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At Wuxia World, you can follow the story of Sunan and Bao in the Legends of Ogre Gate series by Deathblade. The latest chapter is available HERE. If you want to start from the beginning, check out the INDEX

Bao Yi was born a spear in the hands of heroine Bao and discarded on the battlefield. He shed blood for her, piercing the hearts of her enemies and smashing their faces with his haft until the field was littered with dead, but Bao cast him aside. Since then, he has been searching for answers, wondering what his failure may have been and why she saw no further use for him. He now wanders, healing the sick and protecting the weak where he can. In his natural form, Bao Yi appears to be a normal spear, though one that can freely fly through the air of its own will. He can, when he chooses, assume human form. However in this state his skin has a vague bluish hue and his hair is something like silver. His manners also leave much to be desired. Despite centuries living among men, he has yet to master their ways. He is very direct, does not understand the utility of lying and so freely talks about his past and his spirited nature. Most think he is crazy or trying to be witty. 

Defenses: Hardiness 9, Evade 7, Parry 7, Stealth 6, Wits 5, Resolve 8
Skills: Spear Strike: 3d10, Arm Strike: 3d10, Medium Melee: 2d10, Heavy Melee: 3d10,  Speed: 2d10, Athletics: 2d10, Muscle: 2d10, Detect: 3d10, Medicine: 3d10, History (Era of the Demon Emperor to present): 3d10, Languages (Daoyun): 3d10, Read Script (Feishu): 3d10

Qi: 5
Max Wounds: 18
Flaws: Awkward 

Key Techniques (Neigong 2, Dianxue 2): Curing Palm, Phoenix Spirit Disruption, Phoenix Star Reversal, Phoenix Star Strike, Sealing the Phoenix,Stone Shattering Finger, Infinite Counter of the Phoenix (Counter), Blade Pinch (Counter)

Human Form: Bao Yi can take the form of a human when he wishes. 

Fly: As a spear, Bao Yi can fly through the air. 

Spear Strike: In Spear Form Bao Yi can whiz through the air and impale his foes. Roll 3d10 Against Evade. On a Success he does 5d10 Open Damage. 

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