Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I recommended people watch Come Drink With Me on Netflix earlier, so I decided to watch it again to see how good the image quality is (my copy at home is slightly different). It looked fine to me and was a pleasure to see for the umpteenth time, but I did notice that they didn't sub Drunken Cat's songs in the inn. I realized that may leave some folks confused. The lyrics are actually pretty important to the plot. 

The songs are essentially cryptic messages to Golden Swallow, revealing information about the bandits and their headquarters. Perhaps it is easy enough for people to figure out from context but I thought it would be helpful to clarify this. 

I went and transcribed the lyrics from my version of the movie. These are exactly as they appear in the subtitles (unless autocorrect has decided to mess with me again). The first song is the one he sings before Golden Swallow comes down stairs, the second is the one he sings after she pays him. 

Green bamboo pole
Thin and long
Living the world from South to North
Standing a severe rainstorm and burning under the sun
Going to beg door to door
Meet the world
Looking through the ways of the world
The fickleness of human relationships 
High post and high salary are not wanted at all
The achievement, wealth, and honor are up to you
All one’s life is only for
Miles away long
Regardless, the treasure or broomcorn
Forget them all if I have a drink
Whatever heartbroken things in the world
Gourd stands alone
Happy drunk lightly

On the high mountain
There is an evil gang
They are the mobsters 
Grab under the sky 
And hide it underneath
Do not want gold, do not want silver
Just want the crown to be returned to the folks
And the capital of governor gives up the wealth
Swallow flies singly 
To the hill height

One point and one across long
One is cast aside to Nanyang
One rock is to one rock
The sun is to the moon

*This is also the verse Golden Swallow repeats in her inn room

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