Monday, March 19, 2018


In my game on Saturday a situation came up where a player was effectively cleaning up after a big battle, sneaking in the nearby wilderness to pick off those who escaped. Sometimes we want to focus on the specific traps, situations, and fights in a scenario like this (as the planning and execution can be amusing). But the player character was quite powerful in comparison to the people he was attacking and there were more pressing things occupying the group's attention. So I decided to just have him make survival rolls to pick off guys. For those unfamiliar with Survival, you can find the skill on page 46-47 in the WANDERING HEROES OF OGRE GATE rulebook. 

Here is the method I used: I had the player make Survival Rolls TN 6. On a success of 6 he killed 1d10 guys; on a success of 7 he killed 2d10 guys; on a Success of 8, he killed 3d10 guys; on a Success of 9 he killed 4d10 guys; on a Success of 10, he killed 5d10 guys (+1d10 for every additional 10 rolled). 

It worked out pretty well. I wouldn't use this for every situation though. I think it works best when its clear the player would be able to kill people in a single strike (whether that is because of their power level or some impressive stealth attack technique). 

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