



Skill: Light Melee against Parry

Type: Normal

Qi: 8


You spin, letting your robes twirl against you foes like slashing blades. 


Make a Light Melee roll against the Parry of everyone in a 100 Foot Radius. On a success you do 6d10 Open Damage against those of Equal or Greater Qi Rank. Against anyone fewer Qi ranks than you, you deliver 6d10 Open Damage plus 1 Extra Wound and leave permanent scars wherever you wish due to the deep and rough wounds it inflicts. 



Skill: Meditation TN 6

Type: Normal

Qi: 7


You enter a meditative dance state, shaping nearby shadows into protective guardians who absorb the attacks of your enemies. 


Make a Meditation TN 6 Skill Roll. On a Success you summon up to 5 Shadow Guardians who can each stand and protect one person by absorbing wounds from attacks. On a Total Success you summon up to 6 Shadow Guardians. The Shadow Guardians last for three rounds, getting progressively weaker each round. The first round they absorb up to 3 Wounds, the second Round they absorb up to 2 wounds, and the third round they absorb up to 1 wound.  If the Shadows take full damage they dissipate from the player. 



Skill: Heavy Melee against Parry

Type: Normal

Qi: 11


You spin and twirl your Bian, then crack your foe with a reverberating strike. 


Make a Heavy Melee skill roll against Parry. On a success you hit a target and do normal damage plus 10 Extra Wounds. Every Round after that for three rounds they continue to shake and take 5 wounds. This can be stopped on a successful Meditation roll TN 10. 



Skill: Athletics

Type: Normal

Qi: 7


This technique allows you to ride any sword, spear or similar weapon.  


With a Successful Athletics roll you can step onto and ride your sword for an hour. You step onto and ride it through the air using your Athletics skill for any maneuvers. If the weapon in question is a spirited blade that animates on and attacks on its own, then this adds +3 to its Evade and Parry score. You can attack while riding the sword. 



Skill: Any melee against Parry (blunt weapon required)

Type: Normal

Qi: 7


You inflict a ringing series of sharp, controlled blows against your foes, like an artisan shaping metal upon an anvil. This technique allows you to make a total of four attacks (plus one per 5 ranks of Qi, round down), distributed among any number of targets you can reach as part of your movement. Each of these attacks is made at a +2d10 accuracy bonus and inflicts 1 Extra Wound.



Skill: Arm Strike against Parry

Type: Normal

Qi: 7


You infuse your left arm with a flowing blue energy, granting it speed and grace to slip through the defenses of hardened enemies and land punishing blows.


Make an Arm Strike roll against the Parry of up to 1 target per rank of Qi (provided they are within reach). On a successful attack you deal normal damage damage plus an additional 5 wounds. In addition, your strikes cause internal damage that cause 1 additional wound each round after (until they are healed with a Neigong Technique or through a Meditation TN 7 roll). 


If anyone attempts to counter this technique and fails to do so, they suffer 10 additional wounds instead of 10. 



Skill: Heavy Melee

Type: Normal

Qi: 8


You leap into the air and throw your spear to the ground where it twirls and roves through opponents, striking their legs out from under them. 


Make a Heavy Melee roll against the Parry of a number of targets equal to your Qi rank. On a Success you do normal damage plus 3 Extra Wounds, plus they must roll Athletics TN 7 or be tripped to the ground. On a Total Success they take -1d10 to Speed for the next hour.



Skill: Heavy Melee

Type: Counter

Qi: 10


You block an incoming melee attack and rotate your spear so quickly it steals the weapon and sends it flying against any opponent of your choice. 


Make a Heavy Melee Skill roll against the attack. On a success you stop the attack and let the weapon fly at an opponent doing normal damage plus 11 Extra Wounds. On a Total Success you can hit two opponents with the attack. If you fail then the weapon still strikes you but with more force, doing an additional 3 wounds. 



Skill: Muscle

Type: Normal 

Qi: 8


You cover yourself with an unbreakable shell of Qi. Its magnificent radiance can compel any who view it to attack you and with each attack it the power of the shell increases until it bursts back at your enemies. 


