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Here is a character for Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate who will not appear in the book. Iron Cub is from my personal campaign. Adding him introduces a small shift to a couple of characters in the setting: Jinghui and Iron-Clawed Lion. In the core book they were former lovers who almost married, but they never had a child. This is the sort of curve ball I like to throw at players who may be familiar with the rulebook. It is a secret detail that doesn't contradict the text but isn't present in it. 

Illustration by Jackie Musto
Iron Cub is a ferocious young disciple of Mount Hai’an Sect known for his dedication fierce opposition to unorthodox sects. He believes in the ideals of Mount Hai’an, but is occasionally possessed by an inexplicable desire to roam and explore, which he indulges against the wishes of his teachers. In these travels he often finds himself at odds with local bullies.

Iron Lion is the illegitimate son of Jinghui, head of Mount Hai’an Sect, and Iron Clawed-Lion, head of Majestic Lion Cult. Even though his parentage is a secret, his nickname arose due to a striking similarity between his personality/fighting style and Iron-Clawed Lion’s. No one suspects there is genuine link between the two, however.

Iron Cub’s birth name is Qui, but he doesn’t know his surname. He was raised in Mount Hai’an Sect, believing himself to be an orphan. Jinghui never told him that she was his mother or Iron-Clawed Lion his father. In fact she is the only person who knows his true identity, not even his father is aware Iron Cub is his son.

Jinghui has singled Iron Cub out for special attention, and is especially hard on him in training. She also occasionally sends him to other masters to learn similar techniques to Iron-Clawed Lion King in case he ever has to face his father. Most of the sect simply believe he is her favorite disciple.

Iron Cub has a thick black beard that is well trimmed but still reminiscent of a lion’s mane. He dresses in red robes and rarely carries no obvious weapons, preferring to rely on his hands and his fan.

Hardiness 7, Evade 3, Parry 6, Stealth 6, Wits 6, Resolve 8

Key Skills
Arm Strike: 3d10, Leg Strike: 2d10, Grapple: 2d10, Throw: 2d10, Light Melee: 1d10, Medium Melee: 0d10, Heavy Melee: 0d10, Small Ranged: 1d10, Athletics: 2d10, Speed: 2d10, Muscle: 3d10, Endurance: 3d10, Reasoning: 3d10, Command: 3d10, Empathy: 1d10, Detect: 2d10, Meditation: 2d10, Medicine: 1d10, Divination: 2d10, Languages (Hai’anese): 3d10, Languages (Daoyun): 3d10, Read Script (Feishu): 3d10, Institutions (Sects): 2d10, Creatures (Spirits): 1d10, Creatures (Demons): 21d10, History (Era of the Demon Emperor): 1d10, History (Era of the Glorious Emperor): 1d10, History (Era of the Righteous Emperor): 1d10, Places/Cultures (Hai’an): 2d10, Places/Cultures (Dai Bien): 1d10, Places/Cultures (Zun River Valley): 1d10, Survival (Wilderness): 1d10, Survival (Mountains): 2d10, Martial Disciplines (all): 1d10, Talent (Singing): 2d10, Talent (Calligraphy): 1d10, Classics (all): 1d10

Qi: 2
Max Wounds: 5
Weapons: Fan
Reputation: Righteous-Too Reckless

Key Kung Fu Techniques (Neigong 2, Waijia 1, Qinggong 1):  Breath of Fury, Breath of the Lotus Petal, The Eagle Descends Loudly, Hands of the Hawk Beak, Swift Pounce of the Cheetah, Pounce of the Lion, Ringing Strike of the Divine Ram, Fierce Strike, Iron Body (counter), Iron Spirit Resistance (counter)

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