Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Today on the Righteous Blood Podcast, Jeremy and I talk about the movie Finger of Doom. It is a fitting film for this time of year, featuring macabre martial arts and a trove of horror tropes. The way the movie is shot resembles classic horror films, and many of the characters feels like monsters pulled from such cinema, but recast to fit the wuxia genre. There is a hunchback, creepy martial experts who roam the land in coffins (in which they sleep and use as a kind of sedan), a terrifying martial arts technique that turns victims into ghoulish slaves, etc. It also features two woman as the main protagonist and antagonist, members of the same sect. Ivy Ling Po plays a disciple sent by the Tai Yin sect to eliminate one of her fellow students whose is using their martial art to wreak havoc. Along the way she befriends a man whose brother fell victim to her martial sister's Tai Yin Finger technique and the two must face off with the renegade disciple in an epic showdown. 

Righteous Blood Ruthless Blades is very much focused on the wuxia genre. Unlike Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, or Strange Tales of Songling, which both feature supernatural creatures and magical abilities, RBRB is more grounded in the wuxia you see in things like Gu Long, 70s Shaw Brothers, etc. And Finger of Doom is a good illustration of how to bring horror to this style of wuxia. In the podcast we talk about this, and many other things.  

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