On a Success you create a shimmering shell of light that causes any attacks that would hit you to strike the shell instead. This shell remains and protects you until it is broken, you release it, or a number of rounds equal to your Qi pass. On a Total Success the shell’s magnificence also causes those who view it to attack you. When this occurs, roll another Muscle against the Resolve of every enemy in a 100 foot area. If the result beats their Resolve, they must attempt to attack you if possible.


The shell has a Hardiness of 6 and Integrity Rating equal to your Qi rank(meaning it can withstand 8 wounds before it breaks if you are Qi rank 8). Every attack against you powers the shell further and further. You can release the power as a Move on your turn in a blast that only hits targets of your choosing (roll Muscle against the Evade of all chosen targets within a 100 foot radius). The damage is equal to 2d10 plus 2 Extra Wounds per attack that hit the shell. However if it is broken before you choose to release it, then the energy lashes out uncontrollably and strikes everyone within the 100 foot radius (excluding yourself).





Skill: Arm Strike against Parry

Type: Normal

Qi: 10


You clutch your foe and suck the life from their body, absorbing their Qi energy for your own use. 


Make an Arm Strike Roll against Parry. On a success you clutch the target and their Qi is drawn into your body as if by a powerful wind. The person is also stuck against you and cannot move except with a Muscle TN 9 Roll. Every round they are held by your palm, you draw in 3 ranks of Qi which they recover at a rate of 1 per day. Every rank you draw in can add +1 Extra Wound to a future attack you make. 


If you drain a person to 0 Qi, they die. Two people attempting to use this technique against each other automatically triggers a Qi Duel. 



Skill: Arm Strike against Resolve

Type: Normal

Qi: 12


You open your hand and suck out a person’s eyes from a distance. 


Make an Arm Strike against Resolve at -1d10 penalty. If you succeed for two consecutive rounds, the target’s eyes are ripped from their sockets and land in your hands. Only works on targets Qi rank lower than you. 


Skill: Small Ranged against Evade

Type: Normal

Qi: 11

You speak a curse on someone’s name as you shoot her, imbuing the projectile with a terrible power. You must know your Target’s full name in order to use this technique.


It functions exactly like a normal shot of its type, but on a successful Damage Roll, the projectile embeds in the Target’s flesh and burrows its way to her heart. Each hour, the Target loses one Rank of Qi as the projectile passes through her body, disrupting its natural order. When her Qi reaches 0, the missile reaches her heart, and she dies.


There are very few ways to cure this lethal technique. First, you may rescind your curse at any time, immediately stopping its advance. Secondly, a physician(the Surgery Expertise in Medicine is required) can attempt a TN9 Medicine Skill Roll to remove the object. However, on a failure, the condition is accelerated to a loss of 2 Qi Ranks per hour. Though, more brutally, they could remove the limb which the projectile struck. Once the projectile is removed, the lost Qi Ranks naturally recover at a rate of 1 per hour.


Skill: Heavy Melee against Evade

Type: Normal

Qi: 8


Your Long Reach Weapon briefly becomes a flash of lightning, rapidly piercing through foes in its path.


Your weapon travels as a bolt of lightning in a straight line for 400ft. Roll Heavy Melee once and apply that result to the Evade of all potential Targets to determine who is struck. Those hit take 8d10 damage and are stunned for one round. After the technique, your weapon returns to you in its normal condition.



Skill: Meditation against Wits

Type: Normal

Qi: 7


You meditate and project your personality onto another person, causing them to believe they are you. 


Make a Meditation against the Wits of a single target. On a success the person adopts your complete personality for as long as you meditate. On a Total Success the effect lasts for 1 full day after your meditation ends. The person is not under your control. They simply behave as you would in all situations. 



Skill: Arm Strike against Evade

Type: Normal

Qi: 9


You open you hand and unleash a powerful stream of red Qi energy that strikes multiple foes and alters their weight. 


Make an Arm Strike Roll against up to 6 targets. Anyone hit must make a Mediation Roll against TN 9 or their bodyweight shifts according to your desires for ten minutes. This could mean they get incredibly heavy and suffer -3d10 penalties to skills like speed, or they could become very light and float. However you adjust the weight, the appropriate mechanical affect should take effect. 



