Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Michael Prescott illustration from
Average Joes
Here are some unusual fictional terrorist organizations for your Terror Network campaign

The Federation: The Federation began as a book club in Horn Lake Mississippi. However they were radicalized eleven years ago when an adaptation of a classic set of science fiction short stories was released in theaters and failed to follow canon. Since then they've embraced a radical literalist interpretation of all science fiction and fantasy literature. In particular they object to any deviation from the text when such a novel or short story is made into a film. Typically they target theaters but have been known to target A-list directors as well. 

The Fists of the Sprue: This group of dietary vigilantes recently unleashed a wave of terror in the wake of new FDA guidelines for the labeling of Gluten Free foods. They target food manufacturers that label their products gluten free but don't take adequate measures to prevent cross-contamination. One particularly radical sub-group seeks to eradicate gluten from the food supply by burning wheat fields. 

Baroque Commandoes: This splinter group of the Westfield Chamber Orchestra adheres to an extremist ideology that holds music reached its pinnacle in the Baroque era and are devoted to destroying all post-Baroque musical forms. They usually target a particular style of music each season, most recently focusing their attacks on folks festivals. 
Michael Prescott Illustration
from Average Joes

Champions of Silence: This secretive individual or group reacts violently to "spoilers" about popular TV and movies. Radio talk show and other media hosts were their first victims, but more recently they have begun to organize a determined campaign against the entire movie trailer industry. It is unknown whether this is the work of a lone wolf or a small cadre of individuals.

The Grammatologists: A much feared organization devoted to enforcing strict adherence to proper grammar in all media. They've been known to stage public executions of writers, bloggers and media personalities who violate their narrow understanding of syntax, punctuation, style and grammar. The group turned against itself, dividing into two camps when younger leadership objected to the use of the name Grammatologist. 

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