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Posting this as part of my campaign notes series. The point is to provide players and GMs a window into how we run our games. These are some notes from my Sertorius campaign last year. They are in note form, with some re-organization for readability (but unedited). 

This adventure marked the second week of the Ser-Vel's control of Goff-Tan tower, it also saw changes to the Blood Cult, with Goff-Tan's former student, Abu Nutesh, taking over the leadership position. I ended up running the second half of this as a hack of Feast of Goblyns, so I am leaving those notes out. Basically I used one of the maps as Abu Nutesh's base (calling it the Parsan Gorge). The log for this session can be found HERE. Some of it is also detailed HERE. These sessions also saw the death of a player character. 

You can see my notes from the previous session HERE. There was also an interim session in between where the party went to the Time-Closed City of Qelna (report is HERE). My campaign notes for that excursion are HERE. The Time-Closed City of Qelna was inspired in part by the Conan story The Devil in Iron

In the wake of the devastating attack on Goff-Tan tower and the emergence of the Ser-Vel, the Gesarians and the Blood Cult regroup, rallying behind Abu Nutesh, a cultist who shares many of Goff-Tan's talents but none of his scruples. 

1) Crassus (A member the Ser-Vel sent on a mission) is dead, killed by the inquisition outside Shahr-Tel. His body was then taken south to a canyon in Beora, near Parsa.

2) Darios Tyrna was nearly killed by the inquisition when Jurista Nutesh came to his village. His men inform him that Darios managed to escape to Hakdar-Kane.
My hand written map of Palus

During the feast night, the beast attacks one of the PCs. The beast was created by the blood cult with the bodies of Ruega and Gregos.

Defenses: Hardiness 9, Stealth 4, Evade 6, Parry 8*, Wits 6, Resolve 7
Skills: Heavy Melee 2d10, Medium Melee 2d10, Athletics 2d10, Wrestling 1d10, Muscle 4d10, Speed 2d10,  Detect 3d10, Command 2d10, Survival 1d10

Damage: Claws (5d10)
Wounds: 16
*Scale Skin
Special: Beast Strength x3
Immunities: Immune to normal, non-magic, attacks
Special Powers: Flame Burst (fires in 30 foot radius around body,
Emotions: 2 in all

Spells: Impaling Spike as Horn (Heavy Melee TN 6, 4 rounds, 2 attacks a round, 6d10 open damage, impalement---1 auto wound on removal), Flight, Bend Gravity (Athletics TN 6), Impel (Command against Resolve, 2 rounds), Vortegan’s Whirling Catastrophe (Survival TN 6), Avalanche of Flame.

The beast is large, made with the body of a bear, the arms of Troll Sertori and its skin layered with a dragon like scale hide. The face is hideous, two split down the middle and stitched together. Detect (TN 7) to discern it is Ruega and Gregos.

The party sent message to Eshmunazur to form an alliance. Because they sent a worshipper of Sul, Eshmunazur is pleased and willing to deal with the party. He sends his own emissary (Qadi Hagga) to Goff-Tan tower to issue his list of requirements:

1) The Worship of Sul be permitted, with a temple in every major city.
2) An increase in holdings to include Varholta and Lake Ramos.
3) He will be granted the title Malika (King) Alu-Hakdar wa Varholta (he makes a point of emphasizing "wa")

Belga is displeased, believes they need to gain troops by forming agreements with Appreans. Thinks Chief Dorgel is a potential ally.

Current Forces
225 Irregulars
100 Soldiers

Raising (needs a full month or two)
1,000 Humans (Beora): Technically an aggressive move against Beora.
500 Gru (Varpen)
150 Ogres (Lishan)
50 Gru/Human (The Hurn)
Rumors of many Gru across river, as well as human tribes.

My Army Map of Palus that
emerges over the next several sessions
Eparkos arrives on behalf of his father demanding answers for recent events in Goff-Tan and wanting to know what happened to the Church of Ramos in Narna. Goresios willing to work with the Ser-Vel provided there are lasting benefits for him.

Defenses: Hardiness 9*, Stealth 3, Evade 4, Parry 6**, Wits 7, Resolve 7
Skills: Heavy Melee 3d10, Medium Melee 2d10 or 2d10 (Long Sword and Javelin), Wrestling 1d10, Muscle 2d10, Speed 2d10,  Detect 2d10, Languages (Ronian, Gruskel, Khubsi) 3d10, Read Script (Latari, Yoshaic) 2d10
Damage: Short Sword (3d10), Javelin (2d10)
Wounds: 2
Equipment: Shahri Pearl Armor* (absorbs one wound from swords and daggers), Light Shield**, Short Sword, Javelin

Defenses: Hardiness 7*, Stealth 3, Evade 4, Parry 6**, Wits 6, Resolve 7
Skills: Heavy Melee 2d10, Medium Melee 1d10 or 2d10 (Long Sword and Javelin), Wrestling 1d10, Muscle 1d10, Speed 1d10,  Detect 1d10
Damage: Short Sword (2d10), Javelin (2d10)
Wounds: 2
Equipment: Leather Armor*, Light Shield**, Short Sword, Javelin

Vargus Assassinated, the King will try to recall Gaius to Port Sul to transfer the holdings. This is obviously a trap.


Abu Nutesh (also known as Jurista Nutesh) is a halfling and leading member of the blood cult. He is student of Goff-Tan and experimenting with making Sertori abominations by stitching together different sertori body parts. This has had varying results. Nutesh is from the Qalah family, a distant cousin of the Queen. He is loyal to Gesara and to the King. He in Parsan Gorge and cares only about his goals, having no regard for human or Sertori life. For him, his grotesque experiments are not an undesirable necessity, they are the aim itself.   