Skill: Heavy Melee TN6

Type: Normal

Qi: 8


You channel your Qi energy through your Long Reach Weapon, causing it to glow a brilliant golden color and making it truly feel like an extension of yourself.


For a number of rounds equal to your Qi Rank, the weapon’s damage becomes 7d10 Open. On a Total Success, it also inflicts 2 Extra Wounds on all successful attacks.


If you hit someone with the weapon in this state (you need not inflict any damage), he finds it impossible to tell a direct lie, or any falsehood, until the damage effect above wears off.



Skill: Medium Melee against Evade

Type: Normal 

Qi: 11


You let loose a shadowy black sword that dissolves into mist as it hits the target’s chest leaving only faint dark lines as it implants evil intentions of your devising. 


Make a Medium Melee roll against the Evade of your target. If you succeed the sword strikes and infiltrates their heart, allowing you to implant a strong overriding and evil change of personality. This is so potent they must pass a 3d10 Resolve test hourly to resist it. 


The sword can be purged on a successful TN 10 Meditation roll (which the person can make once a week). But most people do not know they are afflicted with this technique as it is not widely known. 

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This is an ongoing effort to post the Profound Master Material I have on the blog (you can see the first entry HERE). I will be posting the new profound techniques in a separate entry (as there are quite a number). These are many of the other new options for profound and immortal characters. This session is one of the less complete sections of the book. I had wanted more immortal powers, but mostly I wanted to greatly expand the Demon Hero Powers and the Greater Demon Flaw entries. These will at least give a sense of the direction we were heading with them. 


In most taken these can only be taken by profound or immortal characters. 

Institutions: Bureaucracy of Heaven

You know about the imperial bureaucracy of the Enlightened Goddess (which deities oversee what areas of specialization, what formalities and punishments are the norm, etc). 


Institutions: Immortal Sects

You are familiar with the profound sects, demon sects and immortal sects. 


Places: Lower Realms

You know about the lower realms such as Emo Chung or The Hanging Valley of the Dead. 


Places: Upper Realms

You know about the upper realms such as Infinite Sky Realm. 

These are additional options for characters to take when they gain Immortal Powers. 

Bring Lightning and Hail: You can call forth a powerful storm that produces large chunks of hail and lightning, which lasts for 1 day. The storm is enough to flood flood-prone areas. Nothing terribly devastating but it will cause rising water levels near rivers). It also presents the threat of Lightning and hail to anyone without shelter.  Everyone in the open must make a Survival Roll for every hour they spend in the storm. If they fail, roll 1d10 against their Evade. On a Success, they suffer 4d10 damage from hail. On a Total Success they suffer 6d10 Open Damage from lightning. 


Incredible Speed: You are faster than others and can move in with stunning speed. You gain a +2d10 Bonus to your Speed Score and your movement is multiplied by 10. 


Demon Hero Powers are similar to Immortal Powers, but like Evil Techniques, present significant dangers to those who master them. Any time you take a Demon Hero Power, you gain a new Greater Demon Flaw. These are similar to Demon Flaws, but they usually confer some related and significant curse or penalty. 


The Profound Exchange: This powerful technique is forbidden to all Immortals, only Demon Heroes attempt it. With this ability one can change the very fabric of reality itself. It cannot alter the past but it can open up new possibilities in the future, making what was once impossible or unlikely, possible or likely. However it requires a heavy price equal to the value of the possibility it opens (whether or not it succeeds). 


Splinter: You can split yourself into multiple duplicates. When you do this, you can divide yourself up into 4 duplicates or copies per Qi rank you possess. However your Max wounds are distributed evenly among your duplicates. Any duplicate that is destroyed turns to vapor. 


These are acquired any time you gain a Demon Hero Power. 


Searing Light

Your skin, if it hasn’t already, grows pallid, and dark lines crawl from your eyes. In the presence of Sunlight your skin burns taking 4d10 Open Damage every minute. 


Celestial Sparrow (TN 6)

A celestial sparrow rises from your cupped hands. As it ascends higher into the air the flap of its wings grow stronger and stronger pushing your enemies or objects away from you and directing them where you will.


