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Horror and wuxia come together, with a hefty dose of gore, in the Bloody Parrot. Here is my video review of a surprisingly good movie. 

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We just released Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate as a pay-what-you-want PDF (HERE). We should have the print released sometime around September-October. For those who are curious what it is all about here is a brief preview. 

What Is Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate?
Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is a wuxia RPG set in a fantasy world of feuding sects and martial heroes fighting in the shadow of a corrupt and powerful empire. The game comes with over 180 Kung Fu Techniques and complete rules for running a wuxia campaign. 

Character Creation
Make your martial hero by selecting skills, kung fu techniques, martial disciples and choosing your sect. 

Kung Fu Techniques
The game is built around individual Kung Fu Techniques and the rulebook has over 180 entries. Take techniques inspired by wuxia cinema and drama series such as Arms of Silk, Whirling Blade and the Perfect Strike of the Phoenix. 

Weapons and Equipment
Fitting to the wuxia genre there is a wide range of weapons to select from. It includes everything from the classic gentlemen sword to the flying flying guillotine. 

The Sects and Characters
The characters and the martial sects are one of the most important things in a wuxia campaign. So we provide a number organizations and NPCs for the GM to use. Players can start out belonging to one of the sects in the book if they wish. 

The Setting
The game takes place in Qi Xien, a world of martial arts fantasy inspired by Song Dynasty China. It is a world of wuxia, but also of horror and the supernatural.

Threats and Monsters
The book includes everyday threats such as bandits and rival sects but also monstrous creatures. 

The Gamester section offers guidance on running and managing wuxia campaigns. Plus there is a sample adventure chapter. 

This is a sampling of Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. If you'd like to learn more check it out at RPGnow: HERE

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This is a log for my ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Kingdom campaign. You can see the previous session HERE

Player Characters: 
Shen Chun
Hidden Arrow
Bao Yang
Chao Feng
Wei Ruomei 


The Righteous Outlaws
Calamity Star
Ou Jinghzhu
Tea Master Houzhou

Crocodile Sect*
Player Characters (See above)
King Iron Beard
Li Sou Chao (Witch of Zhaoze Zhou)

The Golden Way
Iron God Meng

Relentless Corpse Sect
Relentless Corpse Queen
Da Mei Mei

Temple of the Jade Mercies
Abbot Wei Zhao
Abbess Bao-Yu
Weeping Lotus

Bone Breaking Sect
Destroyed and taken over by Drunken Hero Kang

The Golden Corpse Alliance
This is a unified group: Relentless Corpse Sect and the Golden Way combined their interests. Relentless Corpse Queen and Iron God Meng are joint chiefs of the sect, and below them are the player characters via Crocodile Sect. 

Bao Yang awoke in a jail cell, imprisoned by Iron God Meng (who had just soundly defeated him in combat). Recognizing that Meng's skills were superior, he convinced Iron God Meng to take him as a disciple. He promised to be loyal and Iron God Meng agreed to the arrangement. He also proposed an alliance between Meng and Corpse Queen, which they would hammer out later. Between the two of them, Bao Yang figured they could control the martial world. 

Hidden Arrow, Shen Chun, Wei Ruomei and Li Sou Chao returned from the Hanging Valley of the Dead with the Ding Vessel of Yu and brought it to the House of Paper Shadows, where they were told Bone Breaker's body was awaiting resurrection. They entered the structure, an earthen round house with mazes of rooms and paper walls inside. A man greeted them, said his name was Shisan and he brought them to a private chamber where they could rest. He then took the Ding Vessel and said he'd perform the ritual himself. 

Several hours later, Fearless Cat entered their room. It became clear in the course of conversation that she, not Bone Breaker, had been resurrected, and that something about her personality had been changed by the process. She ate with them and instructed the group to find her son (who had been secreted away by Abbot Firebrand). 

They departed and joined with Bao Yang at Crocodile Sect Headquarters where the party exchanged news. They had heard rumors that Chao Feng went to Bone Breaking Fortress to retake their sect but was easily fended off by the usurper, Kang. However their information network told them that he had somehow managed to take the Immortal Killing Sword from them (this information was passed by someone still inside Bone Breaking sect and not Chao Feng himself). 

