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This is a log for my ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Kingdom campaign. You can see the previous session log HERE.  Note that I began recording sessions, so this has allowed me to do more detailed session logs.

Player Characters: 

Shen Chun/Crazed Raksha
Little Bai
Red Crane 
Ong Lao
Min (Feiyan)

Disciples of the Sect: 

Red Eagle (Little Bai)
Mount Dao/Biggest Sister (Little Bai)
Filial Cricket (Little Bai)
Dim-Witted Chen (Shen Chun)


The Righteous Outlaws
Calamity Star
Ou Jinghzhu
Tea Master Houzhou

Stone Palace Sect (Also called Golden Way)

A gambling hall and criminal network in Yun Hu. Currently under control of party, with Weeping Lotus managing it. They've absorbed many other sects into this organization including Crocodile Sect, Blades of the Weeping Lotus, Temple of the Jade Mercies, Relentless Corpse Sect and more. Recently they joined with Relentless Corpse again when Shen Chun arranged a marriage with their leader Da Mei Mei. 


Shen Chun (King)
Da Mei Mei (Queen)
Weeping Lotus (Right Vanguard)
Silent Dagger
Feng (Accountant)
Gu (Head Chef)
Little Bai
Scholar Shen (a scholar who has been writing a story about Little Bai's life)

Dancing Scorpions
Criminal network in Yun Hu

Relentless Corpse Sect

Da Mei Mei

Temple of the Jade Mercies (see Stone Palace)

Abbot Wei Zhao
Abbess Bao-Yu
Yao Tu-On
Yao Chun
Yao Ba

Southern Hill Sect

Yellow Mantis
White Chysanthemum
Green Mantis (Dead but important)

Twin-Fisted Eagle Sect

Twin Fisted Eagle
Jade Fist

Bone Breaking Sect
Destroyed and taken over by Drunken Hero Kang

Glorious Death Cult

Led by Supreme Master Tung, who says he is a god of death

The past two session have been unusual because playtest material came up during play (I was not intending to playtest this book for this particular campaign, but it happened to come up). Because I've been trying to avoid spoilers I am going to provide a brief and concise recounting of major events. 
Art by Jackie Musto 

The start of these sessions was mainly political, almost soap-opera like, with Shen Chun trying to get to the bottom of recent poisonings. He used Yellow Mantis' staff to interrogate everyone at the sect headquarters and learned that Ferocious Flower was behind the events. He asked her why and she said he was unfit to lead the martial world. He then had her hands cut off and sent her  back to the Tree Dwelling Nuns. 

Shen Chun forged a fake Wind Saber of Sunan and Phoenix Crown of Bao, renounced his position as leader of the martial world, and gave the fakes to the new leaders (Lady Plum Blossom and the Five Masters of Dehua Sect. The party then ventured south with the real objects and gave them to the Immortals of Red Mountain Villa with the instruction to hand them to his daughter when she was 22. 

After this the party debated what to do. Ultimately they decided to take the Chariot of Du Qian to Daolu and drive it through the gates with the intention of writing the House of Paper Shadows out of history. They reached Daolu and upon traveling through the gates.....

At this point in the sessions, I get into spoilers, which I'd like to avoid so people playing the module don't have it ruined for them. But I can say a number of interesting things happened when the party went back in time and three sessions in, they are still enjoying the voyage. Some notable details that won't spoil anything include: Shen Chun got an opportunity to test his luck fighting in Arena and he won a bunch of money. They made new friends, betrayed those friends, then became friends with them again once they learned more about the situation. Then they met a nice woman named Hui. Shen Chun changed his name to Zhao Kang and changed his martial nickname to Green Cat Kang (he was formerly known as Crazed Raksha). 

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