The celestial sparrow creates a mighty wind that increases each round and pushes back your foes considerable distance.  This does no damage but can move and potentially trap them.  This works against all objects and beings within twenty feet of the direction you are facing.  This ritual expends 4 Qi to activate. Sustaining it each round costs 1 additional Qi. 


The winds power and effect increases every round. It starts a strength of 1d10 and increases by an additional 1d10 every round. Roll this against the Evade of your targets and if it succeeds, they are 10 feet in any direction of your choice. It you get a Total Success you may entrap them against an obstacle and render them prone. You can move them an additional 10 feet for every round you sustain the effect. 

A Majestic Tale (TN 7)

You funnel your Qi into a book bringing forth its elements into reality for a short period of time.  This drains 7 Qi and lasts for ten minutes (every additional Qi rank you put into the effort increases this by 10 more minutes). If the attempt fails, you lose control of the elements. They do not necessarily attack you but remain true to their nature as described in the source material. 


You must physically have the book to bring the elements to life. They are not illusions, but tangible and potential dangerous to those around you if they are not fully under your control. The user must specify the passage he or she is attempting to extract into reality. 

Shadow Tattoo (TN 6)

In order to do this, one must first Tattoo an image of the desired Shadow Guardian using the Talent (Tattooing) Skill TN 6. If this is successful you can then you can perform the Shadow Tattoo Ritual, imbuing the tattoo with a permanent protective guardian that can be summoned through use of either the Supreme Activation or Activation Rituals.  


Performing the Ritual to make the tattoo drains 6 Qi. Activating the tattoos with the normal Activation Ritual drain no Qi, but using the Supreme Activation Ritual to use them drains the usual 2 ranks of Qi. 


Over time many Shadow Guardians develop their own personalities and quirks. In very rare cases, they have slowly gained greater intelligence and even human-like form over many years. 


When Activated the Guardian appears for a length of time specified by type and takes on the form of a shadow. It cannot be touched or harmed in any way, and its ability to communicate with people is limited to gestures and animal sounds. 


Eagle: A giant shadow eagle appears, capable of carrying up to four full sized human in flight for up to a day. It appears the moment the ritual is performed and can also attack with its beak (Speed/Fly: 3d10, Attack: 2d10, Damage: 4d10). 


Water Dragon: This shadowy creature can carry up to 15 people on its back for up to a day and take them across bodies of water. It can also create a bubble of air to take riders below the water surface safely. Its Swim Skill is 5d10. 


Tiger: A twisted shadow of a tiger appears, roaring ferociously and rending the flesh of your enemies. Allies in the presence of a Tiger gain +1d10 to their attack rolls due to the morale boost it provides. It remains for up to an hour (Speed: 4d10, Attack: 3d10, Damage: 4d10 Open). Like all Shadow Guardians it cannot be harmed. 


Monkey: This summons a shadowy Monkey of protection. The Monkey remains for up to a day and travels with the caster. It has two basic benefits. The first is its survival Skill (which is 4d10 in any terrain, except water). The second is its protective aura against Demons. Anyone within a 100 foot radius of the Monkey gains +3 to all Defenses when attacked by Demons or Spirits. 


Turtle: A creature of longevity the Shadow Turtle can stave off death in the face of poison, curses, and when characters are dying for either mundane or extraordinary reasons. For example, an Immortal struck with the Immortal Killing Sword, would be prevented from bleeding to death in the presence of the Turtle (he would stay in a state of incapacitation but not die). The Turtle Appears as a shadow and crawls into the person it is directed to aid (only one person can be helped per casting). IT remains for one day. 


Phoenix: The Phoenix Shadow appears for up to an hour and can detect the presence of anyone who is in violation of any of the martial or celestial virtues using Detect. The Phoenix has a Detect of 4d10. 

Summon the Dancing Flames (TN 5)

This ritual the caster meanders about as if dancing. It summons 1d10 flaming humanoid shapes that attack foes at the direction of the caster. Each flaming figure effectively has 5 Max Wounds and can deliver 4d10 Fire Damage (use the caster’s Arm Strike roll for the attacks). If the ritual fails, then an explosion of fire (5d10 Fire Damage) blasts everyone in a 20 foot circle around the caster (always hits, and the caster is harmed by the blast as well).  The figures normally remain for 7 rounds, but this can be extended greatly if more time is put into casting the ritual (the duration being half the time the caster invests in the casting). So a person who spends one hour performing Summon the Dancing Fires, would summon flaming figures for 30 minutes. 

