Tuesday, November 28, 2017


At Wuxia World, you can follow the story of Sunan and Bao in the Legends of Ogre Gate series by Deathblade. The latest chapter is available HERE. If you want to start from the beginning, check out the INDEX

Here are two new items inspired by today's chapter. 

The Demon Emperor used powerful magic to tear open pathways that allowed his soldiers and agents to travel hundreds of miles in an instant. These were not without cost and were difficult to maintain. They were also incredibly rare. Some legends say that opening a single Krahang Door for a day  required a human sacrifice. Most Krahang Doors were temporary but a few in key areas proved useful and these still exist (though no one alive today knows where they are found). A normal Krahang Door was just a brief tear in the air, revealing some distant place that one could reach by passing through. The permanent doors were marked, with a stone frame and protective structure, with sealed doors and traps. The frame of the doors always featured a spirit depicted as a bare-chested man using two rice winnowing baskets to fly. This creature was called a Krahang, and so the name stuck. Anyone who passes through the Krahang, finds themselves instantly reaching a twin Krahang placed elsewhere in Qi Xien. It could take them 1 mile away, it could take them 1,000 miles or more. However each passage through drains 1 Hardiness from the traveler for a day.  

This beautiful armor is the color of the sky at dawn, a burning orange and yellow. It appears to be a type of laminar, with bounded plates that look like steel. On close inspecting a lacquered coating of some kind is visible, similar in appearance to mother of pearl. This armor is large, and only fits on a creature the size of an Ogre. With some adjustment it can fit a large human but this would require a relevant Trade TN 8 skill roll. Anyone wearing this armor is well protected against bladed and sharp weapons. All attacks from such weapons must make two, consecutive successful Damage Rolls to succeed. The Armor also bestows +2 to Hardiness. 

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