Wednesday, September 6, 2023


Someone asked if it was possible to do the Five Deadly Venoms in Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades the other day and so I went through the rulebook to see how I might put together a group of characters based on the venoms in the movie. 

What follows is just a first attempt. I may come back in and revise or do a follow-up entry once I have had more time to think about it. The material below doesn't capture the film perfectly as something like Toad's invincibility would be pretty game breaking (there are ways to do it, and I may post some of the ones I was playing around with if they end up working well).

These are essentially guidelines for helping you select signature abilities to make the character in question. You don't have to take all the recommended Signature Abilities as you level, and if you want you can take other SAs instead (there are others in the book that might also fit). 

It can also be helpful to elaborate on existing techniques (and to borrow ones from Ogre Gate). For instance I think Graceful Retreat would be a good WHOOG techniques to use in RBRB as the Snake's counter. Horizontal Sidestep would be a good one for Lizard. You can find all the Kung Fu Techniques in Ogre Gate on the Bedrock App on our Bedrock Games website. They have to be adapted to the RBRB system, and fit to the broader concept (though counters can pretty much be pulled right in with minimal adjustment). 

I created two new Signature Abilities. These both need more testing as this was largely more of a rapid fire exercise I gave myself to do while rewatching the Five Deadly Venoms. The Martial Arts Melee style is a bit of a cheat as it exists in most movies like this, but there are several scenes where characters bust out into huge melees and handle multiple opponents so I wanted to make a new ability that captured it the way I saw it happening in the film (there are SAs that let you attack multiple opponents in the RBRB rulebook, as well). 


Recommended Signature Abilities: Heart Piercing Finger* [61], Yan’s Enduring Fists [59], Golden Crab Style [45], Martial Arts Melee [new]

Recommended Counters: Shadow Fist [68]



Recommended Signature Abilities: Crescent Moon Style [40], Crescent Moon King [new], Grip of the Yang Divinity [46], Martial Arts Melee [new]

Recommended Counters: Bending Reed Defense [63]




Recommended Signature Abilities: Flea on the Ceiling [44], Heart of Sun Bin [47] or Mind of Sun Bin [53], Martial Arts Melee [new], Empowering Palm [41]

Recommended Counters: Defense of Sun Bin [64]



Recommended Signature Abilities: Golden Crab Style [45], Fearless Boxer Style [43], Stone Body Style [57], Martial Arts Melee [new]

Recommended Counters: Golden Armor Defense [65], Iron Armor Defense [65]



Recommended Signature Abilities: Mastermind [51], Jade Kicks [49], Studied Blade Style [57], Martial Arts Melee [new]

Recommended Counters: Insightful Reaction [65]



Recommended Signature Abilities: Martial Arts Melee [new], Mind of Sun Bin [53] or Heart of Sun Bin [47]

Recommended Counters: Defense of Sun Bin [64]


*Reflavored as Rib Breaking Palm 




Crescent Moon King

Characteristics: Ranged, Armed, External

Prerequisite: Crescent Moon Style


You throw two blades at curved angles so they strike the target from two different directions. Anytime you use this style you impose a -1d10 to counter attempts. Make separate damage rolls for each attack. 

Martial Arts Melee Style

Characteristics: Melee, Unarmed, Multiple Attacks 

You are skilled at rushing in to face many opponents at once in a chaotic melee or brawl. Whenever you fight multiple opponents at close range you can attack up to 1 level worth of characters per your level in melee and unarmed combat (characters with no level count as half a level for purposes of calculating attacks). So a 9th level character could attack nine level 1 characters, three level 3 characters, 18 unleveled characters, etc. Always round down. It is recommended you make one attack roll and one damage roll for all opponents you attack in a given round. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2023


On the podcast we talked about The One and King of NewYork:

Wednesday, August 30, 2023


This is going to show up in the PDF and print versions eventually, but here is a slightly revised map of Fan Xu Prefecture for Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate and for the Sons of Lady 87 book. There was an issue with one of the legend elements not exporting. Recommend referring to this one for overland travel. 


Friday, July 21, 2023


 We talk about the Abel Ferrara movie, The Bad Lieutenant. 

Sunday, July 9, 2023


 We talk about the Abel Ferrara film Ms .45 on the podcast: 

Sunday, June 25, 2023


 We discuss the movie Suspiria in this episode of Horror Express: 

Sunday, June 11, 2023


I just finished the first draft of our first Network Lite RPG. These are intended to be small and streamlined PDFs (possibly print books) that are affordable and contain more focused premises. It is tentatively titled "Wrath" and I will talk more about it after we have done more playtests (we had our first last week). My hope is to put out a number of Network Lite books in the future. 

Each Network Lite RPG will contain core rules similar to what is found in Strange Tales of Songling but will come to around 30 pages. So there will be a focus on brevity and on making the most efficient use of space. 

After the first playtest I also went over some of the mechanics for the game with a player in my Saturday group and made some changes. I removed one of the paths and reworked some of the path abilities. Two of the paths may be merged into one but there is no final decision on that yet (I am going to see how it plays out over the next few weeks). 

The game has about 7 sections, not quite chapters each covering Paths, Rules, Skills, Weapons, Adventures and Foes. Here is look at the opening paragraph: 

I will give more updates as work continues.