Saturday, April 14, 2018


Last night we discussed the movie House of Flying Daggers, a 2004 film directed by Zhang Yimou. It stars Zhang Ziyi, Andy Lau and Kaneshiro Takeshi. This month's theme is "colorful films" and House of Flying Daggers is the second of three Zhang Yimou movies we wanted to cover under that theme. The first was Hero (you can see our discussion HERE). The next one will be Curse of the Golden Flower. We will end the month with Painted Skin: Resurrection

You can listen to hear our full thoughts but we basically talk about what we enjoyed most and some of the differences between this film and Hero. We also generally agreed that we all preferred House of Flying Daggers out of the two (though it should be noted Hero is generally the more highly regarded movie). We get a bit into the music as well. 

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