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At Wuxia World, you can follow the story of Sunan and Bao in the Legends of Ogre Gate series by Deathblade. The latest chapter is available HERE. If you want to start from the beginning, check out the INDEX.

Kind Devil Fuling is an old man who roams the southern swamps. He has stark white hair and a long white beard, and always travels with a pair of large Flying Crocodiles. These creatures are under his command. He treasures them. Kind Devil Fuling uses his Flying Crocodiles to threaten passersby, demanding their money, and letting them live full lives if they acquiesce. Those who reject his offer, become meat for his crocodiles. 
Defenses: Hardiness 6, Evade 5, Parry 8 or 9 (Three-Section Staff), Stealth 6, Wits 7, Resolve 6
Key Skills: Grapple: 2d10, Throw: 1d10, Arm Strike: 3d10, Leg Strike: 1d10, Light Melee: 2d10, Medium Melee: 3d10 or 4d10 (Three-Section Staff) Heavy Melee: 2d10, Small Ranged: 1d10, Meditation: 3d10, Medicine: 2d10, Speed: 3d10, Muscle: 2d10, Athletics: 2d10, Talent (Crocodile Handling): 3d10, Creatures (Animals): 3d10 or 4d10 with Crocodiles, Survival (Wilderness): 3d10, Survival (Sea): 3d10

Qi: 4
Max Wounds: 9
Weapons: Three-Section Staff (2d10 Damage, -1d10 Accuracy, Long Reach)
Expertise: Animals-Crocodiles, Medium Melee-Three Section Staff

Key Kung Fu Techniques (Waijia 1, Qinggong 1, Neigong 1, Dianxue 1): Breath of Fury, Drift of the Butterfly Fish, Eight Divine Snakes, Flight of the Hawk, Hands of the Hawk Beak, Swan Taming Strike, Tai Lan's Staff Strike, White Flower Palm, Iron Spirit Reversal (Counter), Weapons Stride (Counter), Whirling Dodge (Counter)

These are enormous Flying Crocodiles. They are much larger, and more intelligent than normals creatures of their type. They have been reared and well trained by Kind Devil Fuling. They attack on command and protect Fuling if anyone threatens him. A'zhu is grumpy and Anzhi is more playful. 
Defenses: Hardiness 5, Evade 6, Parry 3, Stealth 6 (10 in water or forest), Wits 5, Resolve 4
Key Skills: Bite: 4d10 (Damage 5d10), Tail: 2d10 (Damage 1d10), Swim/Fly: 4d10 (70 feet), Speed: 3d10 (25 feet on land), Muscle: 4d10, Detect: 3d10, Empathy: 1d10, Reasoning: 1d10

Max Wounds: 8

Beast Strength (x3): These Flying Crocodiles are very strong. Their Base Lift is tripled, and they can exceed capping limits on Damage Rolls.
Flight: Flying Crocodiles can move through the air like water.

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