The next day they went north to Relentless Corpse Caverns and agreed to become Relentless corpse queen's subordinates (jointly under Iron God Meng). She was pleased with the arrangement and told them to arrange a meeting on a boat between her and Iron God Meng so the alliance they had discussed could be cemented. 

From there they went to Xuanlu to obtain an audience with Queen Ai Nu. The Temple of Jade Mercies (a kind of subsidiary of Crocodile Sect) was having trouble operating in Hai'an. They had to bribe their way in, but got an audience and the queen was amenable provided the party agreed to work with her as she needed, for any task that might arise. 

They then went north again to have the meeting between Relentless Corpse Queen and Meng. They secured a boat and the two met for some time. They agreed to call themselves the Golden Corpse Alliance and made the party their sub chiefs. They decided they would control the martial world from the shadows as a kind of invisible empire. The details were fuzzy but the goal was clear. 

Iron God Meng then appointed the party with a task. He had heard rumors that Master Guan had departed from his villa in Li Fan, taking his family to the Banyan to live in seclusion. According to the rumors, Guan left all his worldly belongings at his villa in the Yellow Forest, including the Bow of Gushan. He asked them to go and find what objects they could before others reached the villa. 

This is where the session ended. 

*This is a sect that the party helped overtake, they killed the leader, White Haired Crocodile and established Crocodile Sect Headquarters as their base. It is part of the Golden Corpse Alliance

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This was the second session of a new Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate campaign. See the FIRST SESSION LOG to read about the previous session. 

Peng Ke-Yen: Eccentric daughter of a merchant who goes against conventions and is notable for her white and black streaked hair. From Dashen village. 

Peng Pei: Daughter of two low Yen-Li priests. Also from Dashen village. 

Zhendao: A former slave of a man named Zhao. 

Shin Du: A performer and actor who is a perfect shot with the bow. 

Song Pei: A one-armed physician. 

Ke-Yen and Pei went to the Sword and Wine Inn to prepare as they awaited their duel with Tiger Clan. There they met a performer named Shin Du who won them over by firing an arrow at an orange on a merchant cart (among many other antics). They invited him to join them in the fight against Tiger Clan but as they were talking, Xu An (a woman from Tiger Clan) leapt down from a roof and attacked with her butterfly swords. Sabres were crossed and a bloody fight ensued, as Xu An accused Ke-Yen of spreading rumors to divide her from her benefactor (Five-Dagger Chang). It ended with Xu An heavily wounded and in flight. 

Ke-Yen sought allies among the criminal networks in the city, eventually convincing the Dancing Scorpions to join and participate in the duel (because it would open up the Tiger's portion of the city to them).

They gathered the heroes of Master Qian Bei's Water Sword School, the Dancing Scorpions and a one-armed physician named Song Pei, then went to the Yellow Forest to fight with the Tiger Clan.

There they waited. Shin Du had manufactured some Divine Fire and prepared thunderbolt balls for use during the fight. Two figures approached, an old lady and a young man in chains with a slave brand named Zhendao. The woman announced herself as Five Dagger Chang's mother, and said Tiger Clan had sent its oldest and least respected to deal with them.

Master Qien Bei insisted on fighting her in small groups out of fairness. A melee broke out and the thunderbolt balls went off, leaving both Granny Chang and Zhendao a bit bruised. Granny Chang threw daggers at all her attackers and Ke-Yen, Shin Du, Peng Pei and Song Pei were all incapacitated by the attack. However as Master Qien Bei and one of his students closed in, Zhendao stabbed Granny Chang in the back himself, killing her.

He explained he was a slave and that he had been mistreated by Tiger Clan. The group helped to burn Granny Chang's body, and then treat the wounds of the fallen. When people were recovered enough, Ke-Yen spoke with the Dancing Scorpions, who had done nothing, and agreed to pay them for their troubles. They were satisfied and offered to do business in the future with her.

Zhendao told them that there had been a lot of strange activity at the sect headquarters, the Old Tiger Fortress, and they suspected that Tiger Clan had arranged the fight as a distraction for something bigger.

