Thursday, July 30, 2015


Here is a Dio-inspired Inkstone for my Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate campaign. This will not be appearing in the rulebook as we have have already exceeded word count. This could also be used in any campaign or system with minimal changes. 

This is an inkstone made from a rock recovered after a “rain of stones” that occurred when the Demon Emperor was defeated. It is very powerful and presently protected in Infinite Sky realm by 5th Brother. The Enlightened Goddess issued an edict forbidding it from entering the human realm.

It looks like a normal inkstone save that on close inspection one can see sparkling flecks on the surface. If one grinds ink into the stone and mixes it with water, this produces a luminous fluid that lights up an entire room. The Starlit  Ink can be used to write text that illuminates the page so the content can be read easily in the dark.

The Inkstone’s most spectacular ability is it can render anything written with the Starlit  Ink true. To do so merely requires a TN 7 Talent (Calligraphy) Roll. On a failure it still works but the result is an uncharitable and literal interpretation of the words that rarely favors the writer. On a success, the text comes true but only in the most general way (ignoring very specific aspects of the phrasing) and it must rely on existing conditions and personalities to reach its conclusion. So if a person writes “The empire falls”, this will set into motion threats already positioned to defeat the emperor. On a Total Success, the specifics of the text all come true.

Even if the Talent (Calligraphy) roll is successful, the wording of the text is very important. It won’t warp what is written into something unless but it follows the letter of the words exactly.

Because the effects of the Inkstone rely on existing conditions, it can take time for them to unfold. Grand events come true in 1d10 months, while smaller scale events come true in 1d10 days.

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