Sunday, April 1, 2018


Today we made an important announcement about the removal of dice caps from the Network System. We also announced several important changes to our business model. You can see the original announcement HERE. We received numerous emails and phone calls from our valued customers and answer the most common questions below. As always, we cherish the relationship we've built with our customer-base and encourage anyone with further questions to use the Contact Me form on this page. We believe all questions are good questions and want to create an open and honest line of communication with our fans. 

Is this a real announcement?
Only a lunatic would ask such a question. The person who submitted this response will be barred from obtaining a Network License for a period of three years. We've also reported them to the FBI and local authorities just to be safe. 

How long do GMs have to become licensed? 
You must become licensed before you can run any session of Network. We take our design and game play very seriously so we will not be providing a grace period. We understand the challenge this presents to people eager to play our award-winning games*, but by making sure every GM is properly licensed we can guarantee maximum gameplay for everyone. 

Becoming licensed is very simple, all of the relevant forms are available through your local Bedrock Games representative. The fees for the forms begin at 250 dollars but may vary by location. The forms can also be obtained directly from our corporate office for a fee of 300 dollars. 

How long will it take to become a licensed Network Gamemaster?
We want people to game as soon as possible. But we also want to ensure quality. The evaluation period will take approximately 120 days. However, this evaluation period can be reduced by purchasing a Golden Dragon membership card. 

What is the Golden Dragon Membership Card?
This is a card we provide to all who sign up for our Golden Dragon program. For an annual fee of 500 dollars, we fast-track all of your licensing and evaluations. We also throw in polyester charmeuse robes embroidered with your choice of a phoenix or dragon. 

Is there a Platinum Dragon Membership Card?
Yes, we are currently working on the development of a Platinum Dragon program. This is subject to change, but for an annual fee of 25,000 dollars, you will become a Platinum Dragon. Platinum Dragons are elite customers who demand the very best. Platinum Dragon Members have all the benefits of a Golden Dragon membership, plus they receive a customized ruleset. Each ruleset is a perfect bound edition printed once per year with full color art and includes mechanics and setting material personalized to fit the taste and expectations of the Platinum Dragon member. 

When does these changes take effect?
"Does" only applies to the singular third person. For all other uses "Do" is more appropriate. But to answer the question you seemed to be asking: Immediately. No exceptions. 

Will bulk discounts be available for group dice upgrades?
No. This is would not only be unfair to smaller groups, but it would also reduce our revenue greatly. 

How will digital dice rollers be inspected?  
Digital dice rollers will not be allowed under the new system until we find a way to monetize them. 

How will online groups be policed?
"Policed" is the wrong word. We prefer language like "quality control" and "evaluated". Because it will be more difficult to maintain quality control of online game groups, we will rely on a two-fold evaluation mechanism. First our online agents will review all online sessions for any violations. Evaluations will inspect session logs, livestreams, social media accounts and conduct personal interviews of family, neighbors and friends. The second mechanism is a new program we call "Private Eye". Any player can join the Private Eye network. This is a fun and easy program to sign up for, that comes with an official (but secret) badge and access to our online resources. Each Private Eye is fully trained and responsible for evaluating their own game group, then filing reports to our headquarters. This program will cover both online and live table play. The aim of these programs is to ensure everyone has fun and maintain a high standard of quality at the table. In a year we intend to introduce our "Private Eye Watchers" program, which will be responsible for quality control of the Private Eye program. If that is successful we will add an additional layer to the program the following year. 

I am confused about this dice cap removal; how will making people roll buckets of dice add enjoyment to the game?
It is very simple math really. We've observed in playtest that player fun increases when they roll more dice. If a player has rank 1 in Muscle and rolls 1d10; they have approximately 75% less fun than a player with 3 ranks and an Expertise bonus rolling 4d10. Therefore it is only logical that players will have more fun if they can roll 7d10, 11d10, 24d10 and more. More dice equals more fun. We haven't crunched all the numbers yet, and we still need to speak with Dan (our math guy) but we are predicting a 1,789% increase in overall fun. By removing the cap we are removing an artificial barrier to your entertainment. 

What if I prefer playing with the old dice caps?
We understand this is a difficult transition for people who grew accustomed to the the old dice caps. We ask that you trust our research and playtesting process. This method really is an improvement and we wouldn't be making the change it if we didn't think it would add value to the game. However, the best way to continue using outdated methods without losing your Network License is to purchase a Platinum Dragon membership and request the old dice caps in your customized edition of the game. 

*Technically speaking, we only have one award but it sounds much more impressive when phrased more broadly. It is also worth pointing out this was a Gaming Genius Award, which only was held once in 2011 (but we think that makes it more special). Whatever you do, do not google Gaming Genius awards as it will take you to a possibly malicious website.

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