They debated going south or going directly back to the city. At first they began heading south but were attacked by members of the Tiger Clan. They managed to kill them and decided to head directly to the city.

There they saw wanted posters with the face and name of Abbot Yan (of the Temple of Sleeping Mercies). The posters said he was wanted for murder and robbery. They went to the magistrate and learned officials believed he had slaughtered his fellow monks at the temple, then taken the five million spades they'd deposited at the Yun Hu Bank (see previous session for details). They had one person jailed who had witnessed Abbot Yan leaving the temple with a bloody knife.

Reluctantly the magistrate gave the heroes a moment with the witness to question him. They eventually learned that the man was instructed to lie by the head of his guild, Zhao Yi (a rice and pearl merchant).

Outside they investigated in the city and visited the bank. Zhendao inspected the temple and found evidence of Five Dagger Chang's dagger strikes on the wall. They also learned that the gold might have been transported to a rice emporium on the canal. They found one where remnants of the original chests containing the gold were littered amid debris.

The party then presented this evidence to Master Qien Bei, as he had proven to be helpful to them before. He reacted with surprise, saying that Zhao Yi was a well-known and well-respected man, and that for this reason, he also hesitated to take action. The party agreed that he need not intervene at the moment, but wanted to keep him apprised of the situation, and told him they would continue their investigation.

Eventually they connected the emporium to Zhao Yi and inspected his residence. There they watched until they witnessed a messenger arrive and depart. Then they followed the messenger to the Sword and Wine Inn, where he met with Xu An.

The party confronted Xu An in her room. Realizing she was outnumbered, and having been gravely wounded in their last exchange, she agreed to talk. She explained that Five Dagger Chang had fled to Hu Qin. She hinted that she might be willing to work against Tiger Clan if the party helped her become its leader.

First however she said they would need the body of Granny Chang. Five Dagger had planned to build a shrine in her honor and would be expecting her body if she arrived in Hu Qin. They headed back to the Yellow Forest to get Granny Chang's remains.

This is where the session ended.

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Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is available in PDF

Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, Bedrock Game’s new wuxia RPG is available in PDF HERE.

It is a complete RPG system and the PDF is pay-what-you-want (suggested price is 9.99). 

About Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate
Enter a land of broken hearts and shattered bones, haunted by the legacy of the Demon Emperor. Find adventure and explore a wuxia-infused world of rival sects, blood-stained sabers, ancient manuals, and legendary kung fu masters.

Born high or low, you are a martial hero who can channel internal energy into your weapon—be it a sword, fist, or flywhisk— with dazzling power. Bound across earth, treetop, air and water as you battle your foes. Learn secret kung fu techniques, how to strike at vital pressure points, perform powerful forbidden rituals or brew foul poisons. Face down roaming swordsmen, animal demons, evil officials, and the great masters of the age as your kung fu grows more profound.

Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is a game of gravity-defying martial artists inspired by wuxia film and drama series. It comes with its own detailed martial arts fantasy setting inspired by Song Dynasty China but can be used in any Ancient Chinese or Wuxia campaign. Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate uses the Network System and includes a full selection of martial sects. Over 180 Kung Fu Techniques are provided along with guidelines and tips for helping your game table to develop its own individual Kung Fu techniques and wuxia flavor.

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This is a log for my ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Kingdom campaign. 

Player Characters: 
Shen Chun
Hidden Arrow
Bao Yang
Chao Feng
Wei Ruomei 


The Righteous Outlaws
Calamity Star
Ou Jinghzhu
Tea Master Houzhou

Relentless Corpse Sect
Relentless Corpse Queen
Da Mei Mei

Bone Breaking Sect
Bone Breaker
Fearless Cat

This session the party was split in two different locations at the start of the session and by the end they were divided into three groups. This is indicated by headers. 

The City of Chen
Most of the party was still in the Banyan, trying to arrange a meeting with Calamity Star in the city of Chen. They were doing this to appease their ally Relentless Corpse Queen who had a grudge with a woman named Left-Handed Maiden and was one of three people masquerading as a bandit leader named Calamity Star. Last session they had also learned through their contacts that their own sect leader, Bone Breaker had died in a battle in Hu Qin. Since then their sect had been usurped by a man named Drunken Hero Kang. 

