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This is an object of power designed for Sertorius but can work in any Network Campaign. It is an ancient mask, peeled from the face of a demon, that takes over the wearer and absorbs victims so its intellect and powers can grow. 

No one knows for sure where the mask came from, but most legends say it was created when a mad priest peeled off the face of the demon Qara and fashioned it into a helmet, believing it would help his son in a coming battle. It proved far too effective, not only was his son impervious to the arrows and swords of his foes, he devastated both sides of the conflict, absorbing the life energy of the fallen to grow his own existence. 

Stopping the Mask of Qara
The only way to stop the mask of Qara is to cut off the head of the wearer. This requires making a Targeted Strike and scoring a Total Success, then doing 3 wounds in one slice. Anything less, will not cut through the neck. In truth it is often better to run and escape than stand and face the wearer of the mask.

The Mask of Qara
The mask looks to be made of metal and is shaped like a man or woman's face (there is disagreement over what sex Qara was). Once it is worn, it immediately fuses to the wearer's face and Qara's will takes over. The old person is completely destroyed, gone, a mere vessel for the will of Qara. The wearer can no longer speak and is filled with a need to kill and absorb people of talent, skill or power. 

Anyone wearing the mask gains the following abilities:

Changes: Hardiness is increased by 3. Wounds are increased by 10. Endurance becomes 4d10. 

Absorb: To absorb a person the wearer must first kill them, then it can draw the spirit and body into itself. This causes the wearer to acquire any spells, skills, health or knowledge the person has. It also increases the size of the wearer marginally, adding to the beast strength multiplier (see Beast Strength Below). Every victim it absorbs increases its Wounds by 2. 

Beast Strength (x5): Base lift is multiplied by five and the wearer can exceed the dice cap by up to 10d10 on damage rolls. As the wearer absorbs victims, its Beast Strength multiplier increases by 1 for each victim. 

Immunities: The wearer is immune to all mundane attacks. It can be slowed down or hampered by them, but never takes wounds from them. It can only be harmed by magic or sacred objects. 

Regeneration: The wearer regenerates 2 wounds a round. 

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