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I am posting all that I have written for Profound Masters of Ogre Gate on the blog. You can see the first entry HERE

This chapter contained the new celestial weapons and objects of power. A few of these will appear in the Lady Eighty Seven book. 


This is a dark wooden Jian sword, finely crafed, lacquered and etched with the characters for Bear Demon on the blade. It is light and fast and filled with the intelligence of a man who was driven mad and transformed into a Bear Demon by the beauty of a great martial hero named Merciful Shade. 


The Sword can levitate, fly and attack on its own. It can also be wielded by anyone it deems worthy. To wield it one must be a woman and resemble Merciful Shade. Bear Demon Sword always seeks to protect its wielder and in the hands of the actual Merciful Shade delivers 1 Extra wound on a strike when she has been wounded (but only if she is actually holding it). 


Bear Demon Sword is light and strong, being more sturdy than a normal piece of wood its size (this is a product of the Demon it contains). If damaged it must be repaired to restore its integrity. It can only be harmed by Kung Fu Techniques or other Qi based attacks and magic. 


Defenses: Hardiness 3, Evade 8, Parry 6, Stealth 8, Wits 7, Resolve 9

Skills: Speed 5d10


Integrity: 15

Attack: 3d10

Damage: 3d10 Open or 1d10 plus Muscle if wielded. 



This device allows free travel between the realms. However it was split into two parts, with one being possessed by Divine Horse sect and the other being possessed by Emo Chung Sect. The former pillar allows easy travel to the upper realms, and latter between the lower realms. 



This ancient Ding Vessel can restore a dead body to life provided their dragon spirit is intact and they have at least 1 Phoenix Spirit remaining. To use it, one must perform an Activation Ritual. This causes a mist to swirl inside the vessel with pours into the body of the target and brings them back to life in an hour. However there is a cost, the person immediately takes a Demon Flaw. 



This is an Ox Tail Dao with a blue hilt and handle carved into the shape of whirling ice. The blade itself is smooth and mirror like. It is buried in ice in the Tomb of the Earthly Queen. Anyone who unearths it, becomes its wielder for life. It has several striking abilities. First it always returns to its wielders. If the blade is lost or stolen, within an hour it evaporates into mist and reforms in the hand of the wielder. Second it bestows enhances how others perceive the wielder. To their eyes the wielder looks more handsome or beautiful than before. There is no change in appearance, but they simply see the person in a different light. This bestows a +1d10 to any Persuade, Command or Deception roll. Finally on a total success, the sword causes people to freeze for 1d10 minutes if they fail an Endurance TN 7 roll. 



This bian is made of pure gold and has the words “Life Taker” etched on its side. It bestows a +1d10 accuracy Bonus (which completely replaces the -1d10 penalty most Bian’s have). On a successful attack it drains 1 Hardiness in addition to normal damage. It stores this energy in the whip itself, and if one uses activation, unleashes it in a brilliant blast that does 1d10 Open Damage per rank of Hardiness absorbed (to a max of 10d10) against all in an 80 foot area. Simply roll yourActivation against the Evade of all potential targets (including allies). However it is very heavy, requiring 3 Ranks in muscle to lift. It once belonged to the found of Zun Shan, but was lost in the battle for the pillars. 



This two-wheeled cart carries an enormous camphor wood box topped with a metal figurine of Supreme Judge Yu pointing forward. The figure connects to a series of gears within the box that and rotates the figure always pointing in the direction of the nearest demon. Anytime a demon comes within 300 feet of the carriate, the figure rotates wildly. Eventually it stops rotating after about an hour, once it becomes familiar with the demon in question (it can distinguish between good and bad demons and will stop pointing toward demons it comes to regard as righteous or kind). Below the gears is a compartment with a door fitted with an ox-head seal. This can only be opened by the current owner of the carriage. The compartment itself  would seem on the outside to offer only about two square feet of space, but  on the inside it leads to a three roomed hall in a courtyard house surrounding a pristine garden. In the past this was only a single room in the hall, but it has slowly expanded to encompass an entire residence. 



