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This is a report of the sixth session of our Vaaran Kingdoms Sertorius session. You can see session five HERE

The party: 

Gaius: A Ronian-blooded aristocrat
Uloff: A Gru Trader
Garoff: A Gru Bounty Hunter
Dreckergael: A human hunter who casts spells randomly when wounded
Tauq: A human tribesmen from the march between Palus and Apprea, serving in the house of Alu-Bora under Archon Emmanuel. 

Important NPCs:

Belga: A Dwarf Sertori with blue skin who believes he is a Gru 
Vaela: A Hasri Sertori who has grown loyal to the party
Hamil Kar-Harba: The brother of the King and Gaius' uncle
Gesara: A Sertori hunter who leads a wing of the Church of Ramos against spell casters
Ruega: Daughger of Goff-Tannerhauch

Last session the players intercepted the following message from Ruega addressed to their enemy Gesara of Palus: 

To the Sage and Pius Gesara Namburi of Palus,

Disaster has arrived. Father was attacked by the Sertori of the House of Bora and the entirety of the cellar. They killed him and Ruegar. There are many of them and you must tell to the king to prepare for conflict. I will go North to Qelna. It is our only hope of containing the Sertori. Before you send men to stop me know this: Qelna is no legend, nor is it the ruin the world believes. I have seen it with my own eyes, for it is visible to our kind upon close inspection. There is a weapon there, an artifact that only we can wield. With the sword I will be more powerful than an army and impervious as stone. Have no fear Gesara, father trained me well. I know the temptations, I know the limits of my own spirit. I will not succumb but defend the Kingdom from this evil horde. 


The party decided to leave Vaela in charge of Goff-Tel while they went to the City of Qelna to learn more about the sword mentioned in the letter. Because he had made power plays in the past, they took Belga with them for the journey. 

Qelna was about three days north from their present location, in the neighboring kingdom of Beora. The party made good time though, finding their pass easily (i.e. scoring a Total Success on their Survival: Wilderness Roll) and arrived at the city gates in 2 days. They found Qelna, seemingly a crumbling ruin, on the edge of a high mountain. There Tauq was able to see from a distance that the city was still inhabited (though to the others the city appeared desolate). They could see that Qelna was a tiered city with three walls encircling different quarters, and in its center stood a high ziggurat. 

As they approached the entrance to the city they came upon a stone slab with words written in Singh that read: 

The Laws of Numa
1. None may leave Qelna without permission from Numa

2. Only the Nai Pun may seek permission to leave

3. All shall be paid for their labors and services, except Nai Jao

4. All goods and services are to be purchased in silver rings with the King’s seal, with credit or with favors. Favors or credit unfulfilled warrant punishment

5. No one may charge the holy people (Nai Jao) for goods or services. No good or service may be denied to the holy people

6. Only Nai Shen, Nai Joa and Nai Pun may carry weapons

7. Only the High Priestess and King together can produce silver rings with the King’s seal, and they may do so only once every ten years

8. No one except the holy people (Nai Jao) may carry foreign weapons into the city

9. All punishments are decided by the king, the High Preistess (Luang Ta) or the Warrior Priests (Nai Pun)

The party continued on and were met by four elven soldiers with bronze weapons and armor and studded leather cloaks. The elves spoke in Singh and said that their king, Numa, was expecting them, that they were welcome in the city and accommodations had been prepared at the house of the Beer Seller, Isaree. Following the guards, the players were brought into a sprawling tavern built around an open courtyard. There they found other Sertori eating a strange variety of foods (roasted Peacock, rice, tea, figs, boar, corn, wine, squashes and coconut). They also noticed the climate seemed much warmer than outside the city (warm and dry), which seemed odd for a mountain peak in The Vaaran Kingdoms.

As they met and spoke with the other Sertori they noticed many of them wore clothes and armor that seemed quite out of place. For example they saw an orc in Caelan armor that hadn't been used in centuries. They asked some of these people when they came to the city, what year it was when they arrived and quickly deduced that there was a strange time effect in Qelna. Every hour inside the city seemed to equal a day outside its boundaries. In other words time inside Qelna was moving at a rate 24 times slower than the outside world.   The party also learned that Ruega had in fact been to the city, had received an audience with Numa and was permitted to leave (which they were told never happened before). Dreckergael suggested that they had fallen into a trap set by Ruega, that her note was a ploy to get them to come to the city. Uloff was skeptical that she had this much foresight, but knowing that a war was brewing in Palus, they decided to make quick use of time and seek an escape immediately. 

