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This was the Fifteenth session^ of my Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate wuxia sandbox campaign, the Celestial Plume Masters, using the Sons of Lady 87 book, which was just released in print. You can see the first session HERE. You can see the fourteenth session HERE 


Wei Ziying: A skilled poisoner and physician, with ties to the Relentless Corpse Sect, Wei Ziying is a disciple of the Celestial Plume Masters. He also has a longstanding friendship with Kuo Qingzhao, who wishes to know more about the poisons that killed his wife (poisons Wei Ziying knows the secrets of). Grudge: Ravenous Nun Xuanji (for the murder of Red Eagle)

Wang Haoyang: A master of stealth, Wang Haoyang is one of the Celestial Plume Master disciples. He has a lifelong friendship with Pei Ye of the Vermillion Bird Teahouse, but has attracted the affection of another member of that organization, Fan Zhen'er (he does not return the affection but wishes to avoid creating friction within the Vermillion Bird Teahouse, and possibly creating enemies). Grudge: Guan Nuan (for a duel he escaped, she feels she lost face because he was weaker than her and should have been an easy victory)

Hei Ling: A one-eyed chief in the Celestial Plume Masters, Hei Ling is the father of Li Liang, whom he wishes to cease practicing her Toad Style kung fu because of the physical toll on her body. He had Li Liang with Qixia the candied fruit in his youth and since then Qixia has grown hostile. He has a working relationship with the Wu Sisters. Grudge: Qixia the Candied Fruit Vendor (of Hai'an). Grudge: Qixia (many reasons related to their pre-existing relationship)

Iron Tiger: The newest member of the party, sent by Night Thorn to help them expand. He has a longstanding friendship with Iron Beggar Sun Kang, whom he wants to leave his lap of luxury in the House of Flying Lanterns so he can train with the Nature Loving Monks and improve his Kung Fu. Iron Beggar in turn wants Iron Tiger to leave the Celestial Plume Masters. Grudge: Pei Ye (he murdered her favorite client, Golden Cobra). 


Wei Ziying was sent on orders from Lady 87 to kill the remaining six leaders of the Seven Demons*, who were on their way to meet The House of Loma at ruined bridge over a dry riverbed south of San Ci. They came in search of allies. What the Seven Demon leadership did not realize was they were walking into an ambush set by Lady 87, and that the House of Loma were coordinating with Wei Ziying and Big Sister Hong Na. 

Wei Ziying went to the bridge with Big Sister Hong Na, Mule-Head Hong (a high ranking member of the 87 Killers), Three-Handed Feng (leader of the House of Loma), Lulu (a crucial member of the house of Loma) and ten of the House of Loma Disciples. Wei Ziying snuck under the bridge with Lulu and Big Sister Hong Na, leaving Mule-Head Hong and Three-Handed Feng to wait on the bridge (the disciples stayed far from sight in the area). 

The seven demons remaining were: Zhizhu (the leader), Yao Yun, Ai, Bone General, Qanku, and Wuzhi. Fubai had been killed so they had a disciple dress up as him. 

Art by Jackie Musto

As the Seven Demons approached they saw the disciples hidden behind some trees**. As they got closer one of the Seven Demons recognized the face of Mule-Head Hong as a member of the 87 Killers and mentioned this to the leader Zhizhu***.

"It's a trap." Zhizhu stopped her men and instructed everyone to flee. 

What ensued was rather chaotic with Yao Yun, Ai, Zhizhu, and Bone General all using Swift Stride to escape the area****. Wei Ziying leapt out and assailed Qanku with a flash of venom droplets that quickly entered his blood stream. 

Wuzhi was also wounded by fled as well using his Swift Stride, only to be followed by Lulu who landed a series of kicks against him forcing until his spit up blood. 

Seeing her brother in trouble, Zhizhu commended Bone General and Yaoyun to great stride with her to save him. They leapt in, and Bone General used his Bone Pulling Hook to rip Lulu's leg bones from her body*****

Lulu had a moment to choose between fleeing and landing a fatal blow against Wuzhi. She chose to flee and made her way back to the bridge (though she was possessed by a Qi Spirit at this point as she had over-exerted her martial arts). 

When the battle was over, Qanku was dead and the rest of the Seven Demons had fled. 


Hei Ling and Wang Haoyang made their way back to Tung-On, first by land to Yun Hu, then by boat along the canal. Iron Tiger went from He Yun to Tung-On by chariot with his men, so was a couple days behind them. 

When Hei Ling and Wang Haoyang arrives in Tung-On, they sent word to Hua Yin of Night Thorn's Death, then Hei Ling went to see Iron God Meng after receiving a message requesting his presence. 

When he arrived at the Lucky Mountain Gambling Hall, something felt off, but he could not quite put his finger on it******

He came to Iron God Meng's new audience hall, where baskets of King Cobras lined the wall alongside Iron God Meng's guards. 

"Greetings Brother," Said Iron God Meng. 

Hei Ling could see that something was wrong with his sworn brother's expression. He discerned that his skin and eyes were darkened and showed signs of illness or exposure to poison.*******

Iron God Meng slumped a bit in his chair and looked more wild than normal. 

"I have made a decision and need to tell you about it Brother. But I warn you, you are not going to like it."

"Please Brother," Said Hei Ling. "We can speak freely with one another."

"I have decided to join forces with the 87 Killers. The war is bending in their favor: Night Thorn is dead."********

"But brother, the winds of war can change, do not be too hasty and ally with someone who will lose in the end."

"There is more," Said Iron God Meng. "The 87 Killers have destroyed the Heavenly Wind Cult by sending their Palm Mistress to her grave, defeated Demonic Venom Sect in the same way, and is increasing its allies." 

"Give me some time," Said Hei Ling. "Events are unfolding that will change the outcome I assure you. I ask you to wait before striking anyone, so you aren't committed to a losing struggle."

"I have committed my forces, but I will not use them against your men, as we are sworn brothers, and should I hear word that something has unfolded, I will remember your words." 

This is where the session ended.  

*Because this was going to be a major battle and a potentially long and large one (not in sheer numbers but in numbers of important NPCs), I had the two other players present (we were down one player) run the Seven Demons. I like to do this sometimes because it can make for a more competitive fight (players tend to run NPCs more ruthlessly sometimes). 

**This was simply a Detect roll 

***This was a result of an Institutions (Sects) Roll TN 10. So it was a very unlikely result

****Here I ruled that anyone who fled the area using Great Stride could be chased by another if that person succeeded in an opposed roll against their Great Stride roll (and that the pursuer could make an attack on a success). 

*****He got two tens on the attack roll 

******This was due to the player failing his Detect roll, had he succeeded he would have noticed more details alerting him to Iron God Meng's change of plans (i.e. guards at attention and placed around the hall more strategically, etc) 

*******This was a result of a Medicine Roll 

********As far as Hei Ling was aware, Iron God Meng did not understand Night Thorn's importance in the organization. This was true, and his awareness was a product of Lady 87 promoting Night Thorn's death and his importance to the Celestial Plume Masters throughout the martial world 

^This was actually a long session but the log is short, due to much of the focus being on a major battle at the beginning which took some time to set up and run (no miniatures but the players needed to familiarize themselves with the characters they were running and each turn of combat was carefully evaluated)

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