The party decided to arrange a meeting with Calamity Star at Hu Shang Temple through one of her men that they had captured (Ou Jinghzhu). 

Before the meeting, Hidden Arrow received news that Fearless Cat had been killed. He shared additional information sent to him by a contact that the body of Bone Breaker had been taken to the House of Paper Shadows and his spirit maintained with a Dragon Coin. According to Hidden Arrow, if they could obtain an object called the Ding Vessel of Yu from the Seven Blood Cave Alliance in the Hanging Valley of the Dead, it might be possible to resurrect Bone Breaker. However he was slowly turning into a Phoenix Ghost so time was not on their side. 

They went to the temple and were shown to an audience hall where they spoke with a woman claiming to be Left-Handed Maiden*. The party suggested many possible arrangements and even had to request a moment of privacy to debate the best course of action. This led to a hotly contested discussion over whether they should work with or against Corpse Queen. 

They eventually proposed that if she help them retake their sect, they would tell Relentless Corpse Queen that she had been killed. She had originally requested they help her kill Relentless Corpse Queen, some seriously seemed to consider the offer (possibly with the aim of betraying Calamity Star in the final moment) but they settled on faking her death instead. To seal the deal she gave them her sword as evidence and went with them to find Hanging Valley of the Dead. 

Chao decided to go north on his own to retake Bone Breaker Sect. This created a big rift in the party. The other party members wanted to resurrect Bone Breaker before trying to retake the sect. So they would go to Hanging Valley of the Dead. 

Southern Empire
Bao Yang headed into Li Fan, going to Gaoxing, where he went to physician Liao Cao's Medicine and Acupuncture. He talked Liao Cao into traveling with him as an official physician, where he would be paid on average 25,000 spades per treatment he provided. His food would also be paid for. 

The two headed north to investigate a man named Iron God Meng in the city of Tung-On. According to Bao Yang's sources, Iron God Meng had taken over the Golden Way, a pleasure quarter in the city, and had even taken over the Lucky Sword, a gambling hall that formerly belonged to the magistrate's son. 

First he went to the Lucky Sword, and walked up five stories to a balcony where he found Iron God Meng enjoying a meal and wine. He made an offer, telling Iron God Meng he should join him and work for Relentless Corpse Queen. When Iron God Meng asked for more details, Bao Yang told him it would involve performing tasks for Relentless Corpse Queen throughout the martial world. 

Iron God Meng did not like this arrangement and said he would rather side in his Lucky Sword and earn money on his own. Bao Yang implied he would be sorry if he didn't take up the offer and left. 

He then went to Ouyang Wan, the son of the magistrate. He told Wan he intended to take back the Lucky Sword. It was easy for him to talk Wan into paying a large sum for the task. 

He then went south and eventually bumped into some bandits who tried to rob him. When he mentioned Relentless Corpse Queen the bandits brought their leader to him, and a deal was struck where the Bandits, for payment, would appear beside him when he went back to the Lucky Sword to face Iron God Meng. However the bandits only had 15 men, so he asked where he could get more and they suggested the Plum Tree Security Company. 

He went to a small village and spoke with the chief of the company, who agreed to a fair payment and promised 150 men. 

Then Bao Yang went to Iron God Meng again, placed his sword on the table and told him to take the offer. 

Iron God Meng was angry and stood his ground, refusing. He then stood up and attacked. 

A lengthy combat unfolded between Bao Yang and Iron God Meng, with the latter controlling most of the fight. When Bao Yang would counter with a spinning back kick his leg would get engulfed in Iron God Meng's belly and it was as if a force restrained his leg as his energy was drawn into the man. Then Iron God Meng dug his fingers into Bao Yang's flesh and flung him across the room where he smashed into a pillar. This continued for some time until Bao Yang was so dazed by an attack all he could do was stare blankly into the air. 

