Wednesday, November 2, 2022


Sons of Lady 87: An Ogre Gate Campaign is available in PDF (and soon to be available in print). 

Sons of Lady 87 brings the underworld of Fan Xu Prefecture to life with a massive cast of NPCs. Explore the criminal life of the southern empire, serving Lady 87, or working against her, as new recruits working their way up the ranks. This campaign book focuses on gangs and criminal sects vying for dominance in the region. 

It features tables for managing sect warfare, at-the-table advice for running extended Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate campaigns, a complete overview of Fan Xu Prefecture, and much more. 

Sons of Lady 87 provides a full chapter on the 87 Killers, a criminal shadow empire led by Lady 87. It also includes a visual guide to all the sects in the area, helping clarify alliances and conflicts. 

It includes new profound sects, new kung fu techniques, and new equipment. 

The book is illustrated throughout with artwork by Jackie Musto, maps by Francesca Baerald and a prefecture map by Robert Conley. 

Check it out and be sure to leave a review if you enjoy it! 

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