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These are some rules to make a ninja character in Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades. They are modified from a PDF I never released for Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate called The Ninja of the Fire Pearls. However they required substantial changes to fit the RBRB system. Therefore I will be putting both on the blog. Expect to see the WHOG version in the coming days as well. 

It should be noted these are for ninjas within a wuxia or kung fu context (i.e. inspired more by wuxia and kung fu movies that feature ninjas than from Japanese movies). So the source material is more films like Duel to the Death or Heroes of the East. It assumes the setting is in historical or cinematic China and that the Ninja or Samurai in question have come to China from Japan, similar to characters in films like Five Element Ninjas and Swordsman 2 or a character like Kawashima and his brother Sasaki in Sword of the Third Young Master by Gu Long. Therefore the GM will need to devise a reason for them being present in China during the campaign. 


These abilities may work well for a Ninja PC (this is not exhaustive): Art of 10,000 Eyes and Ears, Chess Board of Doom, Exotic Martial Arts, Fading Smoke, Fading Breeze, Flea on the Ceiling, Flying Moth Style, Golden Thread Expert, Master of Deception, Needle Master, Snake Hidden in Leaves, Tender Hand of Death, Uncanny Hands, Concealment from Ghosts and Gods 




Shoe Knife

This fits on the tip of a shoe. It imposes a -2 on the Evade of the target and does 1d10 damage (can be used to make a free attack when an opponent succeeds in countering one of your other melee strikes). 



These ranged weapons can reach 20 feet. They also give +1 to your Turn Order and do Speed+0d10 Damage. If the opponent doesn't perceive you when you attack, you gain a +1d10 to the attack roll. 



These are similar to Fire Lances. They fire an explosive projective that does 3d10 Damage to all in a 30-foot radius where it lands. If you get a Total Success on the attack roll, targets take an additional 1d10 damage from burning on the following round.  


Blinding Smoke

These small capsules can be thrown 20 feet to produce a thick red smoke that clouds a 30-foot by 30-foot area, creating Lights out conditions. It also burns the eyes of victims. On a successful attack roll, make a 2d10 roll against Hardiness. On a success those exposed suffer -1d10 to all skills requiring visions for 1 round.  





Required for: Shadow Style II, Characteristics: Detect


You can blend with shadows and avoid detection while in plain sight. Roll Survival and remember the result. You are hidden in place so long as you remain motionless. To see you, opponents must make a Detect roll against your Survival roll. 



Prerequisite: Shadow Style I 


You can strike from the shadows against those who do not see you. When using your Shadow Style to hide, if opponents do not see you, you can make an attack and do open damage on your attack roll. 




Requirement for: Burrowing Style II, Characteristics: Survival


You can burrow through the ground to evade detection. Roll Survival to burrow and remember your result. Anyone nearby, who happens by or who you pass by must make two consecutive Detect rolls, using your Survival roll as the Target Number, to notice you. 



Prerequisite: Burrowing Style I, Required for: Burrowing Style III

You can swiftly burrow underground to strike your enemies from below when least expected.


You can use your Burrowing Style (see BURROWING STYLE I) to attack 1 target the same round, doing open damage if they fail to see you. 



Prerequisite:  Burrowing Style II

You can swiftly burrow underground to strike multiple enemies from below when they least suspect it. 


You can use your Burrowing Style (see BURROWING STYLE I) to attack 1 target per character level the same round, doing open damage if they fail to see you. 



Characteristics: External Martial Arts 


You throw a cloud of shurikens in a swirl around you, hitting up to thirty targets. Make an External Arts roll against the Evade of up to 2 Targets per character level. On a Success do normal damage. If the target is lower character level than you, you do +1 Extra Wound. 







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