The party learned that leaving the city was impossible. One could exit the gates, one could walk down the mountain slope, but would never find themselves more than a mile away from Qelna no matter how long they traveled. They learned from an Orc Sertori named Cadius (who had apparently been in the city for hundreds of years, but thought he had been there only 27 years) that they might learn a way out by speaking with the Sons of Shai, a sort of resistance group based in another tavern called The Wine Palace of Po. He also told them that Numa possessed all the magic of any Sertori who enters the city. 

They went to the Wine Palace of Po, a tall white tower and there were introduced to a man named Ogaron. He took them to a luxurious chamber and offered the party Blue Salamander Wine. All except Dreckergael accepted the beverage. Drinking it they began to see visions. None of these were notable except for the one Gaius had. He kept seeing a giant cutting off its own head with a sword. They found the Blue Salamander Wine pleasant, as it induced a state of calm and euphoria but it also staggered them. 

Speaking with Ogaron, they learned that the city was run by a caste of priests, led by the King's Luang Ta (a kind of high priestess and concubine). They also learned that Numa had survived numerous attempts on his life, including a beheading. Ogaron speculated based on evidence his men had gathered from the temple library that something was being guarded beneath the temple that could harm Numa. 

Armed with this information the party went to the temple. Tauq, who has some familiarity with engineering, was able to see that the lower portion of the ziggurat was older than the upper, and he found a portion of the wall that was thinner than the rest. Uloff used the spell Juggernaut to plow through the wall, taking the party into a complex beneath the temple. There they eventually found a chamber with the mummified body of a giant upon throne. when they stepped forward it animated and attacked them with a spear. The Giant Mummy proved a challenging foe. Only Tauq and Dreckergael managed to harm it. Tauq decided to they couldn't defeat the opponent and used Water Shape to summon a wave of water to flood it out. He got a Total Success on his spell roll, giving him greater control of the flooding waters. He used this to wash the Giant from the complex and out the opening Uloff had created in the outer wall. 

They explored further, running into a number of traps along the way (the party was quite wounded by the end). A fire trap burned Dreckergael and forced him to change shape into a wolf. They found the Sword of Qelna, a massive blade sized for a giant or Ogre. Uloff was strong enough to wield it so he took the sword just as they heard noises from outside the temple. Fearing they the water flood had attracted the priest's attention they broke through a wall in the north eastern section of the complex (their original opening was on the western wall) and fled toward the palace. On their way, they saw priests rushing to the western wall and eventually heard the sounds of armed conflict. At the palace they were met by resistance from the guards, but it was not well prepared for an attack. They quickly cut a path into the palace and found Numa with another concubine in his chambers. 

Only the Sword of Qelna was able to harm him. Numa kept reigning down Avalanche of Flame on the party as they struggled to defeat him. Tauq used the sword first and managed to cut the giant deeply several times before the flames overwhelmed him and he fell (not dead but seriously injured). Uloff tried to distract the giant by wrapping the silk sheets over his head. Gaius continued the attack, with help from Uloff. They traded the blade and avoided Bolts of Fury from the enraged giant before they impaled him and cut off his head. Hearing the rush of guards from the palace entrance they fled out the window, into a courtyard and over a wall. Uloff took the head with them and they went toward the temple to investigate the fighting. There they found the Sons of Shai battling the Temple Soldiers. 

Uloff shouted and stepped up on a pillar to display the severed head of Numa. He announced that the reign of Numa was ended and they would take over the city. This paused the fighting. Ogaron stepped forward and questioned the intentions Uloff had for the city. Uloff managed to put Ogaron at ease and the leader suggested talked both sides into halting their conflict until they had a chance to speak with the Sertori in the morning. It was not clear to the party thought that all agreed with Ogaron's position so they took the opportunity to flee from the city (leaving the head with the Sons of Shai) and return to Goff-Tel. 

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I've been wanting to post this for a while now. These are my entries on a new location in Gamandria I used in my own campaign. I had to wait for my players to come here though before putting it up on the blog. The City of Qelna is fully described below in the CITY OF QELNA section. The giant, Numa, is also described at the very end with stats provided. I tried to clean up my notes to make them easier to understand. This should be enough information to run an entire adventure in the
city. I will also be posting a map and description of the temple in the coming days. 