Hanging Valley of the Dead
Because Li Sou Chao was traveling with them, she knew the location of the gate to Hanging Valley of the Dead in Zhaoze Swamp. The Hanging Valley was a kind of ethereal realm that existed outside the world of man, and required travel through a gate to reach. 

They made it to the gate and Li Sou Chao activated it with a ritual, which caused it to fill with red light and expand. They walked through and found themselves in another swamp, with a series of massive fuming peaks to the south. 

They headed in that direction until they came to a pine forest and heard the sounds of galloping in the distance. A strange creature with the body of a horse, the torso of a man, but its skin inside out rode toward them and fired an arrow made of bone. 

The arrow struck Shen Chun and his skin immediately turned inside and his body began to change. Shen Chun used his invisible thread to ensure the creature while Wei Ruomei leapt at it with her Blade of the Dancing Fox technique. Her claw attacks nearly killed the thing. After the party finished it off, Li Sou Chao told Shen Chun he must eat its heart to reverse the transformation. He ate it without complaint and his body turned back to normal after about twenty minutes (however his skin was bruised all over). 

They continued south until they came to the edge of the peaks, where guards in black armor approached them. Hidden Arrow demanded they be taken to seen Marauding Dragon (leader of the Seven Blood Cave Alliance) so they could present him with a gift). The guard summoned chains into the air and they wrapped around the party. He told them they would meet Marauding Dragon but he was taking this precaution. 

The party appeared before Marauding Dragon in an audience hall deep inside a mountain cave. He asked them what was the gift they had spoken of. 

Hidden Arrow said they had a supremely good gift, a sword that when it was paired with a few other items would make him the greatest martial expert in the world. 

Marauding Dragon asked where the weapon was. And Hidden Arrow said it was the River Flowing Sword, on Left-Handed Maiden's person. He grabbed it, and seeing its cross guard was made of pure jade, that the handle was decorated with emeralds and the blade itself made from a strange steel, he nodded. Pleased he said it would make a fine gift for his wife and asked what they wanted. 

The party said they needed to borrow his Ding Vessel of Yu. He laughed and said 'everyone wants to borrow the Ding Vessel of Yu'. He could lend it to them if they agreed to perform a task for him in the future. The task would be left unstated until the time came, and whatever it was, they had to do it no matter what. Hidden Arrow agreed on behalf of the party and he summoned the Ding Vessel, telling them it would return automatically to him after it was used. 

Bone Fortress
Chao went to Bone fortress with Tea Master Houzhou, Green Carp and a group of Pork Merchants he had met in Zun City. He also hired a man named Blue Handed Snake for 40,000 spades to accompany him. He had Green Carp and Tea Master Houzhou hide inside boxes which he tried to present as a gift to Kang. 

At the gates he was greeted by Lingsu, a scholarly looking man who was reluctant to let him in. He offered the boxes and LIngsu believed his story that they were gifts but insisted that they not be brought inside the fortress. 

Chao tried to signal to members of the sect he recognized to join with him, but they staunchly gazed forward. He insisted he was Third Chief and wanted his position to be honored by Kang, but Lingsu informed him that the position of Third Chief was filled already. 

Eventually he Chao left with his boxes. Later that night he, Tea Master Houzhou and Green Carp snuck into the fortress, but they had been expected and as soon as they leapt into the Bone Fortress courtyard, Kang and his men all came out to greet them. 

This is where the session ended. 

*Calamity Star is actually three triplet sisters: Left-Handed Maiden, Green Carp and Flying Mercy. They lead the martial world to believe they are one individual and many of their techniques require the three of them to use. 

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This is a log for my ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Kingdom campaign. 

Player Characters: 
Shen Chun
Hidden Arrow
Bao Yang
Chao Feng
Wei Ruomei 

At the start of the session, most of the party headed south to find Left-Handed Maiden, an enemy of Relentless Corpse Queen. Years ago, Left-Handed Maiden belonged killed Relentless Corpse Queen's father, who was the leader of their sect. She joined a conspiracy of disciples who plotted against him. After the the killing she fled, and went into hiding when it became clear Relentless Corpse Queen was a serious threat. Because the party has joined with Relentless Corpse Queen in search of mutually beneficial endeavors, they agreed to help her track down her father's killers. Their information network revealed that Left-Handed Maiden had fled to the Banyan and assumed a new identity: Calamity Star, leader of the Righteous Outlaws. There she lead a group of bandits and lived in highly protective secrecy. 

