Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The other day I posted about Servants of Gaius, discussing its development and some of the aspects of it that provoked strong reactions from people. Since then, it's been on my mind and I came up with an idea for a sort of sequel campaign set in the modern world. Hopefully I will get a chance to run this in the near future and if I do, maybe it will turn into something more like a supplement, but for right now it is just a simple idea. 

The concept is very basic: The Minions of Neptune won. The world is similar to our own but much worse. It is different in each part of the world but in the US the minions have created the illusion that we are in control. In reality their agents always manage to replace any leader we elect so that there is no visible change once people are in office and they never reflect the will of the voters. Again this is much more pronounced and extreme than in our current day world. 

The Minions as presented in Servants of Gaius are shape changers so this would work as the basis of a conspiracy. A bit like the Reptoids (a stupid theory but a great basis for a campaign). 

For centuries the Minions have done well to cover evidence of their vast conspiracy but the internet changed everything. It was simply impossible for them to contain information and what once may have spread as whispered rumors now blazes across screens in every household in an instant. They've clamped down and managed to suppress some of it, but a small cluster of resistance movements have emerged and the PCs belong to one of these organizations. 

The idea still needs some development for me to run it. This is the basic concept though. If I have time when Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate goes to layout I may give it a small test run and refine the concept a bit. 

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