Wednesday, February 16, 2022


I hope to have more updates on Sons of Lady 87 and to start posting the remaining chapters of Profound Masters of Ogre Gate soon (and post some thoughts in general in the near future). Right now I am busy editing so want to post some stuff we've been doing on the podcast. 

Adam and I talked about Dirty Harry movies the past couple of months (these are the first four---will add The Dead Pool to this post when we get to that one). I love the  Dirty Harry movies. The first one remains a truly great film: well crafted and stunning to this day. For me the others are fun movies (all vary in degree of how well they are made but they all are films I enjoy watching). These were always on TV when I was a kid so they were something most people were familiar with. Recently I did a re-watch over the summer in order of release date and that led to my conversation with Adam. 

Listen to the episodes below to hear our opinions on each entry in the series: