Friday, April 1, 2022


This summer Bedrock Games releases its most daring and ambitious roleplaying game yet: Total Party Kill. 

No Time for Stories When you're Dead!

In Total Party Kill the GM gains experience and levels up, as players run for their lives. The gamemaster advances by sending his armies of monsters, NPCs, traps and world ending relics against the player characters. His goal is to slaughter them to the last. Each PC he kills earns the GM Experience and increases the power at his fingertips. In this world, the dungeon comes to you!

Player characters do not advance in level or power in Total Party Kill, but they have one slender, ray of hope: become the GM. The first player to survive 10 sessions, gets to be the next Gamemaster, casting the prior GM back into the hell pit of player characters. And if more than one PC should make it to 10 sessions alive, the GM seat is determined by death match! 

Comes complete with: 

-Loaded dice 

-Complete progression tables for the GM, from newb to that than which nothing greater can be conceived 

-A rich setting, replete with detailed locations and fully fleshed out NPCs that the players will be too dead to explore 

-The hobby's first universal game system made entirely from all the most popular RPGs with the serial numbers filed off: compatible with EVERYTHING! 

-Roaming dungeon rules! 

-Death and dying rules, with an entire Five Stages of Grief mechanic  

-Unified Field Theory   

-Not one, but two, dirge composition tool-kits 

-Two complete adventures: "Big Foot is Angry Kills Everyone!" and "The Entire Party Gets Eaten by a Dragon!"

-More exclamation marks than a silent film!  

-Even more exclamation marks!!!!!  

The Perfect System  

The system for Total Party Kill has been gruelingly playtested by the hobby's 13 most ruthless  GMs. We hired a team of over 100 mathematicians, scientists and engineers to serve as design consultants. Our outer space rules were reviewed by 8 astronauts from NASA. Doctors, nurses, bus drivers, day care providers, deep cover CIA operatives and big foot were all paid to provide valuable insight so we could make the most authentic and believable RPG imagined. 

The result was a system so perfect it shattered our understanding of physics (and cryptozoology). Each rule was painstakingly crafted to grant the GM as much power as possible that he might veto any unforeseen player successes. In order to survive, the player's choices and dice rolls must be unambiguously decisive. 

Total Party Kill was also skillfully worded to maximize marketing potential. We put SEO first and foremost. From book to webpage this is a game designed for blatant self promotion and profit. The index is a massive list of search engine key words and the foreword takes pains to thank all of the most prominent RPG influencers in the hobby. Our sidebars are all inflammatory remarks meant to go viral.  

And it has something for everyone. Whether you like rules light, rules heavy, old-school, new school, narrative mechanics, pure dungeon crawls, hyper-realistic play, cinematic genre emulation, functional systems, linear railroads, sandboxes, broken systems, hex crawls, settings that appeal to your particular religious and political views or settings that attack those views relentlessly, TPK is your game in every situation. We got you covered! 

And it is flame resistant too! There are lines of text in the rules to support arguments for any playstyle or RPG worldview, so no matter what gaming perspective you bring, the rules support your position, whatever that position is, in any flame war you choose to engage in on gaming forums. This game puts an end to RPG forum butt-hurt once and for all. We've even included a handy list of topics to get those flame wars started! 

Coming this summer 2022. We broke reality to make you a better game!

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