Friday, November 3, 2017


In my Disposable Disciples campaign, there has been a growing time crisis, where people from different eras are suddenly appearing in the setting. The players have encountered primitive tribes, mech warriors from the future and soldiers armed with machine guns. Here are some tentative stats for guns that showed up in my last session and a Gun Fu technique to counter them.

All modern guns require the Modern Gun Skill to operate. They have good ranges in combat and are almost impossible to counter, but they require ammo and this takes 1 round to re-load. While guns have long ranges and can be fired from great distances this does require line of site for them to be used effectively, so the GM should adjudicate accordingly if terrain, buildings, etc are between the target and shooter.

PISTOL: Does 3d10 damage. Requires Modern Gun Skill to use (otherwise roll 0d10). Range: 100/400/800. Cannot be countered except with a specific technique.

MODERN RIFLE: Due to accuracy this gains +2d10 against a single target. Does 3d10 damage. Range: 800/1300/1800.  It cannot be countered unless with a specific technique. Requires the Modern Gun Skill to use (otherwise it is 0d10).

MODERN MACHINE GUN: Machine guns can fire at up to eight targets per round. Before rolling to attack, the user distributes a pool of 8d10 to targets as desired. These become individual Damage rolls for each respective target who is successfully attacked. Specific weapons can vary. Range: 4500/5250/6000. Some machine guns go as high as 10d10, others as low as 4d10. Like Rifles, these cannot be countered except by a specific Kung Fu Technique. Requires Modern Gun Skill to use (otherwise use 0d10).

Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Detect+Athletics against Attack roll
Type: Counter
Qi: 3

You can sense where bullets will be, before they even leave the chamber and slip between them with exceptional grace.

Make a Detect Roll TN 6. On a Success you can then make an Athletics Roll against the attack roll. On a Success you reduce the damage roll by 1d10 per rank of Waijia.

Cathartic: Make a Detect Roll TN 6. On a Success make an Athletics Roll agains the Attack roll. On a success you evade the attack.


With this Combat Skill you can use modern guns freely. Without this skill, roll 2d10 and take the lowest (or 0d10) when using guns.

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