Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I have been play testing Tomb of the Timeless Master (a dungeon for Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate) with two separate groups. Here is the last report for group 1 and here is the last report for group 2. On Sunday group had its second session in the Tomb. This was their second session in the tomb and this is the second report for that session. 

Characters Present:


The party did something similar, yet different from the other one. They had both gone into the lair of Jia, a snake demon who was married to Doctor Shun 100 years ago and is now awaiting his rebirth. Shimei found the robes of the physician Shun and put them on. When Jia arrived, Shen (who had seen the wall scroll and knew about Shun's history) tried to convince her that Shimei was the reincarnation of her former husband. This worked and Jia was pleased to be reunited. 

However, Shimei was evasive, and did not secure her trust enough for Jia to let him out of her sights. This led to an argument and Jia grew increasingly hostile toward Shen (who she saw as a potential rival). Shimei was unable to stop Jia's rage and she unleashed a hair-whipping strike, trying to entangle the party. 

Shimei and Shun used Great Stride to flee the area and made it to a Grotto with a latrine in the southeastern section of the canyon, before they were cornered by Jia. Though Jia managed to ensnare Shimei in her hair strands, they were able to pin her with attacks like Blast of the Dragon, Fluttering Kicks and Storming Daggers. 

In the battle Shimei was struck by Jia's Naga Palm and they had to leave for Zun City to find a cure. On the way their they got lost but managed to make it before Shimei died (he estimated that he had 1-10 days to live). At a Sun Mai temple they were able to find treatment and they set off again for the canyon. On their way they got lost again, then had a run in with two Zun tribesmen who put up a good fight and seemed to want revenge for the Snake Demon. 

Believing they needed help navigating the wilderness they returned to Zun City and hired a guide named Wuji, a young man who was knowledgeable of the area. 

Returning to the canyon they went to the southern tombs and explored. There they fought with the Golden Sword Maiden (a solid gold warrior who materialized when they tried to take a passage toward the treasury). They found the treasury and secured the Talisman of the Golden Maiden as well as several other objects (including a handful of taels). 

They succeeded in evading a spear-trapped hall before reaching the western section of the tomb. This is where the session ended. 

When this group completes the dungeon I will write a comparison post. 

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