Sunday, May 24, 2015


We've recently contemplated making a small adjustment to the scaling of Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. Before our plan was to just have normal Heroes and Immortals, with Heroes being Qi ranks 1-6 and Immortals being Qi rank 7+ (but going up as high as 24). Now we are thinking of adding an intermediary stage. Mechanically it really isn't a huge tweak because we already had Qi ranks 1-24, we would just be adjusting what the midrange means. 

Originally once characters reached Qi Rank 7, they could potentially become immortals. This would not only give them special abilities like regeneration and other perks, it gave them access to Profound Kung Fu Techniques and Immortal Powers. This works great but if you don't want to run an Immortal style campaign, it does limit your options. So instead what we are considering is having Qi ranks 7-12 simply give you access to Profound Kung Fu Techniques, without actually having you become immortal. I think this creates a smoother gradient and makes running a pure Wuxia campaign (with fewer fantasy elements) more feasible. I should point out each Qi Rank represent a pretty big leap and it can take some time to get from one to the other. Right now, if you played once a week and you earned the max amount of experience possible each session, you might reach Qi rank 6 in a year (we do intend to have optional XP tables for more condensed campaigns). 

This is still just under discussion. If we do make the change, then it will likely be the last significant alteration because of where we are in the development process. 

One thing to note: the Profound Master and Immortal levels of play are not the focus of the current rule book. We provide some details on running immortals and some key Profound Kung Fu Techniques, but those are going to both be handled later in The Profound Masters and Immortals supplement (we still haven't settled on an official title). 

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  1. I think this is a smart idea! The smoother gradient feels more appropriate for a Kung Fu Hustle style escalation. I mean, practically, you can see the lower Qi levels in the first three heroes, then something more Profound in the musicians and the couple, and the end almost certainly has an Immortal against maybe another Immortal, or a high-tier Profound Master! 24 Qi levels, though -- wow, that's incredibly high!