Wednesday, October 21, 2015


We've been going over the rules for The Meddlers and made a small but interesting tweak by adding in The Stroke of Luck Optional Core Mechanic II (through playtest we expect this might become the official method used at our table but we will still treat it as an option). 

The core mechanic of The Meddlers is quite simple, you roll a pool of four sided dice* against an opposing pool of four sided dice. Both sides take the single highest result and compare them. If the aggressor meets or exceeds the result of the opposing pool she succeeds. Sometimes this will be rolled against another character’s pool, sometimes the GM will roll a pool to reflect the difficulty of a task when it isn’t against a foe. The Aggressor is always the person taking action, attacking, etc.

Damage rolls work differently. While Damage Rolls also sometimes involve multiple dice, these are added together.

*For some creatures that are bigger than brownies they will roll larger dice for certain actions.

This option is for people who dislike the short scale of the d4 dice pool. Instead of rolling a pool and taking the single highest result, roll your d4s and add the totals together.

This operates by the rules of the normal Core Mechanic except it adds Strokes of Luck. If you roll more than one 4 on a single d4-based skill roll, you gain the benefit of a Stroke of Luck. When this happens a single D4 “explodes”. Roll a single additional d4 and add it the result of the 4 that you've already achieved. You may continue to re-roll any additional 4s that you roll and add it to the result.

For example, Dan rolls 6d4 and rolls a 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1. Only one 4 was rolled, so the result of the roll is 4. Alexa also rolls 6d4, but is luckier and rolls 4, 4, 3, 3, 2. This is a Stroke of Luck. Alexa rolls an additional d4 and it rolls a 3, bringing her total to 7. Due to the Stroke of Luck, she managed to roll a 7 on a d4 roll. If Alexa had rolled another 4 on the additional d4, she would have continued rolling until the moment that she rolled anything other than a 4, adding the result of the new roll to the running total each time.

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