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This is the campaign log for a google+ run Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate campaign.

Player Characters
Mofeng: A young wandering Hero who is frequently at odds with his traveling companion Zhang Wan
Zhang Wan (Bone Breaker): An unpredictable and violent martial expert who is the brother of Zhang San
Zhang San: A wandering hero and sister of Zhang Wan, more calm than her brother

Non-Player Characters
Bo and Ling: Two thugs hired as personal bodyguards by Zhang Wan

Originally from Hai'an, the party decided to travel to the Banyan to seek their fortunes. They made good time on their first day of travel, spotting a bandit ambush at a local temple which they circumvented. Their second day of travel was uneventful and on the third day they reached Zun City. 

Before entering the city the party changed into non-descript and clothing. Zhang Wan told Ling, his body guard, to wear his clothes and behave like a Xia (a martial hero). Though he lacked Wan's skills in Kung Fu, he thrust out his chest and behaved as he thought a hero would. This attracted the attention of a local bully named Iron Cub, who pushed Ling and challenged him. Zhang Wan spoke up on Ling's behalf, but Iron Cub mistook him for a manservant and instructed him to be quiet. He then struck Ling in the face with his Iron Fist Technique, caving in his skull and dropping him stone dead. 

As the party was about to retaliate, they fell into disagreement when Zhang Wan irked Mofeng by ordering him to attack Iron Cub. While Iron Cub laughed and walked to a nearby noodle stall, Mofeng refused the order, so Wan ordered Bo to fire at arrow at him. The arrow struck Mofeng in the belly and he started to bleed heavily, feeling woozy. The standoff resulted in Bo firing another arrow, which dropped Mofeng but didn't kill him. 

This situation went on for some time, with Zhang Wan also trying to issue orders to his sister, San, who refused. Without the aid of his companions, Zhang Wan challenged Iron Cub on his own. He ended up breaking Iron Cub's arm and forcing him to acknowledge his superior skill. He also demanded that Iron Cub become his servant, to which he agreed. 

After this incident, Zhang Wan returned to deal with Mofeng, breaking his hand and saying to his sister that she should keep him away. As they argued a tall woman with fine silk robes and a fan appeared, and reprimanded Wan for treating his sister badly. Wan walked away toward the Hai'an Quarter to recruit some thugs. The woman followed and wrapped her sleeves around his wrists then pulled him in, enveloping his body in her robes and squeezing him until he could barely breath. Just as he was passing out she demanded he join the Demon Moon cult. He refused so she continued and he dropped to the ground, alive but unable to move. 

The woman picked up Zhang Wan over her shoulders went to the rest of the party and told them they were welcome to go with her. They agreed and she led them into marshlands just outside Zun City. Taking a small boat, they came to a stony, cavern-riddled mound, surrounded by stilt houses connected by wooden walkways. It seemed to be a small-village. Here she brought Zhang Wan to her residence, a large two-story stilt house and went to speak with her leader. 

San and Mofeng searched around for a while, then followed sounds coming from a cave on the mound. There they found a large number of villagers chanting and dancing, before a man on a stone outcropping. They were led by the woman who appeared to be a priestess of some kind. She poured blood onto the ground and said in a language related to Kushen "Bring forth the initiate!". A crowd of villagers left and came back with Zhang Wan, holding him before the priestess. She put a knife to his throat and said "Now you will join the Demon Moon Cult and take me as your Sifu". He agreed and was initiated by drinking his own blood. 

San, Wan and Mofeng went back to the woman's residence. She left for a few hours and Wan used the opportunity to leave for Zun City. However he found himself surrounded by villagers who refused to let him pass, saying he was not permitted to leave without his Sifu's permission. Reluctantly he backed down and Jade Priestess (the woman) returned. She gave him a round pill and told him to swallow, which he did. She then told him the pill was poison and she would give him the antidote when she returned from a mission with his companions to steal the Manual of Changing from the Golden Dragon Sect Headquarters. 

Wan agreed to go but implied he would kill his companions on the way. She responded that if either of them died or came to harm, she would refuse him the antidote. He bowed and left with San and Mofeng for Golden Dragon Headquarters. 

This is where the session ended. 

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