Wednesday, April 4, 2018


This is an usual blog entry and announcement. This month, I will be releasing material from the War of Swarming Beggars book. This is our Supplement on the Hai'an region. This is an incomplete book, one that is largely done. But I am going to release the content here because my health has been poor and I do not believe I can give all the books I want to release the full attention they deserve. Because of these health issues, I will focus my effort on Strange Tales and the Sons of Lady Eighty Seven book this year. 

The War of Swarming Beggars will be released slowly over the course of this month on the blog. There will be no art. It will be accompanied by maps I've made for my own campaigns. Hopefully people will still find the content useful. At the very least, it should provide some context to the upcoming House of Paper Shadows book. 

I will be including all sections of the book. There may be gaps but most of the content will be gameable. Today I start with the introduction to the book itself. When I am finished I will compile all the entries in an index on the sidebar. Hopefully by the end, what we will have is a navigable sandbox. 

This book is both a module and setting supplement. It provides information on the region of Hai’an in Qi Xien (the world of Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate) with particular focus on the southern area around the River of Swarming Beggars. Hai’an itself is dealt with broadly, but the southern portion provides a sandbox adventure that occurs against the background of a bloody sect war.

The precise details of this sect war are in the hands of the GM, so it can be tailored to the campaign, but the default assumes a deadly conflict between The Southern Hill Sect and Twin-Fisted Eagle Clan. The players find themselves in the middle of this conflict, perhaps having to choose sides, perhaps seeking fortune in the chaos. It is even possible their own sect is drawn in. Whatever the case, the war increases in intensity and danger the longer they remain involved.

In War of the Swarming Beggars the players can hold the Thousand Painful Deaths Flower in their hands, face off against Yellow Mantis the iron-willed leader of Southern Hills Sect, or stop a fearsome killer on the bloody axe trail. They can befriend Yellow Mantis, betray and assassinate Twin-Fisted Eagle, or die at the hands of terrifying madman. Maybe they join the Iron Hill Bandits and grow rich robbing local merchants. It is even possible for them to die in a final stand against a horde or Nature Loving Monk Disciples along the River of Swarming Beggars. How they approach the adventure is entirely up to them. Who they ally with, what fortunes they seek, this is for them, or their sect leaders, to decide. However, powerful heroes roaming the southern hills are sure to attract somebody’s attention eventually.

Inspired by movies like Killer Clans and Last Hurrah for Chivalry, War of Swarming Beggars tries to bring the bloody and eccentric side of wuxia to life. This is an adventure of exploration, intrigue and glorious revenge.


Chapter One: Running the Adventure 
Chapters Two and Three: Songs of the Southern Lands
Chapter Four: The Peoples and Places of the River
Chapter Five: The City of Dee
Chapter Six: Non-Player Characters
Chapter Seven: New Kung Fu and Rituals
Chapter Eight: New Objects, Manuals, Poisons and Door Gods

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