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This is an entry on the Blood-Stained Roads Table. You can see the main table HERE.

A local Sheriff named Gu Yong has authority to enforce the law and bring bandits to justice in the area. He abuses his position, killing people and putting the blame on a fictional villain named Master Hu Tao. He and his men regularly murder and steal, then find some group of armed wanderers to blame. As the players are passing through they are approached by Gu Yong who asks them questions about a recent murder. His questions become increasingly hostile and he eventually attempts to arrest them, and attack if they resist. If he has had time to investigate the player’s before hand, he may mention their previous deeds. If the players fend him off, it is one encounter among many. But if they are detained or probe more deeply, they learn uncover a nefarious scheme by Gu Yong to satisfy his own lust for money and violence. 

Sometimes he likes to make extra effort and investigate potential targets to blame before hand. He has possibly learned about the PCs previous actions and could mention those before accusing them of this latest crime. 

This works well for a party that has been involved in questionable situations prior. Sheriff Gu and his men are potentially a big challenge, so escape and talking their way out of the situation are likely possibilities here for the players. 

The players are approached by Sheriff Gu Yong and his Fifteen constables. He also has Mrs. Jin Fang with him. He looks the party over and calls them by name. He mentions their previous misdeeds and asks where they’ve been in the last couple of days. He also asks if they know a man named Jin Guan of Liangshan Manor. 

When they’ve answered he says “Mrs. Jin are these the people who killed your husband?” She nods with a look of contempt on her face. He says to the players: “Why don’t you make this easy and come peacefully with us? I will put in a good word with the magistrate if you do.”

He and his men then try to arrest and frame the party. If the party offers to help them frame someone else, and lend their services to another task, he may let them go. 

They have a cart with 10 expensive books and a box filled with 20 silver taels. 

Sheriff Gu Yong and his constables have been up to no good, murdering wealthy men, taking their belongings and framing local martial experts and thugs for the crime. They just killed Mr. Jin Guan of Liangshan Manor. Sheriff Gu was sleeping with his wife, Jin Fang, and wanted her all to himself (plus he wanted his money and prized collection of books). Now he is travelling with his constables and Jin Fang to find people to blame. He is following the party becauase they seem like an easy group to frame. Plus Jin Fang is a 'witness' and will say whatever he wants.


Sheriff Gu Yong is little more than a criminal who passed the exams. He abuses his position and murders for wealth, then frames whoever he chooses. He is also a lusty man and has developed a fondess for Lady Jin Fang of Liangshan Manor. Together they plotted the death of her husband, Jin Guan. He and his men are looking for people to frame. 

Defenses: Hardiness 7, Evade 5, Parry 6, Stealth 6, Wits 8, Resolve 8
Key Skills: Grapple: 2d10, Throw: 3d10, Arm Strike: 3d10, Leg Strike: 2d10, Light Melee: 3d10, Medium Melee: 3d10 or 3d10 (Ox Tail), Heavy Melee: 2d10, Small Ranged: 2d10 or 3d10 (Bow), Speed: 3d10, Muscle: 3d10, Meditation: 3d10, Athletics: 2d10, Talent (Theft): 3d10, Institutions (Imperial Bureaucracy): 3d10, Institutions (Sects): 2d10, Institutions (Criminal Underworld): 3d10, Classics (All): 2d10, Talent (Poetry): 2d10, Talent (Calligraphy): 3d10, Survival (Wilderness): 3d10

Qi: 5
Max Wounds: 11
Weapons: Ox Tail (5d10 Damage, -1d10 Accuracy), Bow (3d10 Damage)
Expertise: Medium Melee (Ox Tail Dao), Small Ranged (Bow)

Key Kung Fu Techniques (Waijia 2, Neigong 2): Strike of the Viper, Spearing Blade, Whirling Blade, Storm of Arrows, Iron Body (Counter), Iron Spirit Reversal (Counter)

Whirling Blade: A spinning charge attack with sword. Make a Medium Melee roll against Parry. On a Success do 1 Extra Wound. On a Total Success make 1 extra attack against Target. Cathartic: Do 2 Extra wounds against the target. 

Strike of the Viper: You lean forward in a deadly stabbing motion, then twist the blade inside the target. Make a Medium Melee roll against Parry. On a Success you do Normal Damage and 2 Extra Wounds. On a Total Success the pain causes the target to take -1d10 to skills for 1 round. Cathartic: On a Success you do Normal Damage and 4 Extra Wounds. On a Total Success the pain causes the target to take -1d10 to Skills for 2 rounds. 

Balancing Strike: You balance on the ball of your foot and bounce like a top at multiple foes. Make a Medium Melee roll against the Parry of up to five targets (1 per Qi rank). On a Success you do Normal Damage to all. Cathartic: As above but on a Success you to Normal Damage plus 2 Extra Wounds to all you hit. 

These men are all serving under Sheriff Gu. He hand selected them for their greed and corruptibility. Each one has done something terrible for which he is ashamed (Sheriff Gu plans to use this as a last resort should any have second thoughts). However they are all fully supportive of the Sheriff’s plans. They have each grown far more wealthy than they could imagine.

Defenses: Hardiness 5, Evade 4, Parry 5, Stealth 6, Wits 6, Resolve 7

Key Skills: Grapple: 2d10, Throw: 1d10, Arm Strike: 2d10, Leg Strike: 1d10, Light Melee: 1d10, Medium Melee: 2d10 or 2d10 (Ox Tail), Heavy Melee: 3d10, Small Ranged: 2d10, Speed: 2d10, Muscle: 2d10, Athletics 2d10, Detect: 1d10, Survival (City): 2d10, Survival (Wilderness): 2d10, Talent (Theft): 2d10, Trade (Mechanical): 1d10

Qi: 1
Max Wounds: 3
Weapon: Ox Tail Dao (4d10 Damage, -1d10 Accuracy)
Combat Technique: Medium Melee-Momentum
Expertise: Ox Tail Dao

Key Techniques (Neigong 1, Qinggong 1, Waijia 2): Fierce Strike, Leap of the Swan, Iron Spirit Reversal (Counter)

Lady Jin Fang married her husband, Jin Guan, for his wealth and reputation. But secretly she despised him. She began an affair with Sheriff Gu Yong, hoping to learn his kung fu. Together they killed her husband and are now looking for people to frame for the deed. Lady Jin Fang is exceptionally beautiful and charming. She learned most of her Kung Fu from a member of Dehua sect she seduced. 

Defenses: Hardiness 3, Evade 3, Parry 5, Stealth 6, Wits 9, Resolve 6
Key Skills: Grapple: 1d10, Throw: 1d10, Arm Strike: 2d10, Leg Strike: 1d10, Light Melee: 2d10, Medium Melee: 1d10 (3d10 with Jian), Heavy Melee: 1d10, Small Ranged: 0d10, Speed: 2d10, Muscle: 1d10, Athletics: 1d10, Meditation: 3d10, Persuade: 2d10, Deception: 2d10, Empathy: 3d10, Talent (Calligraphy): 3d10, Ritual (Ancestor Veneration): 3d10, History (All Eras): 2d10, Religion (Dehua): 3d10, Classics (All): 3d10

Qi: 2
Max Wounds: 5
Weapons: Jian (2d10 Damage, +2d10 Accuracy), Daggers (1d10 Damage)

Key Kung Fu Techniques (Waijia 1, Qinggong 1, Neigong 1, Dianxue 1): Calm of Sunan, Drift of the Butterfly Fish, Slashing Blade, Storming Daggers, Iron Body (Counter)

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