EDIT: I should mention that my campaign is set in 1452, two years after the official date in the rulebook, for anyone who was confused by the timeline. 

About Qelna

Qelna is an ancient ruin on a high outcropping of rock north of Palus. It  was an ancient city destroyed in the year over 1400 years ago. However Qelna is actually a Grim that exists outside of time. Its center is a giant Sertori named Numa.

Only Sertori can see Qelna. All others who look upon the site see only a ruin. To most Sertori it looks like a ruin as well. But to Sertori who look closely (essentially taking the time to get a TN 10 or rolling a natural 10 on their Detect roll) they see the city is still inhabited and thriving. 

The truth about Qelna is that it is a trap. Numa takes on the memories and powers of Sertori who enter and he intends to keep them there. So long as he lives, they cannot leave except through special means.

The danger of remaining in Qelna is that time passes faster outside its walls. Each hour spent in Qelna is a day outside. This makes it a useful location for adventure because players who arrive and realize their situation will urgently want to leave.

Initially, Numa tries to keep people in Qelna by tending to their needs but he resorts to other methods if anyone tries to leave.

Only the sword of Qelna can truly kill Numa. The blade is located deep below the city temple, in a well guarded complex.

Time passes slower on the inside of Qelna than on the outside. One hour inside equals 1 day outside.


When Sertori enter they are met by four elven guards dressed in metal studded leather cloaks (effectively Leather armor), bronze helmets and spears (for stats see SOLDIERS OF QELNA BELOW). They welcome the party, tell them they are honored guests of King Numa who has foreseen their arrival. They may follow the guards to food and lodging.

They are taken to the Beer Seller Isaree’s House which functions as a tavern for Sertori. There they can interact with the other Sertori in the city or roam about as they wish. They may eventually learn that time passes faster on the outside and they are physically unable to leave. To escape they must either convince Numa to let them go free or discover the nature of the Blade of Qelna and use it against him (both difficult undertakings).

It is impossible to leave Qelna against the wish of Numa, anyone who tries to do so finds that no matter how long they try to trek down the mountain, they never reach the bottom, but if they turn around, they return within minutes. This is because Qelna is a Grim, able to warp time and space as it desires.

These are the Sertori Present in the city. They are important because they can serve as potential allies or enemies to the players but they also can help them discern the time gap between Qelna and the outer world. All are at the Beer Seller’s house, where the city gives them fine rooms, except for Numa who resides at the palace. They are rarely together though as most have business in the city itself they are conducting. Players should be asked to make Detect Rolls to notice that clothing and armor is of a different time period in cases like Cadius or Azima (who have both been here for centuries).

Each entry give s the name, race, place of origin, time the character thinks he or she has been in Qelne, and then the time that character has actually been in Qelna (at least as far as the outside world is concerned).

Cassius (Orc): Poro Deus, 1 Month, Almost Two Years
Cassius came here to find the Sword of Qelna, hoping to being it back to his Caelan legate as a gift. He received on audience with Numa who promised him the sword (this was a lie) if he helps him translate some Latari texts in the next couple of months.

Hauchgel (Gru): Glaver, A little over a day, 30 Days
Hauchgel was going North to investigate rumors of the Lady Druza’s return. He is a convert to the church of Ramos.

Hekas (Hasri): Asharun, 6 months, 11 years
Hekas came here as a scholar with interest in the ruins. He is the only Sertori who realizes that time has been passing differently on the inside of the city from the outside.

Hermakaul (Human Agarian): Perlova Valley, 1 year, 23 years
Came here when to follow a vision. From Perlova valley before the conquest. He and Cassius bicker constantly about whether it is a province of the empire or not. Neither one has figured out that there is a time difference but Hermakaul is close to realizing this.

Tuk (Human Agarian): Poro Deus, 5 years, 118 years
Fled here when her village was wiped out by Gru advancing from the North.

Azima (Dwarf): Sula Akdala, 10 years, 236 years
Was a mercenary for the Ronian Side of the Caelum invasion of Rono. She enjoys the luxury the city affords her as a Sertori .

Cadius (Orc): Rono Empire, 27 years, 649 years
Came here on way to investigate the recent formation of The Fellowship of Promestus in Ronia. Found the city fascinating and has remained to study it.

