Monday, April 24, 2017


This is pretty directly inspired by the new Sword Master movie, where the assassin Yan Shisan is dying because his meridians are all messed up from over-exertion. So this is a flaw for characters who are dying from an ailment. Just an idea at the moment. I haven't fully fleshed it out yet or playtested. We will see how it works in game in the coming weeks.

New Flaw
Dying: You suffer from a permanent and lethal affliction. Eventually it will kill you. How much time you have left is uncertain. The precise nature of the illness is up to you and the GM but it is a constant concern. Anyone who takes this flaw must roll 1d10 against Hardiness every month. On a Success you lose 1 point of Hardiness. When you reach 0 Hardiness you die. On a Failure 1d10 is added to the next monthly roll. This is cumulative so two months free would result in a 3d10 roll. The monthly dice pool resets to 1d10 after a success. 

In addition the player and GM should discuss the specific nature of the illness. Based on this, the GM should choose a handful of affected skills (between 2-5) that suffer a -1d10 Penalty when the disease is active (i.e. during months when you lose a point of Hardiness). 

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