Friday, August 12, 2022


I just wanted to keep people abreast of the latest surrounding the Sons of Lady 87 Campaign Book. Right now it is set for a November release date and is presently in the finishing stages of the layout. Here is some information on what you can expect in terms of pricing, content, etc. 

The final book will be 310 pages. I decided to use slightly higher quality paper because Lady 87 is very important to me and it might be the last print release for Ogre Gate (it is possible there will be more in the distant future but for now I am focusing on other projects). Because the price of paper and shipping has increased, the lowest cover price I can get on it is $59.99. It would have still been higher than normal even without the heavier paper, but this increased the price further. I feel bad, I really wanted to keep it lower and went back and forth with myself for weeks trying to balance affordability and quality. I hope people will understand the reason for the cover price. 

Art by Jackie Musto 

The book itself reflects a years long campaign I ran in the prefecture of Fan Xu within the 87 Killers organization. It is a very character-focused, crime campaign, and the material reflects that. But like Ogre Gate Inn it comes with a complete gazetteer filled with NPCs, locations, etc. The Gazetteer also includes cultural information, details on laws and law enforcement, an overview of each district, the district magistrates and locations inside the districts. 

As a campaign book it comes loaded with advice, notes about how I run Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, an extensive appendix and a campaign set-up at the start of the book. You can run the campaign premise presented or just use the book to run sessions in Fan Xu Prefecture. It also has tools for managing sect wars. 

There is more emphasis on urban environments. It gives extensive coverage of the cities of Tung-On and Mai Cun for example. There is also a strong focus on sects and organizations. The 87 Killers get an entire chapter of their own. The other groups are covered in the gazetteer in their respective locations. 

Art by Jackie Musto

The Sons of Lady 87 Campaign Book may have the most NPCs of any book in the Ogre Gate line, or any book I have worked on. It is filled with a ton of characters so the GM has a real sense of full martial world. 

I organized Sons of Lady 87 in a different way to reflect how I run material for my own campaign. Instead of putting NPCs in a different section of the book, I include them in the locations they are most relevant to (so a sect leader or member would normally be found in their sect entry). This reduces flipping back and forth during combat. 

The book also has a large chapter of new Kung Fu Techniques and Profound Techniques. It includes two profound sects: Celestial Heart Sect and the Seven Blood Cave Alliance. 

As always there are plentiful maps, illustrations and tables. Some of the notable maps include a map of the City of Tung-On and Mai Cun, and a map of South Wind Manor (an elaborately trapped sect headquarters). And there is plenty more as well. 

I will keep everyone updated as we get closer to the November release date.