Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beneath the Banshee Tree

Beneath the Banshee Tree is just about ready to go to layout. Hopefully we will have it out in PDF soon for fans. This is the first in a line of free supplements for Sertorius. Here is what you can expect to get in the module. 

Beneath the Banshee Tree is an investigative adventure set in Talyr, a city controlled by the Troll king, Tauq. Without giving too much away (so we don't spoil the adventure for players) it involves a mystery in the wake of the arrival of a large group of Sertori. As the PCs search for clues and try to discover the person behind the plot, a series of events occur each day, complicating their efforts. 

Beneath the Banshee Tree is more than an adventure, it is also a sourcebook with plentiful information on the city of Talyr. It includes:

  • A chapter on Talyr and its most important features
  • A new monster
  • A complete adventure
  • A thorough section of detailed NPCs
  • Advice for running the investigation and a random daily event table allowing it to play differently each time you run it

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