Numa (Giant), 57 years, 1382(time closure)

Population: 10,300
Religion: Cult of Numa
Language: Singh
Technology: Bronze

The streets of Qelna are all meandering stone stairs, hewn into the mountain. They wind and wrap going from one gate to the next and leading to Numa’s Palace and the Temple of Numa. There are three tiers to the city, each ringed by a stone wall 12 to 15 feet in height. The buildings are all made of stone and clay and typically three stories high, all interconnected by a maze of walls. Most houses have a central interior courtyard on the first floor. Cooking and cultivation, even sleeping, are often done on roofs. Furniture is typically made of Ivory, stone, lapis lazuli and gold. The temperature is warm year round, despite being in the cold heights of the Varian Mountains. This allows them to farm rice and other grains, which they do in sections along the outer rings.

The city is ruled by Numa (a giant and Sertori) and managed by his priesthood, led by the high priestess (Luang Ta) and concubine Cintana. The high priestess also controls the most important members of the king’s government, the Scribes (Luang Shen), they keep records, collect taxes and manage crucial documents in the city upon stone tablets. Note that tax is not taken in the form of currency but labor or gifting.  All property in Qelna is owned by the priesthood. The priesthood also has a council next to the king called the Phra Qelna. In addition the preists (Luang)serve as the physicians of Qelna. The Nai Pun are a special order of warrior priests who are personally loyal to Numa but selected by the High Preistess. They also command the Nai Shen (soldiers). They are also the merchant class, being granted permission to leave on contract with the king for trade purposes. The Nai Shen are the soldier class. Sertori enjoy special status in Qelna, where they are called Nai Jao (holy people) and given access to every manner of luxury possible.

There have been three Luang Ta since the city’s founding. The former Luang Ta, Ratria, was poisoned and replaced by Cintana ten years ago. A common saying in Qelna is “Elves are long-lived, yet the Luang Ta is not”

Qelna is a caste society. Generally speaking elves occupy the priestly positions in the city while the Agarian people serve as laborers (largely for helping erect structures). Foreign Trade is conducted by the Nai Pun on a contract basis. Agarians with wealth can rise to the level of priests or merchants, but even then they hold a lower position in Qelna (Agarian Priests perform only the most basic duties and are largely used to help keep the rest of the Agarian population under control).  The castes are as follows:

Luang Ta (Concubine)
Nai Pun (Warrior Priests and Merchants)
Nai Shen (Soldiers)
Luang Shen (Scribes)
Luang (Normal Priests)

2. THE AMETA CASTE (Lower level Priests and Administrators of Agarian heritage)
3. THE MAI PUN CASTE (Agarians merchants)
4. THE MANUT CASTE (Agarian Laborers)

5. THE NAI JAO CASTE (Sertori who exist outside the normal hierarchy)

Each month ends in a weeklong religious festival. The first month and last month are both dedicated to Numa, the savior of the world. But the other gods are honored the remaining months. The core belief of Qelna is that at the moment of disaster, Numa protected the city from the end of the world. Beyond the city they believe is a terrible place of scorched cities and primitive tribes.

There is a movement of rebels, who have tried to kill Numa many times and failed. They are called The Sons of Shai. Presently there are about fifty members of the Sons of Shai and they are based in the Wine Palace of Po. The Wine Palace of Po is a tavern known for a beverage called Blue Salamander Wine.

Qelna conducts trade beyond its borders, using the time gap to its advantage. The Merchants, the Mai Pun, are the only ones allows to leave the city and do so with permission from the king on a case by case basis. They can leave, travel to Asharun, and return soon after they left. For each month they spend outside the city, barely a day passes in the city.

The city has a total of 400 soldiers, with 65 on the wall, 100 Patrolling Temple Qaurter, 150 at the palace, 50 Patrolling the Elven Quarter, 25 at the Temple itself. Plus the King has his Elite warrior priests (100). The soldiers are led by an Nai Pun named Fai Mai. He has 16 captains from the Nai Pun caste who command 20 city soldiers each. The wall is managed by Lao San, who has equal status to Fai Mai and is also from the Nai Pun class. He has 8 captains who control 8 wall soldiers each.

There are nine crucial laws in the city, known as the laws of Numa. These appear at every gate etched in stone and in the city entrance. Grievances not covered by these laws can still be brought before the priesthood.

