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This is a log for my ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Kingdom campaign. You can see the previous session log HERE.  

Player Characters: 

Shen Chun/Crazed Raksha
Little Bai
Yang Shen 
Ong Lao
Min (Feiyan)

Disciples of the Sect: 

Red Eagle (Little Bai)
Dim-Witted Chen (Shen Chun)

Sects Alliances: 


An alliance of orthodox sects lead by Shen Chun (Zhao Kang-Green Cat Kang) and his wife Da Mei Mei. They wield the wind saber of Sunan and the Phoenix Crown of Bao. Their alliance includes Temple of the Jade Mercies, remnants of Relentless Corpse Sect, Purple Cavern Sect, Nature Loving Monk Sect, Dehua Sect, Golden Dragon Sect and connections with the House of Paper Shadows. 

Rivals to the Golden Way, they have been absorbing sects in the south and in Hai'an. They are led by Cunning Dragon and have absorbed: Tree Dwelling Nuns, Perfect Heaven Lineage, Southern River Sect, Sun Mai Sect, Glorious Death Cult, Crescent Moon Sect, and a small group lead by Silent Dagger. 

Zhen Dao Empire: Emperor Zhao
Hai'an: Queen Ai Nu
Li Fan: King Yuan

Yang Shen and Min looked for people to recruit to their organization and heard of a great hero fighting against General Qiang in Rong Yao named Qian Xiao. According to the people they spoke with he liked Celestial Plume and Yang Shen felt this could be used to make him pliant to their efforts. They went to Rong Yao and met with him in a rice shop. There Yang Shen gave him a large quantity of Celestial Plume and offered more if he joined. They discussed terms, and he agreed, provided Yang Shen helped him topple General Qiang inside a month so that he could start bringing Hai'anese officials to run the city. 

They then met with a local chief of Nature Loving Monk sect and recruited ten of their members to make a distraction that would draw out General Qiang. Yang Shen and Min took Qian Xiao, who brought ten of his men, to a bridge in the city and waited for the disruption to take place. They heard commotion, and soon General Qiang arrived with about 18 men total. He seemed unprepared for an ambush. They surrounded him and Min killed all his men with her Hot Winds technique. Yang Shen forced the general to surrender and Qian killed him with his Iron Strike, impaling him with the tips of his fingers. 

Qian and his men paraded the body of the general through the city then took over the palace. The general's inner circle fled in all directions and Yang and Min convinced Qian to let them take 4 million spades from the treasury, as an investment in their joint enterprise. Qian would let them sell Celestial Plume in the city and agreed to travel with them for a time. 

Yang Shen decided to go to Yuli. At Yuli they followed rumors of a Jade Deposit. When they arrived they spoke with the elder in the presence of a Sun Mai disciple named Ting. The Sun Mai Monk told them that his sect was protecting the village and that the Jade was not for anyone else to take. The deposit was a recent discovery. 

Yang Shen tried to reason with Ting and the elder, but achieved no success. He left and that night, he and Min returned to spy on the place. They observed Ting guarding a building where it seemed the jade might be processed or kept. They waited for nightfall, and Ting went inside the structure to sleep. Min followed him in using her Stealth of the Spider Demon technique and saw a massive Jade statue of Hen-Shi. It gazed down at a bin with 12 ounces of Green Jade in it. She took the jade and they fled into the night. 

From here they sought a book shop in Chen. 


Ong arrived on his island but found an imperial ship waiting there for him. When he went to his temple, a eunuch was speaking with Granny Ox Tail and the Bone General. 

"Greetings sir, I am Eunuch Mao. Can we speak privately?"

Ong had his men prepare food for Eunuch Mao and they spoke. 

"What are your intentions with this island. The emperor is concerned you have your eyes on the mainland."

"Only if they don't let us worship Gushan."

Eunuch Mao explained that the emperor was concerned about the Gushan Worshippers tendency to wipe out other religions, and said he was prepared to offer an alternative arrangement to satisfy both sides. 

"We share enemies outside the empire. There is an island not far from here, part of the Eastern Archipelagos, a place called the Shogunate of Saito. We know very little about it, but they've been increasingly hostile, raiding our coasts and interfering in the martial world on the mainland."

"I have had dealings with these people I believe," Said Ong. 

"What I propose," said Eunuch Mao,"is that we help you establish an unofficial navy on your island, one tasked with contending with this threat. We could help supply ships and give you funding. In return you would promise to keep your men away from the mainland. You of course could personally go to the mainland if you have business to tend to there."

They spoke about the matter and reached an agreement. After seeing Eunuch Mao off, Ong went to the forest to speak with the tree demons who dwelled there. He had made a promise to them that he would create a pill that would allow them to be human for a time. He told the tree demon elder that he had begun to make good on his promise, and wanted to know if he could count on their help for a future conflict with Saito. The tree demons agreed and Ong made preparations to return to the mainland and speak with Min. 


Shen Chun had sent Squad leader Zhao to kill Wei, his Platoon leader. He succeeded but a number of men were lost in the ensuing fight. When Zhao returned, he asked Shen Chun if he should begin work on replicating their weaponry. Shen Chun told him to do so. 

Later, One of Zhao's men reported to Shen Chun on successfully manufacturing new rifles and guns. However when they came to report, it was clear that their eyes had changed. They were glowing red. Shen Chun asked about this and the soldier reporting explained that they felt a change occur when they created the first gun. 

Initially Shen Chun was confused but eventually decided the alteration to history must have somehow affected them. He brought in Xiao Hai to see if he was affected too. Xiao Hai also had red eyes and said he could feel things moving inside his body. He seemed a lot more troubled by the change than the soldiers. Shen Chun examined the Mechanical Body Suit as well and found that it also had changed. Before it had been immaculate, but now many of its components were disjointed and rusty, like it had been cobbled together from many sources. 

When the realization of what had happened occurred to Xiao Hai, Shen Chun said, "It seems you have doomed your future civilization."

Xiao Hai asked for a sword, and Lingsu handed him one. He plunged the blade into his stomach, but it struck a metal plate. He fell to the ground bleeding but far from dying. After deliberation with Shen Chun, Lingsu chopped off Xiao Hai's head. 

Shen Chun then turned his attention to the issue of the chariot and the problem of time being unleashed. He assembled a team led by Lingsu and Xiaomin. They were to take the chariot back in time and prevent it from being made in the first place. They had already had assurances of being sent back to the current timeline by The Ten-Thousand Fold God, so Shen Chun was confident they would make it back if they succeeded. 
Shen Chun then spoke with Da Mei Mei, his wife, and learned that she had successfully gone into seclusion to cultivate. He asked her about the method she used. As part of her cultivation, she chose to strictly follow the principles of Dehua. He decided to go into seclusion himself. He settled on a path of focus and retired to a special meditation chamber. 

This is where the session ended. 

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