Saturday, September 2, 2017


In my Sunday campaign, there have been issues with time travel, and this led to a Torchwood-like situation where people are falling into the present era from other times. Many of those people are from the past, but some are from the future, and the future in a fictional setting is always tricky. I have only a vague outline in my mind of what happens down the road in Ogre Gate, but I know at some point a great general will try to conquer heaven and in the process discover barren realms bereft of gods. Exactly what happened will be unclear, it may be that his conquests killed the deities or caused them to flee. But an idea I like (which my co-designer Dan proposed) was to have the general break through the dome of heaven and restore Xian Nu Shen's awareness of her true nature (which would instantly cause her and the other gods to depart). Qi Xien as a place exists in a kind of eggshell dome. Beyond that might be infinite space or something else, but within the boundaries of the existing cosmology, star travel would have to operate as travel between realms. Either way, whatever happens, at some point well after this general's conquest of heaven, a republic forms and eventually experiences a civil war. In that civil war the infantry units wear armored mechanized suits. One such figure fell through time and became a problem for my players. Here he is: 

Xiao Hai is from the distant future and wears a mechanized armored suit (to people in the current era it looks like a crab demon). Has a giant cannon that shoots energy (only has eight shots before needing recharge). 

Xiao Hai is familiar with time travel and been to this time before. However when he first came it was intentionally. This time was an accident. He saw a flash in the forest while on patrol and was sent back to the Era of the Glorious Emperor.

Xiao Hai wants to get back to his own time and believes he can use his advanced technology to do so. He has nothing but contempt for the people of this time and believes that he is a more evolved specimen of humanity. His favorite insult to provoke them is "Sure you too can love, but you don't love like like we do". 

Xiao Hai comes across as rude and bold. He is arrogant and insults people even when it is clearly not in his best interest to do so. He simply cannot help himself. He thinks highly of his own abilities and his own intuition but very little of the abilities of others. However he is charming when he wants to be. 

Defenses: Hardiness 8, Evade 9 (suit) or 3, Parry 9 (suit) or 3, Stealth 10, Wits 7, Resolve 10
Key Skills: Heavy Arms: 3d10, Swim: 2d10 or 5d10 with Suit, Fly: 3d10 (with suit), Speed: 2d10 or 7d10 with suit, Athletics: 3d10, Muscle: 2d10 or 6d10 with suit, History (Era of the Final Republic): 3d10, History (Era of General Yao Yun): 3d10, Command: 2d10, Persuade: 3d10, Deception: 1d10, Institutions (Military): 3d10, Trade (Electronics): 3d10, Trade (Computers): 3d10, Trade (Mechanical): 2d10, Pilot (Armored Suit): 3d10, Survival (Wilderness): 3d10, Survival (Mountains): 3d10, Survival (Sea): 2d10

Wounds (with Armor): 30
Wounds: 1
Equipment: Energy Cannon (7d10 Open Damage plus 4 Extra wounds; up to four targets or any objects in a 10x10 area)
Flaws: Supreme Arrogance (all Empathy rolls are 3d10 take the lowest)

Suit Abilities
Beast Strength x 20
Fly: The suit allows him to fly
Power: The suit must be recharged every 48 hours. The cannon needs to recharge after 8 shots. 
Protection: The occupant of the suit is protected from harm until it has taken 30 wounds


  1. Once you decided on the outline of your future history - which is really good - the rest of it seems to fall together nicely.

    Also, great use of high tech in fantasy.