Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We are planning another free module for Sertorius called The Heart of Atroxis. This will be based on material in our Orcs of the North Campaign and will be an adventure set on a lost island filled with giants, trolls, kobolds and more. It begins with a simple quest to retrieve two ancient crowns from a ancient ruin buried in frozen wastes but turns into a potentially endless exploration of the island itself as players learn more about the local tribes, ruins and history. It is also a chance to explore the Orc cultures of the North. Whether the players are orcs or not, they can still participate in the adventure, since Malka the King of Atroxis is happy to work with any willing Sertori. 

We are still hammering out all the details so things could change after this announcement. Presently we are expanding the details of one of the Northern Islands and creating a full hex map suitable for exploration. We are tying the history of the island in with the rest of the setting but giving it its own unique place with some surprising details buried in its past. In addition to the exploration aspect there will be political elements to the module as the characters choices potentially have consequences for Atroxis itself. We don't yet know the length of the module (with PDFs we are not as committed to a specific size from the outset of a project). Most likely it will be in the 70-100 pages range with about five chapters and two appendices. 

We will reveal more as the module develops. 

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