Friday, September 30, 2011

Patriot Incident Wins Golden Pawn

We are pleased to announce that The Patriot Incident (our latest Terror Network module) has won a Golden Pawn for Best Adventure Scenario: Gaming Genius Awards.

Thanks to all our artists, editors and playtesters for making this possible.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Calling All Playtesters

As many of you know we are working on a Roman setting called Servants of Gaius. This is our first venture into the ancient world, but one we've been planning for a while. We are devoting the next few months to playtesting Servants of Gaius (we want to make sure it is perfect). While we will conduct our own playtests here in the Boston area, we are also interested in feedback from around the world. Anyone interested in being a playtester or reader can contact me here:


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet the Average Joes

Average Joes is an exciting new adventure for Terror Network. It pits everyday citizens against a crazed band of eco-terrorists.

A combination source book and game module it presents a different way to play. Coming in December 2011.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun with Chaos: The random feature generator

Here is a great way kick-start your feature design in Horror Show. Just roll a d10 for each category (2d10 for the threat) and dive in.

Budget/Style (d10 roll)

Begin with Budget and Style. This sets the flavor and tone you want.

  • B Movie 1-4
  • Big Budget Blockbuster 5-6
  • Sleek Oscar Fodder 7
  • Bad Horror Movie 8-10

Location (d10 roll)

Location is everything in a Horror Feature. Any place can be mined for maximum fear and dread.

  • Camp Grounds/Outback 1
  • The City 2
  • A small quiet town 3
  • A military base 4
  • An alien planet 5
  • A remote research center 6
  • A hospital 7
  • A school 8
  • A ship/Space Ship 9
  • Vacation Resort 10

Time of Year (d10 roll)

Horror Features tend to be set at specific times of year like Christmas or Halloween. Specifying the season gives a game great flavor.

  • Halloween 1-3
  • Christmas 4-5
  • Valentine's Day 6
  • Summer Vacation 7-8
  • A regular normal day 9-10

Threat (2d10 roll)

The threat is the monster or enemy the PCs will face. This one is very important so careful with that roll.

  • Ghost 1
  • Vampire 2
  • Alien 3-4
  • Cyborg 5
  • Atomic Bug 6-7
  • Serial Killer 8-9
  • Beasties 10
  • Possessor Demon 11
  • Cultist 12
  • Zombies 13-14
  • Stitched Horror 15-16
  • Werewolf 17
  • Unique Monster 18-19
  • Dark Object 20

Genre (d10 roll)

Coupled with Style/Budget this really sets the mood of your game.

  • Body Horror 1
  • Horror Comedy 2
  • J-Horror 3
  • Psychological Horror/Thriller 4
  • Splatter/Gore 5
  • Survival Horror 6
  • Torture Porn 7
  • Occult 8
  • Urban Gothic 9
  • Mixed 10

Friday, September 2, 2011

Terror Network Take Two

We are working on a backwards compatible revision of Terror Network. Mostly this is to improve the overall look of the book and the quality of its content. Anyone with suggestions for the revision can submit them here :

Terror Network is our most popular game but was our first product. So we'd like to take what we've learned over the last two years and give it a small facelift. It will be 100% compatible with all of our Terror Network modules (including the Agency Resource Guide) and people who own the original Terror Network shouldn't feel compelled to go out and get the revised edition. It will contain some minor change, like optional mechanics we introduced in our newer games, however most of the changes will be updates, more suggestions for the game master, clarifications, etc.