The Laws of Numa:
1. None may leave Qelna without permission from Numa
2. Only the Nai Pun may seek permission to leave
3. All shall be paid for their labors and services, except Nai Jao
4. All goods and services are to be purchased in silver rings with the King’s seal, with credit or with favors. Favors or credit unfulfilled warrant punishment
5. No one may charge the holy people (Nai Jao) for goods or services. No good or service may be denied to the holy people.
6. Only Nai Shen, Nai Joa and Nai Pun may carry weapons.
7. Only the High Priestess and King together can produce silver rings with the King’s seal, and they may do so only once every ten years
8. No one except the holy people (Nai Jao) may carry foreign weapons into the city.
9. All punishments are decided by the king, the High Preistess (Luang Ta) or the Warrior Priests (Nai Pun)

The House of the Beer Seller Isaree
This is a courtyard house with a central garden and greenery. Beer is made in the storage room areas and stored in an attached chamber. Bedrooms are luxurious. Dining room is luxurious with tables surrounded by circular cushions. Isaree is the Beer Seller and she is an elf who has been brewing for 57 years. She has also been inside the city since its founding. She serves all manner of food including roasted peacock, roasted boar meat, stuffed fish, and a pungent dish made of papaya and various spices.
The Wine Palace of Po
This white stone tower with 9 levels is owned by one of the wealthiest Agarian families in Qelna, with many ties to the temple. It is managed by the family matriarch, Bu. While they serve all manner of wine their specialty is something called Blue Salamander Wine, which prompts strong hallucinations.  

This is also where the Sons of Shai make their headquarters on the 7th floor. Their present leader is Ogaron. Ogaron knows many of the secrets of the Temple and with the help of Bu, can probably get the PCs inside if they wish. He also knows that the something in the temple that can harm Numa is being protected. He has had five men die trying to kill the king. He has seen the king survive decapitation.

Wines: Blue Salamander Wine (6 Silver), Resin Wine (3 Silver), Agarian Wine—Red (5 Silver).

Blue Salamander Wine (3d10 against Hardiness): Immediate effects are -1d10 to Physical and Combat skills for 3 hours. Prompts visions from the gods. Divination Skill TN 9, can get some important vision to help solve a critical problem. On a Failure the person takes a random affliction for three hours. 

Numa’s Palace
This sprawling complex of rooms is supported by columns made of polished stones. Each room has enormous statues of the various gods, but they seem like they the King’s pets, not objects of devotion. The palace has many Agarian Guards and a number of scribes as well.

The Temple School
This is the school of the city. It is operated by the Scribes and attended mainly by folks of the priest class (Elves) and those with money. It is very strict and students who make mistakes are punished. The primary purpose of the school is to teach writing Singh. The school is located inside the temple structure itself.

Temple of Numa
This massive ziggurat is the heart of the city, where all its major offices are including its great library. It is also where the sword of Qelna is housed. The sword is inside an underground chamber built specifically to protect it. It is trapped and protected by “The Guardians”.  I will be posting a detailed map and description page of this in the coming days.


This is a timeline of the history of Qelna. The column on the left shows the normal Gamandrian date, while the “Qelnan Date” column gives the time from the point of view of the city of Qelna.

Gamandrian Date
Qelnan Date
10 AA*
80 BS
Numa is Born
12 PA
58 BS
Fall of Nong Sai complete
13 AA-70 PA
This is a period of devastation and war. The agents of the gods have free reign and continue to brutalize the people. Formation of human and elven cities in Tongasha region.
47 BS
Numa finds the Blade of Qelna, and gains fame killing the Angustia and even fending off a Dragon. People begin to follow him, soon he is a king with a city of Elven refugees and allied Agarian people.
46 BS
Qelna Founded
1 AS
The Dragon Mangon tries to destroy Qelna, Numa fights with it for two days but grims and the city is forever trapped outside of time
Rona and Agra established
Work on Complex Below Temple Begun (simply called the Qelna Complex)
Sukhon becomes First Luang Ta
Work on Palace and Temple Begun
Qelna Complex Completed
Sukhon killed by High Priestess Ratria
Ratria Becomes Second Luang Ta
Palace and Temple Completed
Ratria poisoned
Cintana Becomes Luang Ta


ELVEN WALL SOLDIERS (4 out of total of 65)
Defenses: Hardiness 4*, Stealth 6, Evade 6, Parry 7**, Wits 8, Resolve 8
Skills: Heavy Melee 2d10, Medium Melee 1d10 (Halberd) or 3d10 (Javelin), Wrestling 2d10, Muscle 1d10, Speed 2d10, Detect 2d10
Damage: Halberd (3d10 or 1d10), Javelin (2d10)
Wounds: 2
Equipment: Leather Armor*, Light Shield**, Javelin, Halberd