Abu Nutesh can take the form of those sacrificed on the blood stone. These sacrifices also give him youth.

Defenses: Hardiness 6, Stealth 3, Evade 4, Parry 3, Wits 8, Resolve 9
Key Skills: Heavy Melee: 2d10, Light Melee 2d10, Muscle 2d10, Survival (Wilderness) 3d10, Khubsi 3d10, Ronian 2d10, Gruskel (Varran) 3d10, Singh 1d10, Medicine 3d10, Creatures (Sertori) 3d10, Ritual 2d10, Trade (Alchemy) 3d10, Trade (Mechanical) 3d10, Talent (Scuplture), Reasoning 3d10, Empathy 1d10

Wounds: 6
Emotions: Deimos 3, Agape 1
Spells: Pora’s Portrait, Daydream (One image, no senses/9 rounds OR Three Images, building size, all senses/9 Hours), Dread Passenger, Eyes of Knowing
Ring of Raising and Sending: A ring made of bronze with ivory inlays. This enables one to command skeletons.
Change Shape: He can appear as a Halfling woman, a human man, an orc woman, and an elven woman.

Defenses: Hardiness 7*, Stealth 3, Evade 5, Parry 7*, Wits 6, Resolve 8
Key Skills: Heavy Melee: 2d10, Light Melee 2d10, Medium Melee 2d10, Large Ranged 2d10, Muscle 2d10, Survival (Wilderness) 3d10, Khubsi 3d10, Ronian 2d10, Gruskel (Varran) 2d10, Singh 1d10

Wounds: 2
Equipent: Heavy Spear (4d10 or 2d10), Scale Armor, Small Shield, Helmet, Long Sword 4d10)


2. Flame: Can create a burst of fire that does 3d10 damage.
3. Blend: Can blend with environment, taking 10 Stealth for 10 minutes.
4. Strength: Can grow very strong, doing 1 extra wound on melee attacks for a round.
8. Retribution: If successfully attacked by a spell and survive can cast it back at exact same effect on caster.

Defenses: Hardiness 8*, Stealth 4, Evade 5**, Parry 8**, Wits 6, Resolve 8
Skills: Heavy Melee 2d10 or 1d10 (Dab Yai), Medium Melee 2d10, Wrestling 2d10, Muscle 4d10, Speed 1d10,  Detect 3d10
Damage: 7d10 (Dab Yai), 5d10 (club/mace)
Resist: 2d10
Wounds: 6
*Breast Plate, Helmet, Medium Shield and Arm Guard

Defenses: Hardiness 6, Stealth 4, Evade 4, Parry 5, Wits 7, Resolve 8
Skills: Medium Melee 2d10, Light Melee 2d10, Small Ranged 2d10 or 3d10 with Cross Bow, Wrestling 2d10, Muscle 2d10, Speed 2d10 (50 feet), Detect 1d10, (Alchemy) 2d10, Talent (Tattoo) 3d10, Talent (Poison) 2d10, Medicine 2d10, Survival (Wilderness) 2d10, Deception 2d10, Command 2d10, Empathy 1d10, Language (Gruskel) 3d10, Language (Ronian) 3d10, Language (Latar) 3d10, Religion (Church of Ramos) 2d10, Creatures (Sertori): 2d10, Magic (two types) 2d10,
Damage: Short Sword (3d10), Dagger (2d10), Cross Bow (2d10)
Wounds: 2
Each blood acolyte has one major Blood Tattoo and wears a sertori skin, or has two powers. Using the tattoos is depleting, draining a point of temp Hardiness for 10 minutes each time.

1. Fulvarus Vestu (Inquisitor), Human
Hail of Needles (Power): Hail of Stinging Needles 1d10 against evade, 1d10 damage to everyone in thirty foot area. Total Success drains Evade and Parry by 1 for a minute.
Mask of Bal-Tauq: Allows him to read thoughts (1d10 against Wits).

5. Rosh (Intimidation and Poisoning), Gru
Swarm of Insects: Summon a swarm of bees to sting with 3 wounds total, causes 1 wound a round and intense pain.
Deadly Touch: With a successful touch roll 2d10 against Hardiness or suffer Royal Fever.

6. Dartena, Human
Spirit Form: She can take the form of a spirit and while in that form is immune to mundane attacks and can drain 1 Hardiness on a successful Wrestle Roll.
Wail: This causes so much pain to the ears and body that it freezes people in their tracks so long as she maintains it. 1d10 against Resolve.

Hardiness 9
Stealth 6
Evade 6
Parry 3
Wits 4
Resolve 8                                                                        

Key Skills [
Bite: 0d10 (Damage 1d10)
Horn: 3d10 (Damage 1d10)
Small Melee: 1d10
Ranged: 2d10
Speed: 2d10 (50 feet)
Muscle: 1d10
Detect: 2d10
Qualities [HEADER FOUR]

Wounds: 1

Charge: Despite their small size, Pavalorgi are capable of delivering a potent charge attack, provided they have enough room to run their full move and jump at their Target.  When a Pavalorgi does this on a successful attack, then its horn does an Automatic 1 Wound.

Hardiness                 10 (5 against Blunt Weapons)
Evade                        4
Parry                          4
Stealth                      7
Wits                           2
Resolve   10

Key Skills
Bite: 0d10 (2d10 damage)
Claw: 1d10 (1d10 damage)
Wrestling: 0d10
Speed: 1d10 (40 feet)
Muscle: 0d10
Detect: 0d10

Wounds: 3

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