Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sertorius Sample Player-Character: Enos Ozihel

Here is a sample Sertori from our most recent campaign, Enos Ozihel an orc devotee of the lich-god Ozias. This was made using our fillable character sheet available on the Bedrock Games website (Fillable Character Sheet). We are still working out the details of the fillable character sheet (for now open skills need to be defined by hand) but it has really made things easier. 

Enos is a fur trader and shaman from the Cantian Forest. He worships Ozias, a lich who commands the respect of the Orc tribes from his palace on the Isle of Atroxis.  For skills I tried to give him a broad base and made a point of taking Divination, Medicine and Ritual to reflect his shamanistic nature. He uses Divination to cast the bones and gain insight into the will of Ozias. He uses Ritual to seek the blessing of Ozias and he uses Medicine to treat the followers of Ozias. He also has ranks in Creatures (Undead). You can see his other skills below. 

For Emotion Ranks he has 2 in Agape and 2 in Deimos. 

We have been play testing the first Book of the Archon so Enos' spell selection is mainly taken from that book. The Book of the Archon I will be free and available in the coming months. He has Heal (which is in the Sertorius core rulebook) but his other three spells are: Guardian, Spirit Bind and Awakened Death. These are all fairly powerful spells that are difficult to cast and pose more risk than normal to the caster. With Spirit Bind he can create undead minions. Guardian enables him to create a glowing silhouette replica of himself to protect a person of his choosing. Using Awakened Death he can raise a person from death to undeath as either a Zombie or Ghoul to seek out and destroy an enemy. 

Obviously this character is somewhat necromantic in nature. The reason for this is our current campaign takes place among the northern Orc tribes, who worship a lich (Ozias) and are accustomed to things like undead. 

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