Bao Yang went north to secure their control over the Lu Da Security company. The rest of the party went to Zun City and spoke with pork merchants at the Lucky Sword, a gambling hall. They learned that the Righteous Outlaws were plaguing caravans passing through the Dai Bien Forest.They also learned that it was almost impossible to get an audience or getting with Calamity Star, that she was protected by Tea Master Houzhu (her bodyguard) and Ou Jinghzu (her go-between). They talked the merchants into transporting several empty carts for them, through the Dai Bien Forest, to the city of Chen. They told the merchants the carts would contain valuable silk and hoped this would lure the Righteous Outlaws to attack. 

As expected the caravan was stopped by bandits. But Chao Feng interceded and convinced them that the shipment was for Ou Jingzhu, that they were not to be delayed. The bandits were persuaded to escort them to Chen and on their arrival Chao Feng and Hidden Arrow both went into the city. 

Hidden Arrow went to the Phoenix Tail Inn, a place favored by thieves and martial heroes. There he spoke to someone he took for a rogue and planted a rumor that there was a shipment of pearls and other treasures coming to Chen in some crates (he described their own caravan to the man). 

Following a lead Chao Feng went to the Menglao Tea House where he dressed as a server and snooped around until he saw a man who matched Ou Jinghzhu's description in a private dining room eating platters of roasted meat and drinking wine. He found another server who was carrying in more platters and confirmed it was Ou Jinghzhu. He then poisoned the server and took the platters in with him, making sure to poison the bowls of wine. 

When he reached the table, Ou Jingzhu told him to sit down and then commanded him to drink from one of the bowls. He refused and claimed he had been sent by Tea Master Houzhu. Ou Jingzhu said if Tea Master Houzhu should come himself. 

Chao Feng and Hidden Arrow returned to their caravan and the next morning the party awoke surrounded by bandits. They quickly defeated and captured them thieves and pressed the leader for information. They learned that Calamity Star was actually three individuals: triplet sisters. Left-Handed Maiden was just one of them. They also learned that Calamity Star gave what they stole to the needy and that her bandits were incredibly loyal. The leader also told them that Ou Jinghzhu fought with chopsticks and chicken bones, using what was on-hand at the table to defeat his foes. 

They decided to go back to the Menglao Tea House and ambush Ou Jingzhu. Hidden Arrow disguised himself as the leader of the bandits and they grabbed a crate (which Chao Feng and Roumei hid inside). Then they went to the tea house and said they had a gift of jade chopsticks for Ou Jingzhu. When they reached the room Shen Chun used his invisible thread technique to restrain Ou Jingzhu, then Roumei burst out of the box and used her kick of the swan technique to batter him. Chao Feng kicked the table away from Ou Jingzhu and within moments they had him bound and placed inside the crate. They threatened his life until he revealed that Calamity Star was at the Hu Shang Temple. Then they left the tea house as if nothing had happened. 

Back at the caravan. They continued to interrogate and greatly shamed Ou Jinghzhu and the bandit leader. They learned the Hu Shang Temple was heavily trapped, including chambers of poisoned gas. They were going to have Ou Jingzhu lead them in. Eventually they settled on arranging a meeting through Ou Jingzhu with Calamity Star. However during the discussion, Ou Jinghzhu mentioned that they rarely stayed in one place long, that they had been at the temple for two months and usually moved avery ten to twenty days. When they asked where Calamity Star wanted to go next, he said north to Zun Valley because they heard that Fearless Cat had acquired the Immortal Killing Sword and moved an army of men south after Bone Breaker died in Hu Qin. The death of Bone Breaker was news to them, and made them reconsider their plans. Ultimately they decided to go forward with a meeting, but the news clearly shook the groups sense of direction. This was probably due to their bad history with Fearless Cat. 

This is where the session ended.