Friday, August 5, 2011


Horror Show is available in PDF, so we thought we'd give a little preview.

Readers familiar with our earlier books (Terror Network and Crime Network) will recognize most of the core system concepts. But much has been adjusted to fit the horror genre. The biggest change is the introduction of a supernatural powers system. This is the first of our games to come with such options:

This allows GMs to tailor design monsters. However we didn't forget the need to include ready-made monsters:

Horror show includes a selection of classic monsters from a variety of genres. The game is meant to cover the whole spectrum of horror, so we tried to choose the most representative sample creatures out there.

We also added another new feature: character profiles. There are four sample characters with artwork to illustrate character creation and to give readers an idea of how character Roles work:
We added a few other elements as well. Character Creation now has an option to select your occupation (which provides a small skill bonus). There are mechanics for fear as well as some wonderful optional mechanics for emulating Horror Movie tropes. One of these mechanics is the Universal Law and Universal Restriction rule. It basically simulates the internal laws of a given horror movie or genre:This is a small sample of what you'll find inside Horror Show.

One of the great things about our games is each book comes with the complete rules system. So Horror Show is a stand-alone product.

The Horror Show PDF is available here: PDF.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


The wait is at an end. Horror Show is now available in PDF here: PDF Page

We are very pleased with Horror Show and hope you like it.