Sunday, July 13, 2014


We resumed our Heroes of Ogre Playtest on Friday but technical issues with the video call forced us to stop early and play with one less person. So we only made a little bit of progress. 

The game resumed on the outskirts of Rong Yao, with the characters heading north to speak with the leader of the Tree Dwelling Nun Sect about an alliance. As they were moving through a tall mountain pass, Shu heard something move behind him and saw a man made of bronze materialize from the soil. He was bald and adorned in golden robes. 

Shu went into attack but was struck in the face by the monk's fist, this did 2 wounds. When the others saw the monk, Min recognized it, mentioning the Talisman of Bao. Min struck the the monk with the Wind Sabre of Sunan, she hit but was unable to harm it with the attack (because of her damage roll). Still this enabled her to freeze it in place for two rounds. Leng then attacked it with his fists, but its bronze body was too resilient and he did not damage (again the damage roll was too low). 

On the next round, Min managed to harm the Monk, doing 2 wounds. But after that, the party continued to have difficulty damaging it. Before the monk unfroze, Shu took a boulder and used tree bounding stride to climb into a tree. Once he was high enough, he dropped the stone on the monk, doing considerable damage and pinning it. However he failed his athletics roll and began a 100 foot descent. Leng used Boundless Step to appear beside Shu as he was falling and grab him. 

Realizing the monk was probably quite powerful, the party fled toward the north and Min explained that her Heiping Master possesses the Talisman of Bao, which allows her to send the Bronze Monks after foes (sometimes up to five monks at a time). 

Unfortunately this is where our video platform crashed so we had to call it a night. 

I did observe that the Bronze Monks are very powerful. If the party didn't have the Wind Sabre of Sunan, they likely would have died or had to flee. It may not look like it from the playtest report, but this was a potentially lethal encounter. The players had a lot of difficulty beating the Bronze Monks Hardiness and doing damage (his Hardiness was a 9). Even with the Wind Sabre, they had difficulty. 

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