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This is a log for my ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Kingdom campaign. You can see the previous session log HERE.  

Player Characters: 

Shen Chun/Crazed Raksha
Sun Mofeng 
Little Bai
Yang Shen 
Ong Lao
Min (Feiyan)

Disciples of the Sect: 

Red Eagle (Little Bai)
Dim-Witted Chen (Shen Chun)

Sects Alliances: 


An alliance of orthodox sects lead by Shen Chun (Zhao Kang-Green Cat Kang) and his wife Da Mei Mei. They wield the wind saber of Sunan and the Phoenix Crown of Bao. Their alliance includes Temple of the Jade Mercies, remnants of Relentless Corpse Sect, Purple Cavern Sect, Nature Loving Monk Sect, Dehua Sect, Golden Dragon Sect and connections with the House of Paper Shadows. 

Rivals to the Golden Way, they have been absorbing sects in the south and in Hai'an. They are led by Cunning Dragon and have absorbed: Tree Dwelling Nuns, Perfect Heaven Lineage, Southern River Sect, Sun Mai Sect, Glorious Death Cult, Crescent Moon Sect, and a small group lead by Silent Dagger. 

Zhen Dao Empire: Emperor Zhao
Hai'an: Queen Ai Nu
Li Fan: King Yuan

A lot has happened in the past five sessions, but I have been working on multiple projects and was unable to keep up the session log. Here is a broad overview of the last sessions, followed by a detailed account of last night's session. 

The party went south, Yang Shen regained control of Zhe Valley by allying with a demonic spider, he also established a Celestial Plume Trade by working with Hero Qian and his men, as well as local criminal groups. They went to Chen and were able to recruit Shan Lushan on the promise of a heart stone. When this was taken care of, the went to Ong's island. Ong had been in contact with Imperial Officials and agreed to help wage a protective campaign against pirates and invaders from the Eastern Archipelagos in exchange for ships and assurances that his people would be undisturbed by the emperor (The emperor also demanded he not take his people in numbers to the mainland). However, Ong decided to wage an assault on the archipelagos. Along the way, because it was the Demon Moon, Min's cat became spirited and was ferocious during their attack. After taking a small island he was assailed by an enormous fleet and had to flee. They barely made it to their ships alive. At sea they were pursued so he summoned the winds of Gushan to hurl waves at the rival ships. However they too had influence over the seas, and sent counter waves somehow. They did manage to take one of the officials on the island as a prisoner, and eventually evaded pursuit. 

Min then returned to Golden Way headquarters and journeyed with Shen Chun as he came out of his seclusion. His power had increased vastly. He decided to follow the path of Hen-Shi and his wife Da Mei Mei, chose to follow Dehua. They both agreed to withdraw from the martial world and announced their intentions to do so, setting the Phoenix Festival as the date. Shen Chun and Min travelled north to Mount Dao, to follow an insight he had while in seclusion. There they found a temple, and were told that an Immortal Sect resided at the peak, but only those who passed through their pools could enter. Min entered the pool and they told her she was pure enough but not yet ready. Shen Chun entered the pool and burned with agonizing pain. He was told he was impure and would have to return again when he had cleansed the martial world of his evil. Shen Chun and Min went to the sect Headquarters. There Shen Chun convinced Da Mei Mei, to release the heart stone she had been using to cultivate. She went into seclusion and drew it from her body. This forced her into a sleeping state while she recovered. Min and Shen Chun took the heart stone to the Jade Temple of the Sunken Stone, where the body of the Dutiful Empress was imprisoned in Jade. There they touched it to the jade amid the chanting nuns (they had been chanting for years now to break the jade). The Dutiful Empress awakened and rose, shaking off her jade shell and brining the ceiling of the temple down on people. Shen Chun kowtowed and begged for forgiveness. She acknowledged his apology and placed a hand upon him. He felt her purifying energies flow through him. 

"Leave, for death awaits these nuns. You two will not be harmed."

Shen Chun fled from the temple and heard terrible screams emanating from its halls as they made their way into the wilderness. 

He and Min returned to the Golden Way. Da Mei Mei, told him she would take care of Hidden Raksha before the festival. It seemed too her emotions had returned. She looked at him and said "Do not worry, if you are concerned I carry a grudge for my sister, these things are all in the past." 

Days before the festival word reached Shen Chun that Sun Mai temple had been burned and the monks slaughtered. Perfect Heaven Lineage suffered a similar fate. 

At the Phoenix Festival, they stood before those invited (only Lady Plum Blossom failed to attend). Shen Chun was distressed by Lady Plum Blossom's absence as he intended to suggest she lead the martial world after his departure. He and Da Mei Mei, cleansed their hands, and the members of their sect did the same. 

When the ceremony was over, Lingsu brought a great statue sent in as a gift but took it to a back courtyard. It was a large statue of Hen-Shi with the following words etched onto it: Disciples of Hen-Shi do not kill, they do not send others to kill for them, they do not rejoice at the sight of killing and they do not stir the winds that lead to death. Instead they cultivate compassion.

There was also a note attached that read: Hidden Raksha rules the martial world from the shadows, any who deny her supremacy or violate her will shall die. All who submit will be rewarded. 

Word then reached them of a great disaster in the south. Purple Cavern Sect was completely destroyed, and everyone present killed. Details were hazy. Later they learned a great explosion had brought the entire cavern complex down. Then they heard that beggars in Yun Hu had been killed in the streets. 

Min summoned her owl, and took Shen Chun and Yang Shen to Yun Hu. There they learned that the Glorious Death Cult had appeared suddenly and killed hundreds of beggars. There were reports of attacks in other cities. 

Shen Chun had Da Mei Mei and Green Blade take their daughter, Ying, south to Red Mountain Villa to conceal her from Hidden Raksha. They disguised themselves and though they were discovered and attacked on the way, Da Mei Mei killed numerous Tree Dwelling Nuns and assassins. They made it safely to Red Mountain Villa. 

Shen Chun decided he would travel with Yang Shen for a time, because he was no longer to be directly involved in the politiics of the Martial World. 

Shen Chun, Min and Yang Shen went to Daolu where Shen had made arrangements through Lushan to meet with Gui Zhui to settle their dispute. Gui Zhui arrived and Shen spoke: 

"I am here to end our conflict, tell me what I can do so we can get past this grudge between us."

"You can stop trading in Celestial Plume and tell your men to stop mistreating the innocent."

"Well, the Celestial Plume will course through the region with or without me, but perhaps I can change how my men do business, so you will feel better about things; what do you say to this?"

"I say Celestial Plume is wreaking havoc and I don't trust your men."

"Think of the good we can do here. If I have my men treat the population better, refrain from violence and brutality, will you consider peace between us."

"Very well," Gui Zhui said. "For now, if you hold true to your word, we can have peace. For now."

"See, we are getting along fine now. Things have improved and the people will be happy. We will hopefully meet again soon."

"Perhaps next time you can come to me, away from the protective shield of your bodyguards and experts. I bring no retinue with me. We both know how a contest between us would end."

Shen stood up. "If you wish to see whose Kung Fu is greater, please let's have a contest."

"Your men will not intervene?"


Shen assumed a stance and began channeling purple energy. Gui Zhui leapt toward him with burning white claws and missed. He continued to attack with a fury of claw techniques that left trails of white and blue energy. Shen sidestepped these attacks, but was gripped by the claws and felt the life burst from his body like a powerful wind. He aged 10 years and watched Gui Zhui's face burn with a rosy glow. 

Gui Zhui attacked again but Shen sidestepped and unleashed a slew of daggers, then followed with and followed With Strike of the Leeching Master. Gui Collapsed to the ground but Shen let him live. To stop the flow of Qi that would surely kill Gui, Yang Shen channeled it into himself and was filled with wracking pain. 

Gui Zhui stood and bowed. "I will honor my end of the bargain," he said and left. 

Yang Shen retired to an inn room and collapsed. 

Shen Chun and Min decided to travel the city while he rested. Shan Lushan stared thoughtfully into the street. 

Min used her ritual tattoo to summon an Owl steed. As the giant creature landed for them to mount, people in the streets stared in awe. One man dropped to his knees and wept. And they took off to the other side of town in search of Ritual Books. 

First Min went to the Silk Peony Book shop. There she found a paltry offering of texts on demons, and a much more substantial collection of erotic literature. The owner told her that the Zhen Bird Society may have knowledge of rituals if that is what was after. 

Once again they took to their air in their owl and landed at the Zhen Bird Society. There Min presented a card reading "Ritual Master Min" in an envelope and the servant took it inside. He came out moments later and led her into a courtyard where a women in robes, with a ritual drum was waiting in a reception area, flanked by other Ritual Masters. 

"I am Ritual Master Zhen Guiying, what do you seek?"

"I am a Ritual Master and come here hoping to learn."

"We may be able to take you into our order, if you would like to join," said Ritual Master Zhen Guiying.

"I am not available to join your organization, I was hoping to trade knowledge with you: a ritual for a ritual."

They discussed what they knew, and Zhen Guiying agreed to teach her a ritual if she would teach one to them. They arranged for a day to make the exchange and Min departed with Shen Chun. 

Back at the Pearl Dragon Inn, Yang Shen recovered from his pain and was awakened by Shan Lushan.

"I believe I know the techniques that man used against you," he said. 

"Really? Please explain."

"There was once a terrible master, named Gui Shan, who left a trail of dead heroes in Fan Xu province centuries ago. According to legend his was an expert in the Five Ghost Hand techniques. They say he buried himself in an old statue of Kong Zhi with his manual but that it was buried in a natural disaster and its whereabouts forgotten. The Five Ghost Hand techniques, at least according to the stories I've heard, resemble what this man used on you today. And given that his surname is Gui, I suspect he may be a hitherto unknown descendent of Gui Shan."

"Interesting, find out more about this statue. Get the best historian you can find."

Shan Lushan bowed and left then returned an hour later.

Shan Lushan informed Yang Shen that he found a lead, a historian, that he had him killed to make sure no one else had any knowledge, but that the man told him a possible location for the statue: The XXXXXXX*. 

Yang Shen nodded. And they left for the tournament grounds. 

Min and Shen Chun returned. They decided to go to the tournament platform with Yang Shen. As they were leaving, a women dressed in black with a heavily broken nose approached them. Yang Shen recognized her as Sun Leng, leader of the Killing Bixies, the protection that Shan Lushan had arranged for in the city. 

Walking beside Min she said "I have heard you have been traveling the city in a giant owl, if this is true, I should like to make use of this creature."

"What do you want it for?" Yang Shen asked. 

"I would like to use it to eliminate my enemies."

Yang Shen had been working on an arrangement to sell Celestial Plume in Daolu through Sun Leng. 

"How about this. Let's go kill your enemies now, help you expand in the city and cement our agreement for the celestial plume. I think we can achieve great things here if we work together."

"Just us alone?"

"Yes, I am sure we can handle whoever comes our way. Who is your enemy, is it a powerful person."

"It is Tao Ba. He is powerful in wealth and prestige, but his body is weak. Though he is protected by guards and a couple of martial experts."

Yang Shen nodded and they went to Tao Ba's residence, a great courtyard house in the Imperial District. 

They asked to see Tao Ba but were greeted by a man named Silver Immortal. 

"I shall ask," Said Silver Immortal. 

He went in, but came back and told them to go away. 

"Look, I am going to kill Tao Ba today, you can either be on my side or his, how much is he paying you?"

"I am paid 50,000 spades each month."

"Step aside, let me see Tao Ba. We'll negotiate after."

Silver Immortal glanced at the group, though for a moment, and led them inside. 

"Master, I could do nothing, these people insisted on seeing you," Silver Immortal said. 

Tao Ba stood up, irate, and motioned for a man in a heavy beard to approach the group. "What is the meaning of this intrusion? And what is she doing here?" he said, pointing to Sun Leng. 

"Things are changing in Daolu. A gift, for your journey away from the city," Yang Shen withdrew a Zhe Valley Chrysanthemum from his robes. 

The man in the beard tried to snap the Chrysanthemum from his hand, but Shen was faster. "I think you will found us far beyond your meager skills. Tao Ba, you should pack, head somewhere safe, so we don't have to kill you."

The bearded man nodded to Tao Ba, and Tao Ba smoothed over his silken robes nodding. "It is time I saw the south. I shall take your advice and retire to Hai'an. Come, pack my things," he said pointing to his servants and guards. "These great master should be left in peace."

He packed his belongings and left. 

Later Yang Shen searched the place. He made arrangements with Tao Ba's two guards, keeping them on for himself. The man in the beard was called Eye Gouging King. 

"Eye Gouging King, show me his treasury."

"It is not that simple sir, he has pearl farm holdings and land, all in deeds, there is probably money in banks thorough the province."

"Then please bring me the deeds."

Eye Gouging King searched the residence but could find nothing. 

"We must stop him then before he leaves town."

Min leapt out the door, summoned her owl and headed to find Tao Ba. 

This is where the session ended.

*Spoiler for future module and other campaign. 

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