Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bedrock Update

The good news is Agency Resource Guide is available in print:

The bad news is, I've had three surgeries and been quite sick, which has impacted the release of other products. I appologize for the delay. We had hoped to have the Patriot Incident and Orlando's Guide to Organized Crime out by now (and Horror Show on the way).

Here is a break down of where we are.

The Patriot Incident should be out very soon. I am working on the layout at this very moment.

Orlando's Guide to Organized Crime is finished (at least the writing is). Once it moves through editing it will be ready for release as well.

Horror Show, a project I've been working on through this illness, is basically finished. The book is written, and Bill and I just need to organize a few more playtests to make sure it is perfect (by the way anyone interested in playtesting should contact us via our website).

We also have a number of other projects in development. These include an FBI game, a western game, a new concept module for Terror Network, and a Crime Network book set in the 1930s.

Brendan Davis