This golden ring is in the shape of a long Kingfisher with a serpentine body that wraps around the finger of the wearer. Its eyes are fitted with dark emeralds and the feathers are made of jade. 


The ring gives the wearer control of any bird demon or bird spirit. To use it, he or she simply makes a command roll against the demon. If it succeeds the creature must obey. 



This translucent purple veil was once a normal Veil of Clarity from the Hen-Shi Sect in Li Fan. These allow users to see the righteousness or evil of another person, enabling them to know the Karma Rating of any individual they look at through the veil. A member of the sect named Sentimental Ogre, left the sect because he believed they were twisting Hen-Shi’s teachings. Before he left, Hen-Shi sent him a vision of the truth, that Hen-Shi sect was too harsh in its pursuit of justice. At the same time, she imbued some of her power into his Veil of Clarity, granting it greater abilities. 


In addition to seeing the standard karmic value of the person, it also shows the person as Hen Shi sees their righteousness. The better their standing with Hen-Shi (even if they have a bad Karma Rating) the more luminous and immortal they appear. The lower their standing the more demonic and twisted their features seem to be. Regardless of the appearance, the veil imparts true understanding of the spiritual well-being of the person with both The Enlightened Goddess and Hen-Shi, as well as their Karma Rating. 



This massive blade can only be wielded by someone with 4 Ranks in Muscle. The hilt is wrapped in green leather and the large, curved blade has a slightly red tint. It functions like a Guan Dao, except it for damage it does Muscle+4 and afflicts targets with Burning Plague (see WANDERING HEROES OF OGRE GATE rulebook). 



These are physical objects, usually stones or pearls, imbued with the power of a god, great

master or other entity. Like Celestial Weapons they can be absorbed into the body of character.

However characters of any Qi level may attempt to absorb them. They bestow tremendous

power but also exert the force of their personality on the user. Some even threaten the stability

of the person’s internal organs.

Blood Stones have three important stats: Influence, Meditation TN and Culitvation Rating. The

Influence is the Social Skill (Command, Deception, or Persuade) that the stone uses to control

its host. The Meditation TN is for the Meditation Roll one must make to avoid being subject to

the stone’s control and the Cultivation Rating determines how often one must check for these


Blood Stones, once absorbed, require the user to make regular mediation rolls (the frequency is

determined by its cultivation Rating). Therefore every stone has a Meditation TN. Users who fail

to make this roll are then subject to being controlled by the stone.

After a failed Meditation Roll, the stone can roll its Influence against the user’s relevant

Defense Rating. For Influence the Stone uses either its Command, Persuade or Deception

(whichever is higher). If it succeeds it takes control of the person for a day or until some

external means of control is used.

Every Blood Stone has a Cultivation rating ranging from 7-24. If a user’s Qi rating is above this

number, then they must make Meditation Rolls once a week or whenever they activate the

stone’s powers directly to avoid being exposed to its influence. If a user’s Qi rating is below this

number, then they must make a roll every day or whenever they use the Stone’s powers

directly to avoid being exposed to its influence.



Influence: Command 3d10

Meditation TN: 7

Cultivation Rating: 11

This looks like a twisted piece of pumice speckled with flecks of ruby and jade. Anyone who

absorbs it, feels a raging glow inside their body and will find themselves given to outbursts of

violence should it take control of them.

According to legend it was created when a powerful martial hero massacred all his disciples and

then committed suicide after he discovered the plotted his ruin. Accounts vary but according to

most they had destroyed his reputation by framing him for a horrible crime in exchange for a

large sum of money given by a rival. The Blood Stone burns with Ba’s passion for revenge.

The effect of the blood stone is quite simple but potent. The user is strengthened by Ba’s anger

and rage, flowing with red Qi energy that enables him to bypass any counter equal to or lower

than his own Qi rank.

*Appears in the upcoming Lady Eighty Seven book (note that the entry may be very different in the official release and information here would be superseded by that).