Saturday, August 16, 2014


It is game day so this will be a brief update. 

Our module, Beneath the Banshee Tree is almost ready, I expect it will be available this week (and it will be free). It is a 69 page mystery adventure set in the city of Talyr. While the module is 100% free, we still worked very hard on it and I think it is one of our best adventures. I will issue an announcement when it becomes available. 

In the meantime, I consolidated all of my Wuxia Inspiration reviews and you can find them HERE. Hopefully I didn't miss any. I've quite enjoyed writing the wuuxia reviews and you can expect at least one more in the Cheng Pei-pei series before I cover some newer material (further Cheng Pei-pei reviews will depend on me tracking down some of her harder to find movies like the Jade Raksha). 

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