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At Wuxia World, you can follow the story of Sunan and Bao in the Legends of Ogre Gate series by Deathblade. The latest chapter is available HERE. If you want to start from the beginning, check out the INDEX

These creatures may just be mere legend as they were mentioned frequently in the early days of the Demon Emperor. They are believed to arise when flames devour the bodies of Qi cultivators and become imbued with life. The flame acquires a spark of intelligence, and starts to take on the general shape of a man or woman. But they always burn. With each cultivator they consume, the grow in strength and people believe their breath can knock down temples or city walls

Defenses: Hardiness 3, Evade 10, Parry 5, Stealth 3, Wits 7, Resolve 7
Key Skills: Fire: 4d10 (1d10 fire damage per Cultivator ), Speed: 4d10, Muscle: 3d10, Detect: 1d10, Athletics: 2d10, Command: 2d10

Max Wounds: 13 +1 per Cultivator 

Immune: Spirited Flame cannot be harmed by most physical attacks. Only Phoenix energy, water-based attacks and certain magical effects can stop them. Regular water is harmful to them, causing 3d10 Open Damage every round they are exposed to it. 

Fire Attack: Spirited Fire can launch flames at up to 8 targets within 15 feet. Roll 4d10 against Evade. On a Success this does 1d10 fire damage, increased by +1d10 for every Qi Cultivator they have consumed (to a max of 10d10). 

Flaming Wind: A Spirited Flame can produce a tremendous blast of smoke, steam and fire through its nostrils. This has enough force to knock down may walls. When used this functions just like their Fire Attack, except against objects it is treated as Open Damage and anyone caught in it is blown back 100 feet (taking 3d10 Extra Damage). 

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