Thursday, April 19, 2018


This will be a short entry on something I've been trying. 

I talked about quantifying heroic power levels in wuxia on the Podcast before (I also blogged about it HERE). I want to share an idea I've been floating in my campaigns to address this concept and simplify it in play. 
art by Jackie Musto

The purpose of this idea is to allow for faster resolution of combat when we want to focus on other things (for example, if the focus in a battle is really the exchange of meaningful dialogue between the PC and NPC and micromanaging the mook-killing would get in the way). 

Basically the idea is really simple. In wuxia characters sometimes are described as being equal to a set number of soldiers or men. Whatever that number is, that is how many mooks they can kill in a single attack (no roll necessary). For Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, I'm toying with Qi rank multiplied by 3 (I am also trying 10 as a multiplier, which I think will work better, but starting smaller to try it out). A mook in this case would be characters with 0 Qi ranks. So a Qi rank 3 Hero could dispatch 9 mooks without rolling with the whirl of a blade or swipe of a spear. 

I may play around with it more and post again if I adjust the numbers (I am also thinking of applying it to Qi Ranked characters of lower level). 

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