Monday, August 17, 2015


Appologies for the infrequent posts this week. Been working on Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. We have a bunch of illustrations and maps in the works. 

I want to share the world/cosmology map, which was done by Michael Prescott. This map is intended to give a broad overview of the square-shaped continent. It also includes a inlay   of how this fits in the scheme of realms. For exploration and adventure we will also be including two hex maps. These will be in the style of our map for Sertorius. 

Here is the world map:

The main areas of the setting is the Zhan Dao Empire, Hai'an, the Kushen Basin and the Banyan Region. This is the part of the world that most reflects the wuxia genre. The Banyan region is the focus of the core rulebook as this is the frontier where most of the martial sects have retreated following the rise of the Glorious Emperor. But there are plenty of other interesting places for player characters to explore, including the cursed city of Turquoise in the far west and the jungles of Dhamma in the south, where the people worship a great wind deity called Gushan. 

We will be releasing support PDFs detailing places like the Kushen Basin and Hai'an. 

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