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In honor of the release of all the chapters of Legends of Ogre Gate (HERE), I put together an entry for the Demon Emperor, including some special items. You can read the entire Legends of Ogre Gate story at Wuxia World. My thoughts on the topic, from the podcast, are included at the end fo this entry. 

The Demon Emperor is surprisingly low of stature, but with a wide physique and an aura of tremendous power. He appears vaguely Naqani, like someone from the western regions. The Demon Emperor is a power from another world called Gamandria, but by slaughtering thousands of magical beings, called Sertori, he was able to open a gate and gain entry into Qi Xien. His entrance ushered the age of Martial Heroes because the portal flooded the world with Qi energy. Yao Feng is arrogant, but deservedly so. His achievements dwarf those of anyone living or dead in Qi Xien or Gamandria. In his home realm he conquered an entire region, subjugated the ogres and used his powers to break the walls that divide worlds. He hates feeling constrained by heaven, so has been actively seeking to suppress it through Ritual Magic.

He is surrounded at all times by 100 guards and a special force of Ogre Demons.

Defenses: Hardiness 10, Evade 8, Parry 8, Stealth 6, Wits 10, Resolve 9
Key Skills: Grapple: 4d10, Arm Strike: 6d10, Leg Strike: 3d10, Light Melee: 4d10, Medium Melee: 7d10, Heavy Melee: 4d10, Speed: 5d10, Fly: 5d10, Muscle: 6d10, Athletics: 3d10, Endurance: 4d10, Meditation: 5d10, Divination: 6d10, Command: 6d10, Deception: 3d10, Detect: 3d10, Read Scripts (All): 3d10, Languages (Daoyun): 3d10, Language (Khubsi): 5d10, Language (Singh): 4d10, Institutions (Bureaucracy of Heaven): 4d10, Ritual (Heavenly Submission Ritual): 5d10, Rituals (All others): 3d10, Places (The Midbar Region): 6d10; Magic (All): 5d10; Survival (All): 3d10

Qi: 42
Max Wounds: 83
Equipment: Jade Buckler, Pearl Crown, Ring of the Black Bolt

Magic (Misos 2, Deimos 2): Dancing Steel, Earth Mastery, Flying Steel, Flight, Daydream, Vortegan’s Whirling Catastrophe, Immolation**
Thauma: Majesty, All Seeing Eyes, Portal**

Beast Strength (x50)

Immunity: The Demon Emperor is immune to physical attacks and only harmed by Profound Kung Fu techniques. He can be damaged by abilities like Profound Techniques, but regenerates all his wounds each round, regenerates lost limbs and rises from the dead in 1d10 days if killed. He also does not age. 

Regeneration: He regenerates all wounds each round and regrows lost limbs in 1d10 rounds.

** These are all spells from Sertorius.

Heavenly Submission Ritual (TN 9): To perform this ritual, you must first have a square diagram, preferably something made out of stone, to capture the rays of the sun perfectly during the spring equinox. You then stand before an altar, which must be crafted from pearl and gold. You must pour blood from a jade vessel upon the altar. This ritual can only be performed at exactly this moment, once each year. However if it is performed accurately, then the sky illuminates and all the gods (including the Enlightened Goddess) cannot leave heaven or interact in any way with Qi Xien for 1 year. If the Ritual fails, the consequences can be catastrophic for the caster. 

Jade Buckler: This looks like a highly valuable jade pendant, but when clutched by the wielder it can turn into a vaporous round shield for ten minutes. The shield absorbs any kind of energy attack (fire, electricity, beams of Qi, etc) and turns that energy into a terrifying sound that can stop enemies in their tracks. To use the shield Roll Arm Strike against the attack Roll. On a Success the attack is absorbed and a terrifying sound unleashed. Make the Damage Roll that the attack would have used, except make it against the Resolve of all in a 200 foot radius. Those affected take 1 wound if they move or attack that round.

The Jade Buckler shield can also be used to initiate a Qi duel.

Ring of the Black Bolt: This ring is made from white jade and inlaid with pearl. It can be used once every month to send bolts of black lightning into the sky that rumbles in the clouds and causes a Qi enervating rain. The rain lasts 10 minutes and can effect a 300 foot area. Anyone touched by the rain loses 1 Level of Qi for a day. This effect continues and stacks with each drop that touches the individual.  

On the podcast I talked about my thoughts on giving mechanical attributes to the Demon Emperor. You can listen to it here. 

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