Defenses: Hardiness 5*, Stealth 6, Evade 7**, Parry 8**, Wits 8, Resolve 8
Skills: Heavy Melee 2d10, Medium Melee 3d10 (Short Sword), Wrestling 2d10, Muscle 2d10, Speed 2d10, Detect 3d10
Damage: Short Sword (3d10)
Wounds: 2
Equipment: Breast Plate*, Heavy Shield**, Short Sword

Defenses: Hardiness 4*, Stealth 6, Evade 6, Parry 7**, Wits 8, Resolve 8
Skills: Heavy Melee 2d10, Medium Melee 1d10 (Halberd) or 3d10 (Javelin), Wrestling 2d10, Muscle 2d10, Speed 2d10, Detect 1d10
Damage: Halberd (4d10 or 2d10), Javelin (3d10)
Wounds: 2
Equipment: Leather Armor*, Light Shield**, Javelin, Halberd

Defenses: Hardiness 5*, Stealth 6, Evade 8**, Parry 9**, Wits 8, Resolve 8
Skills: Heavy Melee 2d10, Medium Melee 3d10 (Short Sword), Wrestling 2d10, Muscle 2d10, Speed 1d10, Detect 2d10
Damage: Short Sword (3d10)
Wounds: 2
Equipment: Breast Plate*, Heavy Shield**, Short Sword

Defenses: Hardiness 6*, Stealth 6, Evade 8**, Parry 9**, Wits 8, Resolve 8
Skills: Heavy Melee 2d10, Medium Melee 3d10 (Short Sword), Wrestling 2d10, Muscle 3d10, Speed 2d10, Detect 2d10
Damage: Short Sword (4d10)
Wounds: 2
Equipment: Breast Plate*, Heavy Shield**, Short Sword

Born at the moment of the fall, Numa was once a king and hero, a Sertori who used his powers to protect the people of Tongasha after the fall of Nong Sai. He found the Sword of Qelna deep in the Varian sea. His subjects were mostly elven, and remain so to this day. While trying to protect the city from dragon he grimed. After the battle the Blade of Qelna burned his hands and filled him with dread, so he had it buried below the city and placed in a trapped vault. Has reigned for 104 years (57 of which have been inside the time closure).

Hardiness        8
Stealth             2
Evade              2
Parry               4
Wits                6
Resolve           7

Key Skills [HEADER FOUR]
Wrestling: 3d10
Large Ranged: 2d10
Speed: 0d10 (30 feet)
Athletics: 1d10
Muscle: 5d10
Swim: 1d10
Detect: 1d10
Command: 2d10
Persuade: 1d10
Empathy: 2d10
Medicine: 3d10
Divination: 2d10
Talent (Sculpture): 2d10
History (Nong Sai): 3d10
Trade (Architecture): 2d10
Language (Singh): 3d10
Language (Pasaali): 2d10
Language (Agarian): 2d10
Qualities [HEADER FOUR]

Wounds: 11


Resist: 3d10
Divinity: 4
Followers: 10,400
Natural Spells (Deimos 2, Misos 2, Agape 2, Penthos): The Splintering of Yaum, Youthful Restoration, Avalanche of Flame, Tearing the Veil, Pora’s Portrait, Dread Passenger, Earth Mastery, Food of the Gods (Thauma)

New Spells (40): Memory, Potent Ambience, Soul Shield, Treacherous Icon, Arch of Protection, Desire,Captivation, Cloak of Protection, Flavia’s Terrible Purification, Gilded Cage, Heal, Merciful Plea, Sanctuary, Summon, Warding Wall, Unity, Bridge, Bloodsmith, Flying Eyes, Mourning Glory, Reshaping of Satree, Sphere of Suffocation, Daydream, Flight, Hide, Blades of Wrath, Bolt of Fury, Focus of Ire, Inner Strength, Immolation, Impaling Spike, Karima’s Baleful Glare, Obliterate Magic, Screaming Surge, Surging Wave, Vow

Boulder Throw:
Beast Strength X2:
Power: Automatic wound on successful Melee roll.
Union: Qelna’s mind is made stronger by the presence of other Sertori, and his magic increases too. He automatically gains all the spells of any Sertori in the city and he can sense their desires.
Immunity: Numa cannot die. He can be physically harmed, but regenerates back to health 2 wounds every round.