Friday, July 25, 2014

Contemplating Grudges in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate

I have been working out the encounter tables in Ogre Gate and adjusting the relevant rules from Sertorius to better fit the setting and genre. Yesterday I started toying with the idea of a Grudge table to make part of regular encounter rolls. Basically it would be a potential result on any standard encounter table, causing you to roll on a new sub-table. These sorts of encounters would involve characters with personal vendettas against the party and the GM would need to weave them in on the fly as smoothly as possible. 

Here is what I have so far. Going to test it out tonight in our regular session:

Use the system for Survival Skill rolls and Encounters presented in the core Sertorius book (See TRAVEL AND ENCOUNTERS page 173 of the SERTORIUS RULEBOOK). However the martial world is far more dynamic and perilous than Gamandria, making encounters more frequent. This is partly due to grudges, which are common and often come from unexpected sources. Therefore the GM should ask for a roll once every ten miles of movement when the party is travelling. Otherwise use the time increments and suggestions from the book.

GrudgesA Grudge Encounter involves someone who is after the party, a particular character, or someone connected to the group indirectly. The individual holds a grudge that must be settled for personal or collective honor to be restored. The settlement of the grudge is entirely dependent on the situation and characters. Usually it is resolved through violence but other agreements can be reached. Running away and resorting to wits should always be an option. Also, once a grudge is established, through this encounter chart or prior through actual play, it is a good idea to use the same character when it comes up again.

When you roll on the Grudge table, come up with a quick character concept on the fly, using the stock stats from CHAPTER TEN: THREATS AND MONSTSERS. Try to make it fit the situation as best as possible and feel free to allow for creative interpretation—such as a terrible misunderstanding on the part of the aggrieved character. 

Result             Encounter
2                      Roll on Grudge Table
3                      Ogre Demon
4                      Fox Demon
5                      Worm Wood
6                      Impasse
7                      Bandits (2d10)
8                      Tigers
9                      Blood Tree (Sertorius)
10                    Bandits (1d10)
11                    Lost
12                    Tsun City Merchants
13                    Tigers
14                    Blue Mushrooms
15                    Tree Dwelling Nuns (Initiates)
16                    Skeletons (1d10)
17                    Tree Dwelling Nuns (Junior Disciples)
18                    Skeletons (2d10)
19                    Tree Dwelling Nuns (Senior Disciples)
20                    Bandits (4d10)

Result             Encounter
2                      Profound Master (Highly Eccentric Gripe)
3                      Deadly Master (Personal Vendetta)
4                      Fearsome Master (Vendetta that goes back generations)
5                      Fearsome Master (Eccentric Gripe)
6                      Disciple (Vengeance for Master)
7                      Disciple (Personal Vendetta)
8                      Underling (Vengeance for Master)
9                      Underling (Personal Vendetta)
10                    Mundane Character (Vengeance for Family)
11                    Mundane Character (Reputation Sullied)
12                    Mundane Character (Personal loss of fortune, love, etc)
13                    Underling (Vengeance for Sect)
14                    Underling (Vengeance for Family or Friend)
15                    Disciple (Vengeance for Sect)
16                    Disciple (Personal Reputation Sullied)
17                    Fearsome Master (Eccentric Request)
18                    Fearsome Master (Personal Reputation Sullied)
19                    Deadly Master (Eccentric Gripe or Request)
20                    Profound Master (Reputation Sullied)

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